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The Sweet World of Francie
By Bradley Justice

Former Region 8 Director for UFDC, and Curator for the Doll and Miniature Museum of High Point, North Carolina, Bradley Justice has devoted most of his adult life to his hobby. Although a lover of antique French fashion dolls and cloth dolls from his home state of North Carolina, he has recently returned to his original passion, the Barbie doll. Bradley has curated three museum exhibits with Barbie as the subject, as well as written and presented many programs on the subject. A founding member of the Queen Anne's Revenge Doll Club, Bradley is a member of three additional UFDC doll clubs and currently devotes much of his time to his store in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, The Swell Doll Shop, where he deals in vintage and modern dolls and teaches workshops on doll costuming. Bradley was the recipient of the 2008 UFDC Award of Excellence for the Display of Dolls.







Angels Attic – A Journey Through a Dollhouse, Inside a Dollhouse
By Denise Buese

Denise Buese's introduction to antique dolls occurred in 1975, when her grandmother presented her with a well-loved A.M. 390, and that was all it took to be hooked. When Denise stopped playing with dolls at the age of 12, she began sewing clothes for her sister's Barbies, which is really still playing.
Denise has been a member of Verdugo Hills Doll Club since 1992, and has held the position of treasurer for two terms. After earning a BSN in nursing, she worked in NICU and OR before stopping to raise a family of two boys, one of whom is now in college and the other in high school. Happily, she is now freer to indulge her love of sewing for dolls, and is honing her skills at pattern making. Denise's collection is comprised of mostly French bebes and poupees, but she is interested in learning about other types. In her spare time, Denise enjoys studying the Tudor age and it's fascinating characters, and when she isn't sewing, you can usually find her entrenched in a good book.







Flore – The Zephyr of Flowers & Springtime
By Sylvia Mac Neil








Doll News Welcomes Springtime
By Barbara Metken

Barbara Metken has loved dolls her entire life and still gets great pleasure in displaying and sharing her beloved childhood #3 Barbie doll with its extensive original wardrobe. After graduating from Cal Arts, Barbara started her career as a dress designer and worked in the costume department of NBC Studios. As a young mother of two boys, Barbara began collecting Steiff animals, a passion that continues today. When her third child was born, a daughter, the world of doll collecting became an exciting new avenue to explore! Her children are now grown and on their own, but Barbara finds that her love of dolls is stronger than ever. She enjoys club meetings and doll shows with all of her "dolly" friends. Barbara has been a member of UFDC for over 25 years and president of the Moppet Doll Club in Region 2-S for the past 12 years. Barbara's collection is filled with French bebes and poupees, as well as marvelous German characters, Steiff, Bliss dollhouses and a myriad of antique toys. These days, Barbara has a very full lifestyle with her job as a paralegal, her home, family, friends, gardening and, of course, collecting.






Adventures of a Dollhouse Sleuth: Another Sliver
By Susan Dossetter

Susan Dossetter has been collecting antique dollhouses, dolls and miniatures since the age of seven.  Born in Chicago, Susan’s mother took her on frequent visits to the famous Thorne Miniature Rooms and Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle, which inspired her to create tiny worlds in miniature.  Susan’s collection has grown to encompass dollhouses as early as the late seventeenth century, and includes examples from many different countries and time periods.  Susan lives in San Francisco, and is a UFDC member at large, as her husband and five children keep her extremely busy!






Where It All Begins
By Kelly Reilly







And then… I Met Ken
By A. Glenn Mandeville

A. Glenn Mandeville is regarded among doll collectors as an expert in identifying and appraising modern collectible dolls. He is regularly consulted by thousands of collectors internationally, thus having created a full-time business from his life long hobby of collecting modern dolls. He often lectures and presents programs on collectible and modern dolls, and has evaluated more than $5 million worth of collector dolls.

Well-known as a dealer and appraiser of dolls and toys, Mandeville owns an extensive collection that includes Mattel’s BARBIE dolls, Madame Alexander and celebrity dolls, as well as composition dolls, hard plastic dolls from the 1950’s and contemporary doll artist creations.

Mandeville has authored numerous books published by Hobby House Press, Inc. In 1995 he authored the Alexander Dolls Collector’s Price Guide, the definitive work on evaluating Alexander Doll Company, Inc. dolls.

Mr. Mandeville is founding president of the Delaware Valley Doll Club. He has served as regional director and Chairman of Judges – Modern, for UFDC. The author is past president of the Madame Alexander Doll Club and has served on their board of directors.

Mandeville’s expertise is reflected in his regular television, newspaper and magazine reports on collectible and modern dolls. His column, “For the Curious Collector” is a regular feature in Doll Reader magazine.

Currently residing in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, Mandeville is presently working on more in depth writing projects and can be seen at a wide range of quality doll shows.






Cleveland’s Kant Krack Kids
By Mary Ellen Mohn

Mary Ellen Mohn resides in Wyandotte, MI, with her husband John, who feigns to drop into a coma-like sleep whenever dolls are mentioned. Mary Ellen and John, however, share many other interests including their four dogs and two cats. Mary Ellen is manager of Medicare and Medicaid Communications for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Encouraged by her mother, Alice McLeod, who is also a doll collector, Mary Ellen has been collecting dolls all her life. She is a UFDC member at large but is a frequent participant in Timbertown Dollology club activities.






Spring Transformations
By Michael Canadas

Michael Canadas is the co-founder, along with partner David Robinson, of Carmel Doll Shop, an antique doll business which is located in Carmel, California. Michael and David are founding members of the UFDC club, the Carmel Doll and Toy Study Group, and are currently the Editors of the UFDC publication DOLL NEWS. Michael has served UFDC by presenting countless seminars at the national and regional level, and together with David, has presented many memorable programs that have made their debut at UFDC functions. In 2005, the two received the UFDC Award of Excellence for a French fashion doll exhibit they staged at the Toy and Miniature Museum of Kansas City the previous year. Below is an excerpt from DOLL NEWS – Fall, 2005:

"...the Award for Exhibit of Dolls was bestowed on two members from Region 2-North this year, Michael Canadas and David Robinson, whose standard of excellence is legendary. An exhibit of dolls for the purpose of study and appreciation can require years of planning. In conjunction with the 2004 UFDC convention, this year's honorees mounted a magnificent exhibit of French fashion dolls, accessories, clothing and furniture..."

In 2006, the two edited "Tell Me a Story" the souvenir journal for the UFDC's 57th national convention that was held in Dallas, Texas.






My Favorite Things Part III
UFDC Salesroom – President’s Party

By Loretta Nardone

A retired New York City schoolteacher who enjoys history and research, Loretta Nardone was not only named 1993 Teacher of the Year representing Staten Island, NY – she also received two NYC educational grants for work with dolls in the classroom and was honored to present her work at an educational conference held at the UN. Loretta has contributed much to the world of dolls and collecting through countless programs and articles she has written for various publications, plus she created the Dolls Around the World Seminar Kit and Study Set. A member of National Doll & Toy Collectors Club (30 + years in UFDC) Loretta also served the organization as Regional Director for Region 14. In addition, she was the former UFDC Educational Coordinator for two terms. For her ongoing work, Loretta was honored in 1994 with the UFDC Award of Excellence for Educational & Philanthropic Endeavors through Dolls.






The Baptism of Lily with Pattern Supplements - Part 1
By Louise Hedrick

Louise Hedrick obtained her first antique doll in 1983 and joined UFDC two years later as a member-at-large. Her collection emphasizes French fahsions, their accessories, French bebes and all bisque dolls. Miniatures were (and still are) a passion of hers since the mid-70's when she began collecting miniature dolls and teaching their costuming. She still stays active with IGMA (the International Guild of Miniature Artisans.)

She travels extensively throughout the United States teaching doll costuming. She has joined the Doll Artisan Guild International (D.A.G.) educational program as a guest instructor to teach their seminars. For many years molds have been made from her antique dolls. A few have graced some of the bodies of Alice Leverett's Ultimate Fashions. Some have been made available to reproduction artists first through Seeley's and now through New York Doll Products and the D.A.G. After supplying the patterns for two books on Bleuette, she authored in 2010, "A French Fashion Doll's Wardrobe: Patterns 1864-1874."