The Remarkable Rose Percy - Duty's Most Faithful Child (2nd Edition)
by Michael Canadas and David Robinson

Born in England in the year 1861 and shortly thereafter imported to America, Miss Rose Percy is arguably the most important doll in American history. Her remarkable story began when the young students of the finest finishing school in New York City decided to do their part for the upcoming Metropolitan Sanitary Fair. Held in 1864, the fair would raise funds to aid those suffering from the ravages of the Civil War. Rose, accompanied by a magnificent trousseau that was created by the girls, became their charitable contribution to that worthwhile cause.

At the Metropolitan Sanitary Fair, Rose Percy was first purchased outright, and then donated back to the Sanitary Commission to be raffled, raising an incredible $1200 in one day. Rose would change hands a few more times, doing her charitable works along the way, and in 1920, she became a permanent goodwill ambassador at the American Red Cross Museum in Washington D.C., where she greeted visitors from around the world.

Today finds Rose Percy once again in private hands, with the wish that she should resume doing what she has proven she does best, and that is active fundraising for those who are in need.

Rose Percy has thus far lived her life by the motto “I SERVE.” Like a good patriot, if called upon, Rose Percy will once again be there to help the country she has served proudly for over 150 years.

Through this newly expanded 2nd edition 132-page work, you can learn the fascinating details of Rose Percy’s life, plus discover the impact that her good work has made on those around her.

Hard cover book measures: 9" x 9" - many spectacular full-page color plates

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This large volume offers a glimpse into Christmas past, with its 272 pages reprinted from original, black and white French Etrennes (Christmas) Catalogs from such glorious establishments such as Samaritaine, Printemps, and Au Bon Marché. The incredible assortment of toys, games, dolls and furnishings illustrated is abundant, and fascinating to contemplate.
In French, from esteemed author and researcher François Theimer.

Soft cover book measures: 11 3/4" x 8 1/4"

$22.50 - plus the cost of mailing







Victoria, The Enduring Legacy of Lady Alexander

It isn't very often that collectors are able to know the complete provenance of the dolls that they collect, however, Victoria is an exception to that rule.
In this
beautifully photographed volume, you will learn that fascinating history, provided by Victoria's caretaker, and author, Denise Buese.

The inside cover reads:
Complete with her own history and retaining her original extensive wardrobe, Victoria is a rarity in the world of antique dolls. Not only does Victoria possess beautiful and well-preserved original costumes in the exuberant style of the 1870s, her body is the seldom found blown leather example from the French doll manufacturer Pierre Victor Clement.
Many dolls have been used for philanthropic efforts...and Victoria is one such doll.
Victoria proves the value of research and preservation of the treasures of our past."

Hard cover book measures: 9" x 9" - 80 pages, including a sewing pattern

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The Spirit of the Flowers

A Paper Doll

by John Noble
Is a recently discovered, old stock, Paper Doll-a boxed set by the talented artist and writer. Inspired by nineteenth-century drawings, this unique paper doll is beautifully packaged, with six, colorful, floral-inspired, two-sided costumes that include fanciful head-dresses. There is Carnation, Fuchsia (reverse shown right), Poppy, Rose, Tulip and Morning Glory.
Complete with instructions.

Doll measures: 8 3/4" T.
Box measures: 7" x 11" x 3/4"

$55.00 including domestic postage.







A sweet piece of Bleuette nostalgia is this thirteen-page, reprinted catalog of fashions from Winter 1916-17. Upon the pages, Bleuette models fashions created just for her. Also shown are hats, shoes and underthings.
Makes a wonderful table favor-or just tuck one into your Bleuette's trousseau.

Booklet measures: 7-3/8" x 5-1/4"








The creators of The Romance - The Life of Lillian Dal Monte,
Belinda The Lovely Cheat
and Polichinelle now bring you
Mother's Little Angels and The Hollywood Adventure, a double feature packaged as a 2-DVD boxed set starring the original bad boys - German comic book characters Max and Moritz.

Don't let these idyllic images of Max and Moritz fool you - they will soon be up to their usual evil tricks! In Mother's Little Angels, follow along as our boys go in search of employment so they might earn the money to buy their sweet, yet clueless mother-in-denial a Mother's Day gift. Max and Moritz hilariously wreak havoc upon the land of Live Dolls and the Land of Fairy Tales will never be the same!

Come along on a grand adventure when the dynamic duo, Max and Moritz, depart the Land of Live Dolls to search for fame and fortune in the entertainment capital of the world - Hollywood!
In true movie-making spirit, The Hollywood Adventure was largely filmed on location in Hollywood - no fake sets for these bad boys, as only the real thing would do. Max and Moritz find themselves rubbing elbows with the rich and famous, but will they find success in Tinseltown, or will it elude them? Guess you'll just have to watch and find out.

Mother's Little Angels & The Hollywood Adventure
Together in a Block Buster Double Feature

Written by Michael Canadas and David Robinson 

Video Editor: Samantha Lewis
Originally filmed by: William Roden/New Dawn Studios

Mother's Little Angels - Run Time: 21 min.
The Hollywood Adventure - Run Time: 22 min.
2 Disc DVD Format

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Originally created as the opening program for the 2003 United Federation of Doll Clubs' annual convention C'est Si Bon, Les Secrets du Polichinelle contains not only abundant information, but also the most factual particulars available concerning the origins of the colorful Commedia dell' arte character - the immortal Polichinelle.

Since that initial showing in New Orleans, yes, Polichinelle has been languishing, but also resting up for his big screen debut - one that will prove to be a raucous, and extremely colorful affaire!

In advance of viewing what could be the perfect DVD for a doll club program, or one that will be especially appealing to lovers of all things French, please sit back. relax and do not be surprised if you learn a thing or two, all while being thoroughly entertained.

C'est si bon!

Written by Michael Canadas, David Robinson 

Narrated by Gérard Bechler

Video Editing by Samantha Lewis

Run Time: 20 min.
DVD Format

The Reviews Are In!

Fall 2013 Doll News says:

"Many of us who attended the UFDC convention held in New Orleans in 2003 recall that the fun-filled, educational week began with an entertaining and visually engaging Opening Program created by doll experts and historians Michael Canadas and David Robinson.

C’est si Bon! (translation: It is so good), the convention’s theme, centered on all-things French and Les Secrets du Polichinelle did not disappoint.

Now available for purchase on DVD, it makes a deliciously delightful program for club meetings or for your personal DVD library.

Charmingly narrated by Monsieur Gérard Bechler, who comes from Colmar in Alsace, France, an engaging tale unfolds filled with wit and facts on the origins of Polichinelle, a classical character that originated in the commedia dell’arte of the 17th century."

We just watched Les Secrets Du Polichinelle! in our doll club. Perfection! I have never laughed so hard! Thank you for the incredible work you do! Also loved the cameo appearance of my favorite Bru ever....your girl in the gold and red Polichinelle costume.

J. C. H.

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Originally created in 1997 as a slide presentation for the UFDC annual convention "To Have and To Hold" in Anaheim, California, this spectacular and wonderfully entertaining program has been viewed, and enjoyed, by thousands after it was offered as a VHS tape available for purchase. Rumor has it that the program also aired on Australian television shortly after its debut.   
The video has recently been re-created in DVD format, and features many new scenes, greatly improved costumes and several new characters. In the original version, the major roles were performed by French Fashion dolls. That charming aspect has not been changed, but the supporting roles, originally played by dolls of many varieties, have been re-cast with only fashion doll examples -- offering a seamless delivery. The costumes are more exquisite than ever, and the scenery is lush and cinematic.

A touching tale of music, achievement and love, countless tears have been shed during the telling of this sentimental story of two sisters and their journey to adulthood.  A perfect choice for a doll club program, you and your friends will want to enjoy the splendid scenes over and over again.

So, we invite you to come along with Lillian and Delia Dal Monte as they traverse the globe, landing in such spots as Paris, Vienna, Venice and Milan -- all accompanied by a memorable musical soundtrack!

Written by Michael Canadas, David Robinson 
and Janet Hollingsworth

Narrated by Delia Green

Photographed by Michael Canadas
Set Design by David Robinson
Photo Stylist -- Paula Olsson
Video Editing by Samantha Lewis

Run Time: 42 min.
DVD Format

The Reviews Are In!

How do they do it? Nearly fifteen years ago I watched The Romance The Life of Lillian Dal Monte. The VHS production with script written by Michael Canadas, David Robinson and Janet Hollingsworth was captivating, with fashion dolls becoming fully realized characters in a drama about the rise to stardom of an opera singer, one who achieves worldwide acclaim and then finds her true love. Fast forward these many years, the VHS format now virtually obsolete. It was time to redo the The Romance as a DVD. Viewing it for the second time I was struck anew by its professionalism — in fact, I nearly forgot that I was watching dolls! The story is told by Delia, younger sister to Lillian. After the tragic death of their young mother, the girls are sent to France to live with Grandmama. There Lillian meets Madame Bruvanska who recognizes her enormous singing talents and becomes her teacher and mentor. When the lead performer in Lucia becomes ill, Lillian is chosen to replace her and a star is born. Michael Canadas created the exquisite costumes, lavish
with embellishments, some taking hundreds of hours to create and the extravagant wigs; the breathtaking sets were made by David Robinson. Rich color, sparkling jewels, beautiful bouquets, sophisticated lighting that simulates the soft glow of gas lights or radiant sunshine... it is a magical presentation. Many of the costumes used in the original production were redone to even greater perfection. Throughout the forty-two minute program, sublime operatic music tells a story of romance and love. We follow the career of Lillian in Delia’s own words (the lovely narration of Delia Green) as she wins over audiences in Paris, St. Petersburg, Venice and her transforming performance in Milan. It is here that she meets Jean Phillipe Valentine, a long time admirer who pledges his love and devotion. The perfect happy ending — the couple are married, Lillian radiant in a magnificent gown. Enchanting, you will long remember this tale told through music and fashion. Antique Doll Collector Magazine

"I would like to thank you for The Romance DVD, which I watched and it was incredible! The costumes, the sets, and especially the music -- I actually wept! I now have an even greater respect for your talents and skills, and that of your partner David. You did bring your dolls to life and I cannot wait to show all the ladies in our doll club some day soon. I also want to wish you both all the best in your new shop in Pacific Grove." S. C.

"I wanted to email you both, while it is on my mind, to tell you just how WONDERFUL your DVD of "The Romance" was! I found it to be absolutely superb! My husband even watched it with me and commented on how exquisitely it was done! Magnifique!" L. D.

"Can't tell you how much we enjoyed the adventures of the lovely Dal Monte, or how deep is our admiration for the technical skills involved. My husband makes videos of just about everything we do, and he knows how hard it is to get pacing and lighting, sound married to image, just right. As for the costumes and sets -- there are no words." J. C.

"Your video is awesome. I love, love, loved it. You certainly out did yourselves this time. I can't even imagine how much time it took you to put it all together." C. K.

"...just viewed “The Romance.” Bravo. It was amazing as I truly understand what went into it having done photo shoots myself…..all the writing, music, finding the right pictures, needless to say the fabulous costumes, hair and jewels. It was really wonderful." S. N.

"Thank you so much for the DVD -- it is definitely worth the wait. I also loved the article in Doll News - 'Dressing a Diva - The World of Lillian Dal Monte.'
The costumes and patterns were so beautiful!" H. T.

"I just received my copy of 'The Romance.' I loved the presentation when I saw it in New Harmony and I am thrilled to have my own copy. The note accompanying the DVD stated that you donated the DVDs -- which was amazingly generous - and the sponsoring club is now able to give an additional $2000 to disabled American veterans. As a veteran myself, and the wife of a deceased veteran, thank you! Through all of this you showed yourselves to be true gentlemen. Thank you for the beautiful program." D. W.

"Utterly remarkable. What you have created touches me in a way I had not anticipated. The combination of the music that has filled my life for 55 years, and one specific voice that has given me not only joy and happiness, but often times strength...combined with the unexpected emotional depth you have somehow transmitted through small treasurable works of art made of bisque...well, I don't have any words to adequately express my feelings. The never ending power of the music so dear to me, plus the extraordinary beauty of the dolls and their glorious costumes...Oh, I think I'll give up trying to verbalize my reaction. I'm overwhelmed! I will watch this unique creation of yours hundreds of times." M. S.

"It is a triumph! Details, details, details! You just outdid yourselves. The wigs! The clothes! The sets! The jewelry! The hours of work (or play)! Loved the display of wedding gifts. I would like to see the whole film in slow motion -- all the extra shots made it so much more interesting. There should be some kind of an award that you could win for it. I wish everybody could see it. Thank you so much for making this film for everybody. You have thanks and gratitude coming to you every time it is played". B. T.


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A fairy tale or a case of mistaken identity? That is the question explored in the latest film by Michael Canadas and David Robinson. At first glance, Belinda fools everyone; at second glance, too. A well-traveled wooden doll, Belinda has enjoyed an exciting life in her short twenty-two years. She has been a part of museum exhibits and the recipient of much-deserved praise.
Belinda, The Lovely Cheat proved to be the last writing project in which John Darcy Noble was involved. So, to quote Mr. Noble, because of course, he always said it best:

Belinda's status in the doll world is perhaps open to question, but not to me. She may be a cheat, but she is not a baggage, a makeshift, a second best-she makes no apologies to anyone. She is unique, an enchanting paradox, a treasure....


Narrated by Hollie Davis
With Melody Faris as Belinda

Created by Michael Canadas and David Robinson

Filmed by William Roden
Video Editor Samantha Lewis
New Dawn Studios

DVD Format Only
Bonus features include a Director's Commentary

Running time 21 minutes
Copyright 2006 Legacy Productions

including domestic shipping

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