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This Lamb-on-Wheels is such a great smaller size - perfect for your small to medium French bebes and German characters. Details include a red-painted, wood, wheeled platform with a pull along string, upon which stands a marvelous fleecy lamb. The lamb's coat is in very good condition overall, has a nicely detailed tail and ears, plus wonderful glass eyes. Tilt the head forward, then release it, and you will hear a realistic bleat - too wonderful - your dolls will agree.

Measures: 9" tall x 11" long x 4" wide

Thank you, T.









Produced from 1951 onward, Steiff's Zotty bears were produced using caramel-colored mohair tipped with white, with the addition of a peach-colored mohair chest. This nineteen-inch example is in very good condition (very light fading to the front), brilliant glass eyes, and a red neck ribbon. although there are no hang tags, or a button intact. However, the infinite charm of this darling bear remains....as does his endearing "growl".










Adorable vintage (1950s) German Teddy who remains in very good condition overall. He (or she) boasts clean mohair with very good coverage, perfect felt pads and expressive glass eyes.

Measures: 11 1/2" tall seated (16 1/2" standing)









Here's an adorable feline creation from Steiff -- a tiger in a great small size. Well, maybe a tiger cub then? Brilliant green eyes are what you notice first!
In lovely condition overall, but lacking its button and tag.

Measures: 3 1/4" tall x 8 1/2" long

Thank you, C.









Frank - "The Stamp Bear" is made from golden mohair - note his felt pads with his name embroidered on one and 32 USA upon the other, plus he wears a red, white and blue USA sash. Frank was introduced to the public on February 5, 1998 as part of the "Celebrate the Century" commemorative USA stamp series. Designed by Dee Hockenberry and Frances Harper, he is numbered 398 from an edition of 2,000 bears.

Measures: 10" tall









Don't stand too close, this fellow looks like he might bite! A Stick Bear, in brilliant golden/orange mohair that is in very good condition overall, he has golden glass eyes that offer an intelligent gaze, a stitched nose and mouth in black floss, and his original pads.
A great Teddy Bear at a very fair price.

Measures: 16" standing
Measures: 11" tall seated

Thank you, D.








Wind up this Schuco Finch with the key that is included and watch it go. The bird turns round and round in search of seed. Details include mohair in excellent condition, a metal beak, eyes and feet.
A marvelous mechanical toy.

Measures: 2 1/2" tall x 4" long









From the Arnold Print Works, meet "Tatters" a printed cloth Dog, who appears to be a terrier of some sort – the lovable sort, for sure!
Condition is very good, with some fading and normal wear from play.

14" tall

Thank you, M.








Schoenhut Elephant with details that include wonderful and extensive jointing that will allow Jumbo to do tricks, painted eyes, leather tusks and ears, a molded rubber trunk tip, and a braided rope tail. Paint is good overall, save for some flaking upon the top of his head.

Measures: 6 1/2" high x 11" long

Thank you,









12" 1960 Felpa German mohair bear / jointed with glass eyes.

Thank you, J.







Vintage Steiff mohair Panda who is complete with his original red neck ribbon and button in ear. In good condition overall, showing minor losses to the faux suede pads. A cutie to be sure.

Measures: 6" tall

Thank you, B.








This furry little Steiff Hedgehog features a swivel head and a fluffy coat. He is in fine condition, but has no button or tag. Circa 1950s.

Measures: 5” tall

Thank you, L.







This fellow bears signs of the classic case of being "loved to death" although we all know he has plenty of life left. Obviously cherished all of his life, at some point he was given replacement eyes, stitched in place by his child owner perhaps. His nose is gone, his mouth -- only a memory, but memories are what he now cherishes most.

Measures: 18" tall standing
Measures: 12" tall seated


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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