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We name all of our French Bulldog Growlers "Spike." This version of Spike, a French pull-along dog, circa 1920, is in good condition overall with a head that bobbles freely, a ferocious deep growl and wide opening mouth that function with a yank upon his metal leash, and he glides upon the floor with assistance of the four wooden casters that are hidden in the paws of his feet. His ruff collar remains in good condition as well.
Spike promises to play well with others, and your bebes and German characters will certainly love him - we guarantee it.

Measures: 15" tall x 18" long

Thank you, C.








One of the most delightful German Lambs we have seen in a very long time, we were delighted when he followed us home. Circa 1890s, and in very good condition overall save for the re-glue of two carton legs, he has a nice full curly coat, inset green glass eyes and his original collar. At one time, you could lower his head and he might emit a bleat, but he is now silent.
His carved wooded hooves each feature a stamped metal wheel, making him a lamb on the go.
Pair this handsome creature with your characters or bebes and watch them come to life!

Measures: 13" high x 17" long


Thank you, P.









Lovely mohair Steiff Teddy who remains in good condition overall, showing only very minor shelf dust. He is complete with a growler in his tummy, plus a button and tag in his ear which reads "Made in Western Germany." A sweet Ted that will display very nicely with your larger dolls.

Measures: 10" tall seated (14" standing)

Thank you,








With questionable heritage, to us anyway, this Ted, in a warm shade of apricot mohair will put a smile on your face. Showing normal wear and this spots in places, we especially love his generously proportioned snout! Further details include large ears, (the better to hear you understand) glass eyes, a stitched nose and mouth, the original pads with black floss, and charm galore.

Measures: 18" tall standing
Measures: 12" tall seated











"Benedict" is a darling, golden mohair, British Ted from the Merrythought Company. We know that not only because he bears a remnant of a label upon his foot, but also because we brought him home with us from England about 27 years ago. Benedict shows wear upon his chest, and fading, and he has holes visible upon his pads - but most of all he shows signs of great love. We can attest to that.

Measures: 10" tall seated (13 1/2" standing)

Thank you, J.







Vintage Steiff mohair and velveteen Spaniel who is complete with his studded leather collar and button in ear. In good condition overall, and rest assured that he will display beautifully with your dolls.

Measures: 6" tall









Early Steiff Elephant on Wheels - details include a golden mohair, excelsior-stuffed body with large floppy ears, prominent trunk, (re-stitched) a cute tail, glass eyes, and tusks - one felt-covered one simulated by a piece of twine. He stands sturdily upon cast iron wheels and axles -- ready for display with your German character children.

Measures: 10 3/4" high x 15 1/2" long

Thank you, C.








An old store stock boxful of tiny Teddies is a beautiful thing, indeed. Here we have an assortment of five jointed bears - two white, two brown and one black, all with glass eyes of various types. Each is in excellent condition, and will arrive in a pasteboard box that is lined in excelsior.

Each Teddy measures: 5" tall

Thank you, C.









Charming golden mohair Teddy from the German firm Anker. Featuring glass eyes, stitching at the nose, mouth and around felt paws, he wears a delightful antique collar of velvet and lace and retains his original paper label.
Measures: 14” Tall.









Sweet, German, rabbit fur, seated Puppy with glass eyes and personality galore. Tag under front paw reads: Made in W. Germany. Great with small bebes and characters!

Measures: 3" high

Thank you, L.








From the Arnold Print Works meet "Puppy Pug" a printed cloth pooch, who has the most adorable side-glancing eyes and red collar. He is the lovable sort, for sure! Condition is fair to good, with some fading, light staining, and normal wear from play.

Measures: 6 1/2" tall

Thank you, T.








A very tricky Terrier, push this fellow down on his haunches and his front paws come up, his mouth opens revealing a red metal tongue while a squeak of a bark is emitted. Too cute! The vintage tag is from a Columbus, Ohio hardware store, but is not original.

Measures: 5" tall x 6" long









Charmingly dressed Steiff Hedgehog, with oodles of personality and much detail. Circa 1950s, he has a swivel head and is in good condition showing only slight wear. No tags or button.

Measures: 10” tall

Thank you, S.
Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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