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We are very pleased to offer a remarkable double Goat Cart from the Gustave Vichy firm featuring a lovely wicker open carriage, with silk upholstered seats, drawn by a pair of white, fur- covered goats. Wind the mechanism and watch the legs of the goats scurry, as the the carriage glides across the floor. This fantastic early piece would be shown to its best advantage with early papier mache dolls as passengers, or perhaps French all bisque dolls would be willing to ride along.
The overall condition here is exceptional.

Measures: 8 1/4" wide x 27 1/4" long x 9 1/4" tall









A Lovely Duet

A charming musical automaton from an unknown firm, this lovely creation features two musicians sitting upon a green velvet covered riser. The bisque heads, perfect closed mouth Jumeau models in a very small size, (0 or possibly 00) one doll features brown paperweight eyes, while the other was given blue. Incidentally, the value of the heads alone, if these were bebes rather than flange neck models, would total well over $12,000.
Further details include blonde mohair wigs and nicely modeled bisque hands that hold musical instruments. Wind the mechanism, music plays and one child strums a gilded metal lyre, while the other plays a tortoise shell guitar.
The matching costumes of pink silk, lace, ice blue ribbon and Dresden paper appear to be original and include matching caps.
The mechanism provides fairly simple movement in the form of hands strumming, (two on the lyre player, and one on the guitar player) and heads turning side to side. The music is lovely, but there is a bit of noise from the motor. In very good condition overall.

Measures: 12" wide (including stop lever) x 5 3/8" deep x 11 3/4" tall


Thank you, S.







Charming Harpist Automaton, attributed to the Vichy firm, featuring a fur-covered monkey standing with a harp, upon a false grained platform. Wind the mechanism and while music plays, the monkey's arms move up and down simulating strumming, his head turns, and his mouth opens and closes. In very good working order, and with an interesting, verbally provided, New York provenance that claims previous ownership of the piece by Consuelo Vanderbilt, Duchess of Marlborough.
The overall condition of this marvelous curiosity is good.

Measures: 17" tall overall

Thank you, K.









From the Lambert firm comes a very charming automaton featuring a sweet Simon & Halbig child who is sitting upon a French faux bamboo stool, playing with her dolly.  Details of the child include a gorgeous bisque head with the requisite flange neck, blue glass eyes, pierced ears and the original blonde mohair wig.
Wind the key, pull the stop to start the action and delicate music, then the beautifully dressed child turns her head forward and back and from side to side as she lifts the dolly to her lips to kiss its head. Her eyes, highlighted by lashes, open and close, and left hand occasionally occasionally raises the wood and metal baby rattle held there. All the while her right gently sways back and forth as if keeping time to the music.
A charming piece that is in excellent condition, both mechanically and physically due especially to the fantastic presentation wore by the lovely little girl.

Measures: 26" tall overall x 11" deep (not inc. drape) x 7 3/4" wide (not inc. drape)

Thank you, S.








Clown et Théâtre

We attribute this amazing and very impressive automaton to the Vichy firm of Paris, circa 1900.  Details of this deluxe piece include a papier-mâché clown who is complete with lovely modeling, painted clown makeup and glass eyes, who stands upon a velvet-covered base, which contains the mechanism.  Also present on the base is a toy theater that is complete with scenery and figures.
When the mechanism is wound, exquisite music plays and the action begins. The clown leans over to look into the theater, raises and lowers both arms, which hold figures that dangle from strings, and then he stands again.  His head turns, and there is subtle eye movement.  The movements of the clown are obviously intended to be comical, as he is not terribly skilled in his feeble attempts to put on a show.
Fine p
ieces such as this one represent not only entertaining playthings and parlor art of the past, they are entertaining and artistic collectors items for today's connoisseur. 

Measures: 37-1/2” tall x 16” wide x 20-3/4” long.

Thank you, V.








Classic Lambert automaton featuring the "Lady at her Dressing Table" or in the case, a lovely young lady from the Jumeau firm. This handsome piece appears in remarkable condition and features a pretty girl standing before a lace-draped dressing table. Wind the mechanism, and one of two tunes plays while the girl alternately applies powder to her face, then turns her head to look into the mirror that is raised by her left hand.
Wonderful accessories decorate the surface of the dressing table, adding to the already charming ambience.

Thank you, B.









A once in a lifetime Sewing Box that is not only lovely to look at with its marquetry exterior that features exotic woods and mother of pearl, it will entertain you when you lift the lid. Wind the movements to start the musical and mechanical action and watch spellbound as the tightrope walker performs for you. The interior is a wonder of passementerie in vibrant tones. The gilt brass tools are lovely as well. Never again will you mind a sewing or mending chore, with this magnificent piece in the mix.

Measures: 7” tall x 11-1/2” deep x 16” long.











Adorable Roullet & Decamps mechanical Pig. Details include a suede over carton body that contains a walking mechanism in excellent, working, condition. In addition, his head sways from side to side as he walks, and he emits a somewhat squeaky "oink" as well.
We especially love this family of animals displayed with German characters. We bet Max and Moritz in particular would appreciate this little piggy.

Measures: 11-1/2" long

Thank you, A.








"One Clown Band"

What could be better upon a shelf in your doll room that a colorful Clown Pull-toy? This happy fellow boasts complete originality with a perfect bisque head featuring colorful, fired-on clown makeup, blue glass eyes and a fanciful mohair wig. He retains his original colorful cotton clothing with lace edging. On a metal-wheeled, paper-covered wooden base, when you pull it along, this merry musician crashes his cymbals and beats his bass drum!
A rare character, and truly wonderful.

Measures: 13-1/2" tall x 8" long x 3-5/8" wide

Thank you, E.

Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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