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Marvelous details abound in this folding bedroom that was created in the French taste. Surely inspired by the nineteenth-century antique originals, this piece is as miraculous as those, perhaps even more so, as this room and its contents is a modern creation - well, fairly modern as it dates circa 1980s we would fathom to guess.
Created by a very talented artisan, the scroll cut wooden furniture was beautifully constructed, and then decorated with Dresden paper ornaments and gilded paint decoration.
Included in this sumptuous boudoir is a bed with pink silk and lace hangings, plus a center table, two bedside tables, two arm chairs, two side chairs, a dressing table with draperies and a bench. The fireplace is a charming focal point, as is the handmade clock on the mantel. There is plenty of opportunity to add your personal touch to the room in the form of dolls and accessories.

Measures: 20" wide x 14" deep x 12" tall








A Country Cottage
from Silber & Fleming

It is always a pleasure to offer an English box-back Dollhouse from the toy wholesaler Silber & Fleming. This one features characteristics that include perfect symmetry which one will find on most examples from this prolific London-based firm.
Upon the handsome façade, there can be found the classic lovely brick paintwork above and cream stone below. Also on the upper level, note the suggestion of a balcony, complete with a pierced metal railing in deep green paint. The same pierced metal components offer a latticework trellis effect upon the covered porch, and upon the flower boxes that accent the lower windows.
Inside, there are four perfectly proportioned rooms, all with fireplaces and chimneys dividing the back wall. The parlor can be found on the lower right, paired with the kitchen on the left, while upstairs, the pink tones of the room on the left offer a feminine use, while the deep burgundy notes on the right offer a possibly more masculine purpose.
The house has been freshly electrified, the windows have been cleaned, and the lace curtains refreshed.
Don't forget to shop our dollhouse furniture and accessories pages here in this category of our web site, where you will surely find inspiration to furnish this charming house.

Measures: 22 1/2" wide x 14 1/2" deep x 27" tall








Christian Hacker

Here's an unusual model of a dollhouse from the Christian Hacker firm of Nuremberg, Germany. Dating circa 1900 -1910, this classic house, with its telltale gilt accents and pin-striping, and red paper roof, bears some original components, but for the most part the house has been given a complete restoration, making it move in ready.
Featuring three rooms in total, the front opens to reveal two of them, both given antique style papers, borders and classic Hacker floor paper. The upstairs room, with its three dormer windows, can easily be accessed from the back.
This era of dollhouse is especially fun to furnish if you are a fan of the gold metal accessories from the firm of Erhard & Sohne, as the "Gilded Age" was meant to be lived in an elegant, well-proportioned home such as this.

Measures: 22" wide x 19" deep x 27" tall

Thank you, D.







Extremely colorful, German, wood and lithographed paper Theater complete with teasers, backdrop and a gauze curtain. The base acts as the box that contains the pieces.
In very good condition overall, circa 1890-1910.

Measures: 16 1/2" wide x 8 3/4" deep x 15" tall

Thank you, R.








Moritz Gottschalk Railway Station

This rare to find Moritz Gottschalk red-roof "Bahnhof" or railway station, circa 1910, is a treasure indeed. In good original condition overall, the station features two rooms - most likely a ticket office and a baggage room.
This will certainly be a fun piece to outfit with dollhouse doll passengers, et cetera, and luckily the green painted bench and luggage dolly shown here are included.

Measures: 23" wide x 9 1/2" deep x 14" tall








Just imagine the time, and love, required to create this beyond-fabulous Queen Anne-style mansion, dating circa 1890. Most certainly based on an actual house somewhere in our United States, this creation is a lasting testament to that original structure. We purchased this carpenter-made dollhouse many years ago from a very prolific collector, kept it for awhile, then kissed it goodbye when it went on to live in, for well over a decade, the Angels Attic Museum in Santa Monica, California. It has recently come back to us, for who knows how long, but we will enjoy it one more time, while we are its caretakers.
The creative people at Angels Attic Museum displayed it beautifully in a cube all its own, where it was artfully decorated with glistening "snow" along with evergreen trees and miniature garland. The ambience was reminiscent of a classic New England winter scene - one you would expect to see on a heartwarming Christmas card. The display looked absolutely wonderful, and made one pine for "home" whatever that might mean to you.
Details of the house include wood construction that is scored to emulate stone and brick and the roof features individual shingles. The wrap-around porch features hand carved railings and supports in the rustic style, and the three brick chimneys are remarkable for their detail.
Inside you will find two open floors, both interesting shapes that could be fun to furnish with small scale Biedermeier pieces, or just enjoy this house empty, as the work of art that it is.

Measures: 36 3/4" long x 25" deep x 32" tall

Thank you, C.







Darling German Gazebo in a nice standard scale, this example reminds us of the quality of the pieces from the Christian Hacker firm due to the gilt paint pin-striping present.
Further details include the original paint (some scattered in-painting), the original pots and blooming vines, a striped cotton roof with matching seat cushions and pillows, and an attached trestle table between the built-in bench seats.
In very good condition overall, this piece will add infinite charm to your dollhouse garden.

Measures: 5 3/4" wide x 5 3/4" deep x 10" tall








One of the most elegant room boxes that we have encountered, is represented by the exquisite creation that we are offering here. Exterior details include a painted stone exterior, fluted columns and a solarium roof, but the interior is where the true sumptuous details abound.
From the realistically painted marble floor and the pair of balconies, to the "stained glass" windows, this room offers amazing possibilities.
Outfit it with antique ormolu and gilt bronze furnishings and French all bisque dolls, or go a different route with artist made pieces. The choice is yours.
Electrified and ready to furnish - you are bound to have an amazing time with this project.

Measures: 25 1/2" wide x 17 3/4" deep x 19" tall

Thank you, D.

Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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