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What one notices about this four-room open dollhouse, besides the rich patina of the natural wood construction, is its originality. The four rooms each feature very attractive wall papers, three rooms feature wonderful gilt metal cornices, and the lower rooms feature "scored" floors which emulate planks. A similar method was utilized on the roof to emulate shingles. Another interesting feature of the house is that is it assembled in pieces, meaning that it is stackable - each floor is a separate component, as is the roof structure. The handsome balustraded "porch" is a separate piece as well.
The house is electrified and ready for furnishings - the fun part!

Measures: 32" wide x 20 1/2" deep x 36" tall








This petite French Room Box is just wonderful - we especially love the soft palette incorporated.
The darling boudoir includes a scroll cut, paper-covered bed with the original lace draperies, plus a night table, dressing table, mirrored armoire, and a comfy chair - all in good condition.
A very cheerful room, it will not take up much display space, plus, it will arrive with the sweet German all bisque doll shown here.

Measures: 17 1/2" wide x 8 1/4" deep x 8 1/4" tall









Chambre de Poupee, a French, folding carton room - the palette is lovely, with elegant papers, faux marble accents, abundant Dresden paper trim and sumptuous silk draperies. The scroll-cut dining suite is in very good condition. The sideboard, mantel and center table are laden with many wonderful accessories, but your dollhouse dolls will add the joie de vivre!

Rear wall measures: 22" wide x 11" tall
Double-door Cabinet measures: 8 1/2" tall

HOLD for A.








A Country Cottage
from Silber & Fleming

It is always a pleasure to offer an English box-back Dollhouse from the toy wholesaler Silber & Fleming. This one features characteristics that include perfect symmetry which one will find on most examples from this prolific London-based firm.
Upon the handsome façade, there can be found the classic lovely brick paintwork above and cream stone below. Also on the upper level, note the suggestion of a balcony, complete with a pierced metal railing in deep green paint. The same pierced metal components offer a latticework trellis effect upon the covered porch, and upon the flower boxes that accent the lower windows.
Inside, there are four perfectly proportioned rooms, all with fireplaces and chimneys dividing the back wall. The parlor can be found on the lower right, paired with the kitchen on the left, while upstairs, the pink tones of the room on the left offer a feminine use, while the deep burgundy notes on the right offer a possibly more masculine purpose.
The house has been freshly electrified, the windows have been cleaned, and the lace curtains refreshed.
Don't forget to shop our dollhouse furniture and accessories pages here in this category of our web site, where you will surely find inspiration to furnish this charming house.

Measures: 22 1/2" wide x 14 1/2" deep x 27" tall









The Farm

The Farm is a sweet slice of folk art...and as American as apple pie.
Created by W.C. Martin from wooden items on hand at the time, such as cigar boxes, fruit crates and various packing boxes, the workmanship is well thought out and charming. The farmhouse itself was built from a dynamite box, as the reverse reads: "HIGH EXPLOSIVES-DANGEROUS"! The roof of the house lifts off for access. The two-seater outhouse was made from from cigar boxes, complete with wonderful reading material on the walls! Plus, there's a bell, a bench, two garden urns, a flag and a glider for the lawn.
Outbuildings include a garage, a gazebo, a marvelous two-story barn with a cupola and lightning rod, a chicken coop and a lath house where the hogs are fed and ears of corn are stored.
Farm implements include a plow, a pump and trough, a wonderful blue wagon, a cauldron and a sharpening wheel. There is also a windmill that isn't shown here.
Livestock includes horses, two kinds of pigs and chickens galore!
Don't miss the haystack!

It appears that two generations contributed to the assembling of the farm, as one piece is dated 1911 and another 1931, or it is possible that it was dated when it was passed down in the Martin family. Regardless, paint details are harmonious, as is the patina of the entire work.
All in all, a heart warming toy with abundant American charm.
Farmhouse measures: 22" T x 19" L x 17" D








Moritz Gottschalk Dollhouse, a darling red-roof model circa 1924, featuring a two-story interior, complete with wall and floor papers, and lace curtains that all remain in exceptional condition. This sweet bungalow is complete with its original wooden front steps, and don't you love the two-tiered porch?
Access to the second floor can be found through the hatch that is disguised by the top tier of the porch. Chimneys are excellent replacements.
Just add appropriately scaled furnishings and dolls and you will have a petite dollhouse of which you can be very proud.

Measures: 16" wide x 11" deep x 17" tall

Thank you, K.








Darling German Gazebo in a nice small scale, bearing original paint, Dresden paper components and flowers, circa 1900-1910. The kraft paper roof is delicate, and shows a few areas of being reinforced from the underside.

Measures: 5 1/8" square x 8 1/4" tall

Thank you,







One of the most elegant room boxes that we have encountered, is represented by the exquisite creation that we are offering here. Exterior details include a painted stone exterior, fluted columns and a solarium roof, but the interior is where the true sumptuous details abound.
From the realistically painted marble floor and the pair of balconies, to the "stained glass" windows, this room offers amazing possibilities.
Outfit it with antique ormolu and gilt bronze furnishings and French all bisque dolls, or go a different route with artist made pieces. The choice is yours.
Electrified and ready to furnish - you are bound to have an amazing time with this project.

Measures: 25 1/2" wide x 17 3/4" deep x 19" tall

Thank you, D.

Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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