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Silber & Fleming Townhouse

We are totally enchanted by the classic symmetry of this English, Silber & Fleming Dollhouse, which dates circa 1880. Exterior details of this box-back model include "block and brick" construction with extra fine paint details, an unusual slightly gabled front, the classic pierced metal and wood balustrade below four generous windows with divided lights, more generous-sized windows downstairs, including a fan light over the beutifully painted front foor, and you cannot miss the orange-enameled sides.
Swing open the hinged front of this electrified, move-in ready house and you will find four spacious, well-proportioned rooms, each with its original fireplace and wooden baseboards. There is a handsome parlor, the kitchen with the original hearth, dresser, sink, warming over and towel rack, and finally two bedchambers upstairs.
Additional details include beautiful wallpapers and borders, lace curtains, and a cozy needlework carpet in the parlor.
A truly lovely house, just waiting for the right interior decorator...you!

Thank you, J.

Measures: 26-1/2" wide x 16" deep (at base) x 25-3/4" tall.










English, Carpenter-Made Doll's House – Circa 1895

Expertly carved details make this dollhouse far more intricate than it appears at first glance!
This very charming late-Victorian house, with its Tudor-esque styling, bears carved raised panels upon its front and side gables, along with additional longer carved raised panels on both ends. Even the "checkerboard" band around the house is carved, while the sweet lattice that surrounds the carved front door is painted on. Can't you just see vines and climbing roses attached in front of the lattice work? The gabled roof features russet hand scored "shingles".
The front-opening house is accessed by two hinged panels, complete with glass windows, that reveal five electrified rooms with vintage papers and floors. The kitchen and bedroom above it feature patterned oilcloth floors, while the parlor and attic are fitted with needlepoint carpets. The main bedroom has a painted wood floor – the perfect surface for a room size rug.
This charming interior of this dollhouse lends itself to cottagey, homey, simple furniture – painted pieces might work very nicely. But, we'll leave those decisions up to the decorator – and that would be you!

We think this attic room,
with its pitched ceiling, will
make a perfect Playroom,
where Dollhouse Children
enjoy their abundant toy

The needlepoint carpet featuring
a pattern of colorful roses,
makes for a very cozy room.

Child's Bedroom
Main Bedroom

The Kitchen
The Parlor

English, Carpenter-Made Doll's House – Circa 1895

Measures: 26-1/4" Wide (at base) x 27-1/2" tall x 15" deep (at base)

Thank you, M.









The Farm

The Farm is a sweet slice of folk art...and as American as apple pie.
Created by W.C. Martin from wooden items on hand at the time, such as cigar boxes, fruit crates and various packing boxes, the workmanship is well thought out and charming. The farmhouse itself was built from a dynamite box, as the reverse reads: "HIGH EXPLOSIVES-DANGEROUS"! The roof of the house lifts off for access. The two-seater outhouse was made from from cigar boxes, complete with wonderful reading material on the walls! Plus, there's a bell, a bench, two garden urns, a flag and a glider for the lawn.
Outbuildings include a garage, a gazebo, a marvelous two-story barn with a cupola and lightning rod, a chicken coop and a lath house where the hogs are fed and ears of corn are stored.
Farm implements include a plow, a pump and trough, a wonderful blue wagon, a cauldron and a sharpening wheel. There is also a windmill that isn't shown here.
Livestock includes horses, two kinds of pigs and chickens galore!
Don't miss the haystack!

It appears that two generations contributed to the assembling of the farm, as one piece is dated 1911 and another 1931, or it is possible that it was dated when it was passed down in the Martin family. Regardless, paint details are harmonious, as is the patina of the entire work.
All in all, a heart warming toy with abundant American charm.
Farmhouse measures: 22" T x 19" L x 17" D


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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