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Feast your eyes on the rich artistry evident in this folding salon that was created in the French taste. Surely inspired by the nineteenth-century antique originals, this piece is as miraculous as those, perhaps even more so, as this room and its contents is a modern creation - well, fairly modern, as it dates circa 1980s we would fathom to guess.
Created by a very talented artisan, the scroll cut wooden furniture was beautifully constructed, and then decorated with Dresden paper ornaments, gilded paint decoration and sumptuous burgundy velvet and silk.
Included in this sumptuous room is a fabulous fireplace with attached overmantel, four side chairs, two center tables, a side table, a two-tiered server, two planters with topiaries, two pedestals with bisque statuary and two amazingly detailed whatnots upon the side walls. Of special note are the two niches that contain additional bisque statues.
There is plenty of opportunity to add your personal touch to the room in the form of dolls and accessories.

Measures: 32" wide x 21" deep x 14" tall

Thank you, D.







One could easily make it Christmastime in this beyond charming German Toy Shop, by adding some garland and greenery. The shelves are loaded with marvelous wooden toys of many varieties, and note that there is a display window to the "outside," so passersby can be tempted as well.
Included in this sweet package are the two German children who certainly will be dreaming sweet dreams tonight.
A treasure that remains in very good condition overall.

Measures: 24" wide x 12 1/2" deep x 12 1/2" tall

Thank you, J.







We are all familiar with the very appealing assortment of lithographed paper dollhouses from the R. Bliss manufacturing company of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, but we find this Grocery & Market an unusual offering.
Details of this two-room structure, which features a shop downstairs and a living quarters upstairs, include a lithographed paper exterior
that depicts bricks and half timbering, plus printed windows downstairs illustrating products for sale.
The shop features its original wooden counter, a few accessories and some stock, but there is plenty of room for more. The upstairs room awaits your furniture, and of course, we will need a shopkeeper to keep business running smoothly.
The overall condition here is good, there is normal wear and fading, and one area of in-painting on the edge of the window frame upstairs.
Oh, by the way, chances are good that a little boy named "Earl" once owned this grocery, as his name can be found on the inside of the door upstairs.
Thanks Earl, for taking such good care of this toy for us.

Measures: 10" wide x 7 1/2" deep x 13 1/2" tall

Thank you, S.







Think of the wet fun children had playing with this fully functional German tin Bathroom, circa 1910. There are water reservoirs for the sink, the tub and the shower with its plunger operation, and the toilet would "flush" as well! Of course, there are drains in place for the fixtures also.
Further details include a blue and cream paint scheme, a wall-mounted sink complete with its original stopper, a matching tub, and a commode with a handy-dandy tissue dispenser nearby. Darling cotton towels hang from the bars. Add a bathing doll or two to complete the scene.
In good condition, showing normal wear and scattered minor paint loss.

Measures: 13 1/2" wide x 7" deep x 7 5/8" tall

Thank you!








Moritz Gottschalk Red Roof Cottage

Moritz Gottschalk Dollhouse, a charming red-roof model circa 1921, that remains in very good original condition, and features an interior of two rooms. Wall and floor papers are original and show normal wear and tear. This sweet cottage is complete with its original wooden front steps and chimney. Access to the second floor can be found on each of the gables.
Of special note are the wonderful hand-painted metal flowers that fill the box on the second floor gable window, while morning glories meander across the porch railings. We left the hummingbird and its feeder in place on the porch rail as we found the addition entirely charming.
Add appropriately scaled furnishings and dolls and you will have a miniature garden paradise in the form of this petite cottage.

Measures: 13 1/2" wide x 10" deep x 15" tall

Thank you, M.








The 1911 House

The 1911 House can be described as eleven rooms of potential fun. Actually, more fun should be factored in, because the above-mentioned eleven rooms don't include the three-story stair hall, the second and third-floor hallways or the Stable Yard with a watering trough and plenty of room for a horse or two. Also located there is a privy for the Yardman.
This incredible Dollhouse was constructed of pine, most likely commercially, and probably in Spain. We surmise it was completed in the year 1911, due to the date proudly displayed on the house's cornice.
The house's original papers were in disrepair when we obtained it from a private European museum. Fortunately, we found vintage wall papers among the cache' of supplies that we obtained from John Darcy Noble's personal collection and many examples were utilized within these walls. The colors and variety of the patterns create a magical interior that will blend with vintage furnishings beautifully. The house's paint scheme is just the way we found it.
We did fully re-electrify the house, including the hallways, as the old system was outdated and the wrong voltage. The lights emit a wonderful glow, especially through the pattern-glass window in the bath.
The char
m of this house is undeniable and it's now ready to provide many more years of collecting joy.

Third Floor Green Bedroom

Third Floor Twin Rooms, Suitable as a Double Nursery
There is access to a Hallway through the Doors

Third Floor Blue Bedroom

Second Floor Main Salon with Access to Three-story Stair hall

The Bath with Shower and Tub and access to a Hallway

Second Floor Master Suite with access to Terrace above Kitchen

First Floor Gentleman's Study

First Floor Detail of Entrance to Stair hall, Study and Salon

First Floor Detail of Blue Salon and Dining Room

First Floor Detail of Kitchen and Stable Yard with Trough

Detail of Overdoor Window
in Bath

Detail of Kitchen with Stove and Plumbing


The 1911 House would be best displayed upon a base around 20-24" tall.
The dimensions are: 23" deep by 59" tall by 93" long.
The floor to ceiling measurement on all three floors is between 15-16" tall.

The 1911 House is listed at: $9,500.00







Moritz Gottschalk Red Roof Cottage

We found this sweet and petite Moritz Gottschalk red-roof Cottage in the reprint Gottschalk catalog in the 1912 section. In the original photo, it sits upon a fenced garden platform. We did not get the platform along with this house, but we find it entirely charming nevertheless, and its small size will allow easy display. The lower floor of this two-story model features access upon the side, while the upstairs room can be accessed from a hatch in the back. The floor paper is original downstairs, while the chimney is a well done replacement, as are the wooden portions that make up the right side of the walled porch.
A charming house that is sure to please.

Measures: 13 1/4" wide x 11" deep x 15" tall









Moritz Gottschalk Dollhouse, a Tudor-styled, red-roof model circa 1924, featuring a two-story interior of five rooms, complete with original wall and floor papers (1 floor replaced), and replaced lace curtains that all remain in very good condition. Access to the third floor attic can be found through the hatch on the back side of the roof. Chimneys are excellent replacements, and it appears that the paint on the roof has been refreshed.
Just add appropriately scaled furnishings and dolls and you will have a marvelous miniature treasure.

Measures: 24" wide x 15" deep x 25" tall

Thank you, C.


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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