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Christian Hacker
French Style Dollhouse

When one thinks of the dollhouses of Christian Hacker of Nuremberg, Germany, chances are good that it is the style of dollhouse shown here that comes to mind. Dating circa 1895-1910, this classic house, with its handsome blue "slate" Mansard roof, bears many original components including original wall and floor papers, the original kitchen hutch and the drapery rods as well. This house was also fitted with a doorbell, but it is now inoperable.
Featuring four rooms, plus a staircase and hall on two floors, one can lift off the roof to find two attic rooms - we typically like to furnish these as playrooms and/or children's bedrooms due to their smaller scale.
The overall condition of this dollhouse is quite good, especially considering that the exterior is covered in printed paper. There are scattered losses, some fading and inpainting, but largely the integrity is well preserved.
This era of dollhouse is especially fun to furnish if you are a fan of the gold metal accessories from the firm of Erhard & Sohne, as the "Gilded Age" was meant to be lived in an elegant, well-proportioned home such as this.

Measures: 29 1/2" wide x 15 3/4" deep x 36" tall

Thank you, M.







Years ago, we sold a wonderful German schoolroom that was populated by little German bisque dolls dressed like bunny rabbits, who sat at rows of desks painting Easter eggs - thus the inclusion of this rabbit candy container in the photos. The rabbit schoolboy is actually not included in this school room diorama/room box, but meant to inspire a fun idea.
Details of this wooden schoolroom includes wall and floor papers in good condition, three rows of wooden desks with built-in benches, a schoolmaster's desk that is complete with a bell and apple among other items, blackboards upon the walls, and framed portraits of important German figures and composers.
Perhaps best of all is the coat rack that retains three miniature woolen coats (fading) still hanging from the pegs.
You could have a lot of fun collecting little dolls to fill these benches!
In very good condition overall, but we will let the photos do some of the talking here.

Measures: 37 1/2" wide x 16" deep x 16" tall








"The Banning House" - circa 1910

We honestly aren't sure why this house is called "The Banning House" - we are only going by a handwritten card (that accompanies it) describing the house as such. But one thing is sure, this handmade house is American as apple pie - one need look no further than Old Glory flying in the front yard to nail down this point.
The house is composed of early plywood, painted in an autumn palette, and is attached to the platform permanently, which helps make it all very sturdy. A darling green-painted picket fence secures the perimeter, and note that it features a swinging gate both front and back. The gabled roof lifts off to reveal one room that could be furnished if so desired.
More folk art than dollhouse to be sure, the pure charm of this piece is undeniable.

Measures: 33 3/4" wide x 19 1/2" deep x 22" tall








Moritz Gottschalk Dollhouse, a Tudor-styled, red-roof model circa 1924, featuring a two-story interior of five rooms, complete with original wall and floor papers (1 floor replaced), and replaced lace curtains that all remain in very good condition. Access to the third floor attic can be found through the hatch on the back side of the roof. Chimneys are excellent replacements, and it appears that the paint on the roof has been refreshed.
Just add appropriately scaled furnishings and dolls and you will have a marvelous miniature treasure.

Measures: 24" wide x 15" deep x 25" tall

HOLD for C.









Moritz Gottschalk Dollhouse, a darling red-roof model circa 1921, that remains in very good condition, and featuring a two-story interior. Wall and floor papers are original and show normal wear and tear. This sweet bungalow is complete with its original wooden front steps, although the striped awning is an addition, albeit a nice one. Chimneys are excellent replacements.
Access to the second floor can be found on the back side of the roof.
Just add appropriately scaled furnishings and dolls and you will have a petite, and quite colorful, treasure!

Measures: 15 1/2" wide x 11" deep x 15 3/4" tall









Nuremberg Kitchen

Featuring requisite details such as a lovely checkerboard floor and a classic hood/chimney, feast your eyes on a fully-stocked, early, two-room Nuremberg Kitchen. Further details include a charming tin stove with brass details and the original handmade kettle, a painted corner cupboard, two work tables laden with a wide assortment of wares, and a rare to find set of graduated tin food covers upon the wall. We will let the photos do the talking here as the piece is an absolute joy to explore.

Measures: 39 1/4" wide x 18 1/2" deep x 18 1/4" tall

HOLD for M.







An absolutely charming American Bungalow of two stories, circa 1910-25, that is more model house than plaything, it is a delightful creation. Of two wonderful wooden stories, the use of yellow brick and coordinating painted clapboard, contrasted with the green of the shingles is sublime - the only thing possibly missing here is a miniature version of the stars and stripes!
In good condition overall, showing normal wear, this slice of Americana is sure to please.

Measures: 26" wide x 18 1/2" deep (at base) x 21 1/4" tall

Thank you, C.








Moritz Gottschalk

Here's an unusual find, a Moritz Gottschalk Red Roof Garage, or Garden Shed, circa 1920-25. Details include a classic paint scheme, two divided windows on the sides, and a vent over the double doors.
Floor paper is original and shows normal wear and tear

Measures: 8" wide x 9" deep x 9 5/8" tall

Thank you, R.

Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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