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Here we have a double treat, a stately dollhouse Lady with a bisque head and painted features including a handsome molded blonde hairstyle. On a cloth body with bisque limbs and painted shoes, she wears her original dress and apron (some glue residue visible on the back side), and holds a beautifully costumed baby in her arms. The baby gown is a lovely cascade of lace and ribbon loops. A just perfect duo for display in your dollhouse nursery.

Measures: 6 3/4" tall

Thank you,








Classic and quite lovely dollhouse lady from the Simon & Halbig firm with features that include a perfect bisque shoulderhead, rarer brown eyes, and her wonderful original blonde mohair wig worn up in an elegant style.
On her original cloth body that is fitted with bisque limbs, she is exquisitely costumed for a summer day in what could be her original dress of printed cotton, in a soft and lovely shade of lavender.
A fabulous coordinating hat enhanced with flowers completes the look – perfectly.

Measures: 7 1/2" tall overall

Thank you,







Perhaps the perfect candidate to play Head Housekeeper in your larger scale dollhouses or German kitchen, is a sweet young lady featuring a German bisque shoulderhead with molded blonde curly hair and nicely painted facial features. On a stuffed cloth body with nicely modeled bisque limbs, she wears a printed cotton dress, a crisp cotton apron and a lacy cap.

Measures: 8 3/4" tall overall

Thank you,







Unusual, larger-scale, German bisque dollhouse Housekeeper, circa 1920. Details include a perfect bisque head with a classic molded and painted hairstyle and pretty features. On a cloth body with perfect bisque limbs including long bisque arms, she wears a classic original uniform of navy cotton, with an apron and collar in white cotton.
In excellent condition overall.

Measures: 6" tall








German bisque elderly Gentleman in a nice smaller scale with a bisque head, with unusual molded receding hair, delicately painted features with long molded muttonchops and a wonderfully expressive face that is complete with wrinkles.
On a cloth body with bisque limbs, he has black painted shoes and wears a handsome wool flannel suit, along with a tie. Perfect to play the role of the merchant or stately grandfather in your dollhouse or shop.

Measures: 4 3/4" tall

Thank you, L.








A true rarity in dollhouse dolls, is this mature dollhouse doll Gentleman with nicely painted features and coloring. His most unusual feature, besides his molded and gray painted hair, and moustache, is his molded cap!
On a cloth body with bisque limbs featuring black shoes, he is dressed in black lounging/smoking attire that includes a black trousers complete with a shirt, cummerbund, cravat and black silk jacket.
Perfectly attired for an evening spent in the "Turkish corner".

Measures: 6 5/8" tall








Simon & Halbig glass-eyed young Lady, featuring the more unusual brown glass eyes, and the original light brown mohair wig in a style that includes delicate intertwined braids.
On a classic cloth body with bisque limbs, she appears to be dressed for a costume ball with her iridescent copper silk with coordinating beading, plus a sequined headdress.

Measures: 6 1/8" tall

Thank you,







Costumed for service, this handsome gentleman was given a very rare feature – yes, his molded cap! Further details include a molded moustache and nicely painted features, plus his original cloth body with bisque limbs. There appears to be a repair to the right boot.
Wearing a cream wool flannel uniform with an assortment of ribbon decoration, we imagine he is dressed as a doorman or hotel porter, but maybe you could talk him into chauffeuring your dollhouse family in their newfangled horseless carriage?

Measures: 7-5/8" tall








Unusual German bisque Gentleman with a swivel head and costumed as a Chauffeur, who boasts all original condition. Features include perfect bisque, blue glass eyes, a painted moustache, his original wig - also note that he retains his original uniform of wool flannel complete with brass button details, and a matching cap.

Measures: 5" tall

Thank you, B.







Need a child for your toy store or dollhouse playroom? Here is a cutie pie -- a German bisque little girl with a perfect shoulderhead and a sweet blonde hairstyle. Plus, she boasts very nicely painted facial features. On her original body that is fitted with bisque limbs, she wears a darling play dress in blue cotton with delicate lace trim.

Measures: 4 1/2" high








Attributed to the Carl Horn company, is a darling, jointed, all-bisque little Boy, in a crocheted uniform, complete with a matching hat and a soft metal sword at his side.
In excellent, clean condition overall.

Measures: 1 5/8" tall

Thank you,







To keep the peace in the doll house neighborhood, you may need this trusty all-bisque Constable. Featuring a molded cap, rosy cheeks and black painted boots, he wears a woolen uniform complete with badge and baton holder.
Measures: 3-1/4” tall.








Do you have an empty Turkish corner in your Victorian dollhouse? This exotically dressed lady would be a perfect fit. A German china, blessed with a marvelous hairstyle referred to as "Countess Dagmar," she wears an original costume in a variety of silks with metallic and wool soutaches. A jacket with pagoda sleeves (tender), and harem pants add to the exotic feel.

Measures: 5 1/4" tall









Wonderfully detailed bisque dollhouse Soldier with a very special feature -- a molded hat! Details include nicely painted features including rare brown eyes, painted black hair, even a painted chin strap for the molded hat. On a cloth body with molded and painted black boots, he is dressed in a red wool coat, and blue wool trousers. He is prepared for duty with a wood and metal rifle at his side.

Measures: 4 1/2" high

Thank you,







Wonderfully detailed all-bisque dollhouse Gentleman, with molded blond hair, nicely painted features with much detail including mustache and black painted boots. Dressed in a back oil cloth slicker with tiny bead buttons and brown woolen pants, he measures 2-3/4” to top of molded cap.


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!