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From the German firm of Erhard & Söhne is a lovely ormolu easel Mirror.
This great piece will be beautiful placed upon a dressing table in your dollhouse.
In very good condition, save for some spotting upon the original mirror plate.

Measures: 2" high x 1 5/8" wide








Pair of dollhouse Pictures comprised of a pair of ormolu frames from the German firm of Erhard & Sohne, housing pastoral scenes - one with a crease.
In very good condition overall.

Measures: 3" tall x 3 1/4" wide

$295.00 the pair







From the German firm of Erhard & Söhne is a nice ormolu and wire Bird Cage that is complete with a tinted wax parrot on the swinging perch.
This great piece can hang from the ceiling of your dollhouse, or could be placed upon a stand.
The condition is good overall.

Measures: 2 1/4" high x 1 1/2" wide








Set of two unusual Prints for your dollhouse walls, one scene features a horse and rider, while the other depicts a stately home that is reminiscent of Christian Hacker dollhouse with its distinctive blue slate roof.
Each features a cord for hanging. In good condition, showing normal wear

Each measures: 2 7/8" high x 3 5/8" wide

Thank you,







We have offered this stamped brass framed Mirror in the past, but never in this wonderful petite size. Perfect for your early dollhouse rooms, this piece remains in very good condition, complete with the original hazy mirror plate.

Measures: 2 1/2" tall x 1 3/4" wide







German china with floral accents, partial Dinner Service of 17 pieces.
Lovely and quite cheerful, included is a tureen with lid, a small platter, a gravy boat with underplate, six small plates, 5 large plates, and a condiment tray.
In very good condition overall.

Tureen measures: 1 1/2" tall x 2" wide x 1 1/2" deep








Lovely original dollhouse Draperies, in deep red silk with lace accents, mounted upon an exquisite ormolu valance. Perfect for the room box or vignette that contains one window or doorway that you wish to enhance.
In very good condition overall.

Measures: 10" high x 7 3/8" wide








An unusual piece for your larger scale dollhouses, or even French fashion doll scenes, is a handsome Pet Carrier in black painted metal with polished brass trim. Showing normal wear.

Measures: 2 1/8" tall x 2 3/8s" wide








German candy container Hat Box in lithographed paper with a pressed paper handle. The printed exterior features leather straps and stickers from various locales.
In good condition showing normal wear.

Measures: 7/8" high x 1 3/4" wide

HOLD for M.








As shown in period Tynietoy catalogs, here is a pair of red-painted "Queen Anne" Mirrors. Each is decorated with chinoiserie accents, and both remain in very good condition overall.

Each measures: 3 1/4" tall x 1 3/8" wide

$225.00 the pair







Charming miniature easel Frame that features an ornate cast metal front with a silver wash. It now houses a wonderful, and quite rare photographic portrait of young Kaiser Wilhelm and his first bride, Augusta Victoria.
Lovely condition overall.

Measures: 2" tall x 1 1/8" wide








Genuine old store stock is a thrill to discover and that is what we have here in the form of a "Nouveauté de Paris" card with a place setting for one still sewn in place, plus additional pieces. Included is a knife, fork and spoon, plus a plate, beaker, trivet complete with two molded fish, and a napkin ring. (Loss to napkin.)
In good condition overall, showing some light soil upon the card.

Card measures: 5 1/2" tall x 4 3/4" wide
Fork measures: 2 1/2"








From the German firm of Erhard & Söhne is an ormolu Birdcage that is complete with a metal bird (replacement) on the swinging perch. This great piece can hang from the ceiling of your dollhouse, or could be placed upon a table.
In very good condition.

Measures: 3" tall








This piece will look wonderful displayed in your larger-scale dollhouse, or even in a fashion doll scene. Featured here is a pressed glass bowl (chip to one ear), sitting upon a nickel-plated stand, complete with a matching lid with its finial knop.

Measures: 1 1/8" tall x 1 7/8" wide







Sweet and colorful Print featuring a farmyard scene, and housed in a brilliant ormolu frame - in very good condition.

Measures: 3 1/4" tall x 2 1/8" wide








Marvelous celluloid figure with amazing detail was mounted upon a turned wood pedestal, and the look is classic. Great for your dollhouse entry, or parlor, and in good condition.

Measures: 4 7/8" tall x 1 3/8" wide








Stoneware Scottie Dog in brown who wears a brilliant red collar, and who is looking for a good home.

Measures: 1 3/8" tall x 1 5/8" wide








German, soft metal Birdcage with a gold painted finish, it is complete with a bird on the perch inside. The overall condition of this piece is good.

Measures: 2" tall x 1 3/4" wide








Charming soft metal mechanical High Chair that converts to a rocker. The bronze patina is in excellent condition, and so is the overall piece. Great in a dollhouse nursery or playroom.

Measures: 2" tall x 3 1/2" wide








Stamped tin Cookware and kitchen Tools remain on their original card - a wonderful find. Looks like there might be a knife missing, but still lots of fun to be had here.

Measures: 5 1/4" tall x 7" wide








A great piece for the German kitchen is this blue and white tin Caddy for the wall.
Stenciled "Topflappen" which translates to potholders, we think you get the picture.
In very good condition, overall.

Measures: 2 1/2" tall x 1 3/4" wide








Wonderful Mirror, in a stamped tin frame, that will add ambience to any room in the early dollhouse.
In great condition overall.

Measures: 3 1/4" tall x 2 1/2" wide








From the German firm of Erhard & Söhne comes an ormolu Umbrella Stand. Suitable for use in nearly any room in the house, it remains in good condition, and will arrive with one cast metal umbrella in place.

Larger measures: 3" tall x 1 1/2" wide








This set of wooden kitchen tools has to be the most wonderful we have seen in years! Complete with a wooden rack that is fitted with a printed paper Dutch scene, the rack and all of the tools, including the rolling pin, feature pyrography! The rack and rolling pin feature the addition of flowers and leaves -- lovely.
In very good condition overall, and suitable for a special German kitchen.

Measures: 6" tall x 4 3/4" wide








Every dollhouse needs a pet, and what better than a goldfish in a glass bowl? A fun, vintage piece that is in excellent condition.

Measures: 3/4" tall x 7/8" wide








Charming cast and gold painted soft metal Wall Pocket, that is fitted with a hinged lid. It would be handy to hold balls of yarn, or reading materials, if placed on the wall next to a comfortable chair.
In excellent condition.

Measures: 1 3/4" high x 1 1/2" wide








Something for the wee ones, is a tiny German bisque Tub in brilliant yellow. Great with a petite Frozen Charlie or Charlotte, and in good condition.

Walker measures: 7/8" tall x 1 3/16" wide








Modeled after an ormolu frame by Erhard & Sohne, is a later soft metal version fitted with a mirror. The vintage is most likely 1950s -- (US Zone Germany) yet it is a very decorative piece, especially in a dining room that features silver accessories.

Measures: 2 5/8" high x 3" wide x








Attractive and charming rectangular doll’s house hooked Rug in a floral pattern.
Measures: 7-1/2” L.








For the children's room, or toy shop, this French cast metal Horse and Cart will add the perfect ambiance.

Measures: 1 1/4" tall x 3" long








Add a spot of color to your dollhouse kitchen or anywhere for that matter with this cheerful needlepoint rug. It is beautifully constructed and backed. In good condition.

Measures: 4 3/4" long x 2" wide








Wonderful English tole Tray with a faux bois finish, that features gilded lines. Suitable for an early, larger scale dollhouse or fashion doll vignette. Note some wear to the paint.
This lovely piece measures: 3 7/8” across.


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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