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Lovely and quite unusual figural, gilded, soft metal Chandelier of three branches, that are each fitted with milk glass shades and "electric" light bulbs.
In excellent condition overall, and suitable for an 1890s and onward dollhouse.

Measures: 3 3/4" tall x 2 1/2" wide x 2 1/2" deep








An unusual piece for your larger scale dollhouses, or even French fashion doll scenes, is a handsome Pet Carrier in black painted metal with polished brass trim. Showing normal wear.

Measures: 2 1/8" tall x 2 3/8s" wide








From the German firm of Erhard & Söhne, we offer a handsome Print featuring a winter scene, in a lovely, oval, ormolu frame.
The finish on this piece remains in excellent condition.

Measures: 3 1/2" tall x 4 7/8" wide

HOLD for A.






Genuine old store stock is a thrill to discover and that is what we have here in the form of a "Nouveauté de Paris" card with a place setting for one still sewn in place. Included is a knife, fork and spoon, plus a napkin ring that retains a rolled paper napkin.
In good condition overall.

Card measures: 4 3/4" tall x 3 1/8" wide
Fork measures: 3 1/4" tall








German soft metal Knife Stand that contains six knives with gold painted accents - perfect for display in the dollhouse dining room or kitchen. Five of the knives are attached, while one is removable.
In good condition overall.

Measures: 2 1/4" tall








Perfect for display in the the play room, or garden of your dollhouse is a beautifully detailed, German, cream-painted, soft metal Doll Buggy with gilt paint accents. Pink details add a brilliant pop of color.
In good condition overall.

Measures: 2 1/4" high x 2 1/2" wide x 1" deep







Perhaps the perfect piece for placing over the mantel in the dollhouse parlor, this Mirror in its stamped ormolu frame will reflect all of the splendor in the room.
In good condition.

Measures: 3 1/8" tall x 2" wide








From the German firm of Erhard and Söhne, this unusual, ormolu and turned wood Stand is not a piece that is found terribly often. Details include lovely stamped brass legs that terminate in paw feet, an elegant wooden center support, and a top that features a gorgeous embossed design. Use this piece to hold a birdcage, or perhaps an ormolu champagne bucket as illustrated in the Erhard & Sohne reprinted catalog.
In excellent condition overall

Measures: 3 3/8" tall x 2" wide x 2" deep







A sweet German dollhouse Picture of two lovely children.
In a stamped and gilded brass frame, overall, the condition is excellent. Perfect in your larger-scale dollhouses and room boxes.

Measures: 5 1/4" tall x 3 3/8" wide








Gold-painted, soft metal, oval framed dollhouse picture that features a girl holding a doll, standing alongside the family dog. Paint refreshed.

Measures: 3 1/4" tall x 2 1/8" wide








Perfect for display in your early dollhouse rooms is a stamped brass framed Mirror. It remains in very good condition, but appears to have been given a replacement mirror plate at some point in time.

Measures: 3 1/4" tall x 2" wide








Great for the children's room in your dollhouse, is a German, soft metal Rocking Horse with lovely paint.
Condition is very good.

Measures: 2" tall x 2" wide







Most wonderful German soft metal Hall Lantern, complete with a ceiling cap/hook and with a painted gilt finish, that will look super in your dollhouse entry.
The shade is pressed glass in a rich gold tone.
In good condition overall, but note loss of one side of cast metal vertical decoration.

Measures: 4 1/4" tall x 1 3/8" wide x 1 3/8" deep

Thank you,







Shown here is a colorful pair of Prints mounted in matching stamped gilt brass frames with identical liners. In excellent condition overall. Perfect in a large scale dollhouse.

Each measures: 5" tall x 4" wide

$395.00 the pair







An essential component of the dollhouse dining room is a Crumber and Brush, great for cleaning up the table after dinner. This soft metal set with a gold painted finish will do the trick nicely.

Crumber measures: 1 3/8" tall x 1 3/8" wide







From the German firm of Erhard & Söhne, we are pleased to offer an ormolu framed Mirror with the original, slightly hazy plate. The finish on the frame leans toward bronze tones rather than doré.
In very good condition overall.

Measures: 2 7/8" tall x 2" wide









We like to use cast iron Stoves, such as this in two-burner charmer, in American dollhouses such as those from Bliss as they just seem to fit. This example, with the name "ROYAL" upon the oven door, remains in good condition overall.

Measures: 4 1/2" tall x 3 1/8" wide








A fabulous miniature Bud Vase in satin art glass that features enameled leaves and flowers. Great in a dollhouse or fashion doll scene.

Measures: 1 3/8" tall x 5/8" wide








Dollhouse food in the form of a wedge of Cheese upon a German white china plate.
In good condition.

Measures: 1 3/4" wide x 1 3/4" deep









Perfect for your dollhouses in smaller scale, is a cast metal Cook Stove - a two-burner gas model with an oven below. Really quite charming, and in very good condition.

Measures: 3" tall x 2 1/4" wide








Probably intended as charms for a bracelet, these four brass alphabet blocks might look great displayed in your dollhouse as toys upon the floor.

Each block measures: 1/4" tall x 1/4" wide








Three earthenware pieces for the dollhouse kitchen that have an early look. In good condition, showing light chipping to the green pitcher.

Pitcher measures: 1 1/4" tall x 1 1/4" wide








From the German firm of Erhard & Söhne, we offer a charming ormolu Sidechair in the Art Nouveau taste. Complete with a round seat and back that embossed in a floral design, it is perfect for almost any room in the dollhouse.

Measures: 3 1/4" tall x 1 1/4" wide








Three metal implements that will enhance the look of your early dollhouse kitchen include a toasting fork in steel, a Dutch-style pot on a tripod base in pewter (hallmarked) and a magnificent pewter tankard/handled scoop that features impressive hallmarks.

Tankard measures: 2 3/4" high x 2" wide










Ormolu Chandelier from the fine firm of Erhard and Söhne in the larger size, circa 1890. Details include six arms that are fitted with hand-dipped beeswax candles. This piece is short one length of brass wire rod, allowing for a shorter drop.

Measures: 5 3/4" drop x 4" wide









A gold-painted, molded plaster frame holds an antique mirror creating a lovely look for the dollhouse interior. It can be hung in either direction.
In generally good condition.

Measures: 2 3/8" high x 2 3/4" wide








Early treen Bucket suitable for doll’s house kitchen or perhaps a stable or shop. Truly lovely quality.
Measures: 4” tall with bale handle up.








German, gold washed, soft metal dollhouse Picture, featuring a winter windmill scene in soft colors.
Measures: 2-3/4" W.








When you are tired of hanging pictures on your dollhouse walls, you will need something like this charming soft metal Whatnot to turn to. It could easily hold books, a collection of tiny seashells, or any assortment of petite treasures. This very nice example exudes a gothic sensibility, and you could use it with or without the bright blue back panel.
It is still housed in its original pasteboard box – that explains its excellent condition.

Largest measures: 2 3/4" tall x 1 7/8" wide x 7/8" deep








Fine wicker Basket for your fashion doll scene, or for use in a large-scale dollhouse. Fill this with faux fruit or vegetables, and you have an enchanting table top, or early kitchen ornament.

Measures: 1-1/2" tall x 3" diameter of opening








A gorgeous gilt brass easel Frame was fitted with a lovely childhood winter scene, and the result is pure charm. In excellent condition overall -- even the support is beautifully embossed and finished.

Measures: 2 3/8" high x 1 1/2" wide

Thank you, K.







Stamped and gilded tin Mantel Clock with a paper face and its original glass dome. Has an early look and feel.
Measures: 2-1/4" T








A set of three garden implements, in soft metal and wood, include a spade, a rake and a hoe. Great for your dollhouse that feature a garden area.
In very good condition.

Spade measures: 5 7/8" long x 7/8" wide








Handsome, gold-painted metal Oil Lamp featuring a milk glass globe with attached glass chimney.
In good condition, and perfect for use upon that bedside table, or occasional table, in your dollhouse bedroom or parlor.

Measures: 3 3/8" tall x 1" wide








Lovely French porcelain Vase for the dollhouse with beautiful painted floral decoration and fine gilded striping. Exquisite. Marks include "Epinal."

Measures: 2" high x 1 1/4" wide


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!
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