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Here is a marvelous early example of a Chinese Door of Hope Mission Doll – the "Lady in Silk."
Standing eleven and one-half inches tall overall, she remains in good condition and features a finely carved wood head, carved and painted black eyes, nicely detailed ears (slight loss to edge of right,) and a carved bun in back that includes a gold painted hair ornament.
Dressed in a blue silk tunic (light soil), with a beautifully detailed black skirt, she also wears silk shoes with lovely details upon her bound feet.

Thank you,







"Ciociara Romana"

1950s (PF 330) Lenci Child wearing a colorful regional costume and features which include beautiful felt construction, and charming clothes that have two tags affixed to them (scattered moth issues). One tag is affixed to the right hand and reads "Ciociara Romana," while the second is a classic Lenci square paper tag that is stitched to the skirt. Additional details include hoop earrings and a metal bead necklace.
A sweet doll who remains in near mint condition overall.

Measures: 11 1/2" overall.









Among the more unusual of the Lenci models, we are pleased to offer a marvelous Googly-eyed Lady who remains in very good condition, overall. Details include lovely painting of lashes, brows and lips, brown glass eyes that flirt back and forth, and a lovely blonde mohair hairstyle that is swept back and terminates in a braid that is held with in a net. Her costume, that retains original tags, is a work of felt art, and includes such details as a hoop worn under the skirt, and a matching drawstring purse. There are scattered areas of moth issues that include a few pin holes, plus a minor loss upon her upper left temple.
All in all, this very hard to find model remains a jewel.

Doll measures: 20 1/2" overall.








Little Shaver

Complete with her original cloth tag denoting her as "Little Shaver" we are pleased to offer a mask face doll from Madame Alexander. Further details include hand painted facial features, plus a sweet costume that offers lace gauntlets, a detailed hat and a matching handbag.
In very good condition overall.

Measures: 10 1/2" overall.

Thank you, C.







1950s Madame Alexander "Wendy Ann" a bent-knee walker who is sweetly costumed as a ballerina. The costume is complete with its original tag.

Measures: 8" tall









We are pleased to offer a very nice example of EFFANBEE's beloved Patsy. Featuring composition in lovely condition save for a bit of minor crazing on the arms, the facial paint is excellent.
Patsy wears a sweet printed cotton dress with red stitchery upon the ribbed cotton collar and sleeves, and replacement shoes and socks.

Measures: 13 3/4" overall.

Thank you, J.







Uncut booklet of Davy and Dorothy paper dolls from the series “A Queen Holden cut-out doll with clothes to dress.” Published by the Whitman Co., U.S.A., 1933.
Davy measures 7” tall and Joan, 7-1/2” tall. Each doll has eight adorable detailed outfits.








This colorful souvenir doll from Norah Wellings features a velvet mask face with painted features, blonde mohair pigtails and charm galore. She wears a brilliant costume of velvet, printed crepe, muslin and felt. Note the tag sewn to the bottom of her left foot which reads "Made in England by Norah Wellings".
In good condition, overall showing normal wear and light soil.

Measures: 10-1/2" tall







Boxed Nancy Ann Storybook "Wednesday's Child" from the Dolls of the Day Series, with frozen legs. She wears her original dress and hair ribbon, and is complete with her gold wrist tag. Lovely condition.
Measures: 5-1/2”


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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