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Here is an unusual example of a Chinese Door of Hope Mission Doll – the "Mourner."
Standing twelve and one-half inches tall overall, he remains in very good condition and features a finely carved wood head and hands, carved and painted black eyes, and nicely detailed ears.
Dressed in a tan hemp coat, matching hat and slippers, he carries white floral blossoms in his right hand.








Lenci Mascotte

Surprise-eyed Lenci Mascotte in her original, very detailed, organdy and felt costume.
Details include a marvelous floral enhanced bonnet, an applied butterfly and she even retains her original cloth hang tag. She remains in very good condition overall.

Measures: 10 3/4" overall.

Thank you, K.







"Skookum" was designed by Mary McAboy of Missoula, Montana, and manufactured by various companies. This nine and one-half inch example retains his original wool blanket folded to simulate arms, wool felt trousers with fringe and suede boots with painted accents, while colorful beads encircle his neck.
In very good condition overall, he retains his headband and a marvelous black mohair wig.








Norah Wellings
Tiny Tot

Here's a charmer - a sweet and petite "Tiny Tot" from Norah Wellings. This small cloth doll, a souvenir type product, features a cloth body, a stockinette face with hand-painted features, and an adorable cotton dress and felt bonnet. Featuring two hang tags, she remain in very good condition.

Measures: 7 1/2" overall.

Thank you, K.







"Junior Miss"

20 1/2" very stylish "Junior Miss" from the EFFANBEE Company – "A Doll with GLAMOUR" reads her wrist tag. Details of this all original example who retains her rare original box (fair condition – losses and repairs), include composition in lovely condition, with light crazing and just one small area of lifting in the nostril area. The eyes are beautifully painted, as are the brows and mouth, while the wig of long auburn yarn is spectacular for its styling, and even retains the original navy blue bow.
Junior Miss on a cotton-stuffed cloth body with composition hands, wears a smashing lounging ensemble of red slacks, an off-white top with coordinating red and blue felt hearts, a blue sash, along with the original stockings and sandals.
A wonderful opportunity to regain your childhood doll!










Here is a dressing opportunity for the collector of composition dolls! This unusual black version of Scootles came to us sans clothing, so we thought we would offer him the way he arrived - in his birthday suit. From the Cameo Doll Co. circa 1925, Scootles was designed by Rose O'Neill of Kewpie fame.
Details here include a lovely paint finish with just very light wear on tips of fingers, toes and hair high points, plus beautiful painting to his facial features.
Might some vintage printed cotton be a good choice for this fellow's new outfit?

Measures: 11 1/2" overall.

Thank you, K.







Amazing personality can be achieved by the art of needle sculpting, evidenced by this pair of cloth dolls from the company of the artist Bernard Ravca. Stockinette was manipulated and then painted to create detailed faces. These dolls are clearly labeled "Made in France", which would date them between 1924 and 1939.
The detailed costumes denote the two as French peasants – her tag reads "Bourguignonne" and his reads "Picard". Accessories include a walking stick for him and she carries a strand of flax ready for spinning.
The overall condition of the two is quite good, with just fading to the fronts of both dolls.
Note that these dolls are shown on stands – something rarely seen on this site. The stands are impressed "Kimport Dolls" and are rarities in their own right.

She measures: 10-1/2" tall
He measures: 9-3/4" tall

$325.00 for the two.







Nancy Ann Storybook doll, “One Two Button My Shoe” from Fairy Tale Series,#123. Features longer black jacket.
In very good condition.








“Quaker” from the American Girl Series #55. She has jointed legs, molded socks and she wears a gray taffeta dress, organdy apron and hat.








Fairy Tale Series “He Loves Me” with jointed legs and molded socks. She wears a pink two-layered organdy dress with lace-trimmed pantalets.


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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