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Here is an unusual example of a Chinese Door of Hope Mission Doll – the "Priest" or Buddhist Monk.
Standing twelve inches tall overall, he remains in very good condition and features a finely carved wood head and hands (complete with nine carved "indents" upon his head under his cap), carved and painted black eyes, and nicely detailed ears.
Dressed in a tan hemp/linen outer coat, along with with a black cap, he also wears a blue cotton tunic and pants underneath.

Thank you,







Lenci - Lucia Face

Ahhhh...be still, heart. What is it about the magical dolls from the Lenci Company? This darling Lucia-face Girl features side glancing brown eyes, lovely features and a marvelous blonde mohair wig styled in braids. The overall condition of this creation is very good. She is of the era when a felt-like fabric was used in the making of the arms and legs, as opposed to wool felt, so she is virtually moth damage free.
Her printed cotton dress, which is decorated with wool flowers, is lovely and bright, and is worn over a stiffened organdy blouse. The doll retains her original underwear, stockings and shoes.
Great art in felt – that's what they are – those heart-wrenching Lenci dolls.

Measures: 14 1/4" overall.

Thank you,







7 1/2” pair of Norwegian dolls with pressed, painted felt faces from Ronnaug Petterssen, both in good condition and in all-original, beautifully constructed colorful costumes. Both costumes feature fine details such as excellent quality materials, and hand-embroidered accents.

$375.00 the pair







Lenci Mascotte

Surprise-eyed Lenci Mascotte in his original felt costume denoting him a chimney sweep, due to the metal tool and rope that he carries.
Details include a clean face and costume. Overall, this charming and quite unusual fellow remains in excellent condition.

Measures: 9 3/4" overall.

Thank you, J.







Wonderful folk art style cloth Kitty - great with your early one of a kinds, or rag dolls.

Measures: 5" tall, overall

Thank you, C.









"Skookum" was designed by Mary McAboy of Missoula, Montana, and manufactured by various companies. This seven-inch child example retains his original wool blanket folded to simulate arms, wool felt trousers with fringe and suede boots with painted accents, while colorful beads encircle his neck.
In very good condition overall, he retains his paper headband with feather and a marvelous black mohair wig.
A paper label upon the sole of his moccasin denotes him as the genuine article.









Lenci Mascotte

Wonderful for its sweet simplicity, is a Lenci Mascotte in her original organdy and felt costume featuring a soft palette and exquisite embroidery upon the apron and shawl. Note two Lenci tags are still present.
The condition is quite good, with just very light moth issues limited to the back of the skirt.

Measures: 10 1/4" overall.

Thank you, C.







Lenci Fashion Plate

Measuring sixteen inches tall overall, including her hat, this Lenci girl could not be more adorable. This version, which we believe is a model #80 with the #111 face, has the leggier body type, brown eyes with shadow, and features wefted mohair sewn directly to the head.
The very stylish ensemble consists of a short dress in organdy that is simply edged in aqua felt (showing tender areas) over which is worn a chic coat (distress to buttonhole stitching) with a scarf built in as part of the collar, plus a matching cap.
For an early Lenci example the condition is good, with just a bit of soil, and just a few moth issues visible on the back of the coat, and upon the cap.
A hard to find model in exceptional condition.

Doll alone measures: 14 1/2" tall.







Circa 1892, from the Arnold Print Works of North Adams, Massachusetts, here is a single version of "Mama Cat" from one of the desirable sets of Palmer Cox animals.
Stuffed with natural cotton, and in fair condition due to settling, assorted snags and weak areas, the charm of this piece is undeniable.

Measures: 13" overall.

Thank you, K.






Nancy Ann Storybook doll, “Over the Hills to Grandma’s House” from Fairy Tale Series,#114. Wearing solid green taffeta dress with green felt hat with florist’s ribbon. Features include moveable limbs, original booklet, red polka dot box, all in very good condition.


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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