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With love,
Shirley Temple

We do our best to acquire exceptional examples of the beloved Ideal Shirley Temple Doll, and we believe that this fantastic one is among them. This seventeen-inch model, still housed in her original, correctly labeled box, will be the shining "star" of some lucky collector's doll family.
Highlights include composition in very good condition with very minor crazing, magnificent coloring, the mohair wig in its original set, bright clear eyes, very full lashes (tiny flake on upper lid of right eye) and a crisp, tagged, pink fluted costume (minor foxing) complete with button! Her shoes and socks remain in excellent condition. Also included is a genuine Shirley Temple postcard, and a collectible photo of Shirley, too.
In a word...miraculous!

Thank you, L.








Here we have a Kamkins art doll of Atlantic City, New Jersey, this darling child, who stands just a hint over 18" tall, is complete with her heart-shaped paper label upon her cloth body.
Further details include a very nice paint finish that includes lightly blushed cheeks, blue-painted eyes, and a full mouth.
This example wears a darling, genuine Kamkins ensemble (light soil) that is comprised of a printed cotton dress in orange, yellow and white, complete with a matching cap. Vintage, brown, oilcloth shoes complete the presentation.

Please click here to view "Au Naturel"

Thank you, J.







Lenci Mascotte

9 1/2" all-original Italian felt Lenci Mascotte Boy featuring a very nicely painted face including pale blue eyes and beautifully blushed cheeks. He wears a wonderfully detailed felt costume that includes a wooden pipe in his mouth, plus, he retains his original wooden walking stick.
This miniature is in very good condition, complete with the original paper tag.

Thank you, A.








7 1/2” pair of Norwegian dolls with pressed, painted felt faces from Ronnaug Petterssen, both in good condition and in all-original, beautifully constructed colorful costumes. Both costumes feature fine details such as excellent quality materials, and hand-embroidered accents.

$375.00 the pair








13 1/4" brilliantly colorful cloth doll from the Georgene Averill line, this sweet example is, in a word - adorable. Highlights include a mask face with painted features, "blonde" yarn hair styled in long curls (and do not miss the exquisite braided hairband) dramatic eyelashes – all on a cloth body in good condition.
She wears very nicely detailed clothing and classic oilcloth shoes.

Thank you, L.







Uncut booklet of Davy and Dorothy paper dolls from the series “A Queen Holden cut-out doll with clothes to dress.” Published by the Whitman Co., U.S.A., 1933.
Davy measures 7” tall and Joan, 7-1/2” tall. Each doll has eight adorable detailed outfits.










"Skookum" was designed by Mary McAboy of Missoula, Montana, and manufactured by various companies. This seven-inch child example retains his original wool blanket folded to simulate arms, wool felt trousers with fringe and suede boots with painted accents, while colorful beads encircle his neck.
In very good condition overall, he retains his paper headband with feather and a marvelous black mohair wig.
A paper label upon the sole of his moccasin denotes him as the genuine article.









Lenci Fashion Plate

Measuring sixteen inches tall overall, including her hat, this Lenci girl could not be more adorable. This version, which we believe is a model #80 with the #111 face, has the leggier body type, brown eyes with shadow, and features wefted mohair sewn directly to the head.
The very stylish ensemble consists of a short dress in organdy that is simply edged in aqua felt (showing tender areas) over which is worn a chic coat (distress to buttonhole stitching) with a scarf built in as part of the collar, plus a matching cap.
For an early Lenci example the condition is good, with just a bit of soil, and just a few moth issues visible on the back of the coat, and upon the cap.
A hard to find model in exceptional condition.

Doll alone measures: 14 1/2" tall.







Vulnerability is expressed on the face of this early, marked "Germany", Half-doll example. With a tapered base in the manner of Dressel and Kister, color is key here; in the blush of her cheeks to the wonderful shade of red of her hairband to the yellow bows upon her braids. There are repairs to fingers on both hands.

Measures: 4-3/4" tall inc. metal flange.








Nancy Ann Storybook doll, “Over the Hills to Grandma’s House” from Fairy Tale Series,#114. Wearing solid green taffeta dress with green felt hat with florist’s ribbon. Features include moveable limbs, original booklet, red polka dot box, all in very good condition.


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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