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Lenci - Lucia Face

A lovely and interesting version of the Lucia face who stands seventeen inches tall overall, due to her towering hat, classic features include felt construction, and beautifully designed, bright clean clothes that have two tags affixed to them. One tag is a cloth label sewn in the underside of the skirt which reads "Lenci, Torino" while another tag is affixed in front. A third tag is attached to the doll's right hand and reads: "Bolzano Tirolo."
Further details include a gorgeous wig, brilliant, moth issue free clothing that includes a silk (tenderness and shattering) apron scattered with a border of colorful flowers, and note the hat was decorated with colorful flowers and feathers, as well.
A lovely Lenci at a very fair price.








Lucia Face

An all-original Italian felt Lenci Boy featuring the Lucia face with nicely detailed blue eyes and blushed cheeks. He wears a wonderfully detailed felt costume (that we believe denotes him as a guard of some sort) that includes an embroidered coat and detailed vest, plus a marvelous hat which is crowned with very colorful blossoms. He remains in very good condition overall.

Doll measures: 16" overall.








Lenci Mascotte

Surprise-eyed Lenci Mascotte in her original, very detailed, Italian regional costume.
Details include clean condition overall, a brilliant palette, hoop earrings, a glass bead necklace and leather shoes. She remains in excellent condition.

Measures: 9" overall.








Lenci - Lucia Face

We are pleased to offer this lovely Lucia-face Lenci, featuring nicely painted features including deep brown eyes and beautifully blushed cheeks. Her classic body type consists of a cloth torso, with joints at the shoulders and hips, and felt limbs, and she wears a wonderfully detailed and brilliant felt costume, which is not only in very good condition, but is also complete with the original paper and cloth tags.
The woven straw basket originally contained a felt creation of some sort, but it could be filled with twigs, or flowers. Note the intricate crewel-work rooster motif upon her skirt - charming.

Measures: 14 1/2" overall.









22-1/2" tall one-of-a-kind black cloth child, "Ella" is a singular creation who expresses wisdom and joy. Details include construction from black sateen, with a noble profile achieved by a center seam down her face, while further stitching achieves the look of smile lines.
In addition, Ella has a stitched floss mouth, nostrils, eyes and eyeliner, while a hint of ear was achieved by side seams in the head. Her large hands featured defined fingers and a thumb achieved by top-stitching, while her feet remain simple, but they do wear really fun olive green oilcloth shoes.
Ella's cranberry red wool dress is accented with off-white soutache, while a classic straw hat seems the perfect choice up top.
A nice piece of folk art, and as American as apple pie.

Please click here to view "Au Naturel"








Patsy Junior

Here we have a very nice example of EFFANBEE's beloved Patsy in an endearing smaller size - Patsy Jr. Featuring composition in lovely condition save for a bit of minor crazing on the arms, the facial paint is excellent.
Patsy wears a red and white polka dot cotton dress with a matching bonnet, plus original shoes and socks.

Measures: 13 3/8" overall.









Miss One of a Kind 1920


Isn't doll-life unfair? Some dolls were handed out very little beauty, and others, like the ravishing one shown here are the lucky ones! Features of this one of a kind cloth creation include a softly stuffed body with hinged arms and legs, stitched facial features including detailed eyes, a needle-sculpted nose, and stitched full lips and even upper teeth visible! A wooly wig is kept in place by a stylish crocheted hair net complete with chic tassel, and matching booties coordinate perfectly. The pale blue cotton dress features contrasting white trim at the sleeves and neck, while a sash pulls it all together – so to speak.
“It's beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart.”

Measures: 17-1/2" tall







Nancy Ann Storybook "Sunday's Child" from the Dolls of the Day Series, with frozen legs. She wears her original organdy gown with a felt hat, and is complete with her gold wrist tag, booklet and box. Lovely condition.
Measures: 5-1/2”







From the Fairy Tale Series “To Market, to Market to Buy a Fat Hen" with jointed legs, wearing a red cotton dress with apron and wearing an unusual hat. Very good condition.


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!
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