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Darling all original Lenci example featuring a wonderful expression, very plump cheeks, pale blue painted side-glancing eyes, and a blonde mohair wig. She wears a vibrant costume of black felt with colorful flowers, red-edged organdy apron and sleeves, matching organdy petticoat, wooden clogs and a straw bonnet. Her costume features a Lenci paper label with an ink notation "PF 342".
A super doll in pristine condition, overall.

Measures: 11 1/2" tall (13" overall)








Among the more unusual of the Lenci models, we are pleased to offer an adorable googly-eyed Child who remains in very good condition, overall. Details include lovely painting of lashes, brows and lips, brown glass eyes that are side-glancing, but stationery, and a lovely blonde mohair hairstyle of soft curls. Her costume, featuring a “plaid” skirt, red wool knitted pullover sweater and blue beret, is complete with beautifully made brown leather shoes. There are areas of minor moth issues that include a few pin holes.
All in all, this very hard to find model is a charmer.

Measures: 20 1/2” tall, overall









Chinese Door of Hope Mission Doll – the "Young Lady in Silk Garment" - circa 1930.
Standing eleven inches tall, she remains in very good condition and features a finely carved wood head and hands, carved and painted black eyes, and nicely detailed ears. Of special note is her carved bob hairstyle and note that she was given carved wood earrings as well.
Dressed in lavender silk brocade, details include lovely edging and frog closures in soft green - also she wears coordinating silk slippers.

Thank you,







Lenci - Lucia Face

We are very particular about the condition of the Lenci examples that we offer - this exquisite Lucia-face obviously made the cut. Here is an exquisite version of the classic model with features that include felt construction, plus beautifully painted features and a full blonde wig.
One of two tags present is a cloth label sewn on the underside of the skirt which reads "Lenci, Torino" while another tag is affixed to the right hand and reads "SPOSA dei dentorni di LUCCA TOSCANA".
Further details include brilliant, moth issue free clothing that includes a delicate organdy apron scattered with colorful flowers and note the straw hat was decorated with colorful flowers as well.
A truly magnificent Lenci surely destined for the advanced collector.

Measures: 15 1/2" overall.

Thank you, E.







Here is an unusual example of a Chinese Door of Hope Mission Doll – the "Mourner."
Standing twelve and one-half inches tall overall, he remains in very good condition and features a finely carved wood head and hands, carved and painted black eyes, and nicely detailed ears.
Dressed in a tan hemp coat with a belt, (loss to matching hat) and slippers, he carries white floral blossoms in his right hand.








Kathe Kruse Doll I

Kathe Kruse Doll I Boy with original paint in very good condition showing minor losses upon the beautifully painted brown hair at seams, and a few cheek rubs. Further details include nicely detailed brown eyes that are complete with delicate striations, all on a cloth body with wide hips.
Concerning his clothing, it is vintage, commercially constructed, and exquisitely styled and tailored, but we are not positive that it is Kruse. Regardless, the presentation of this very handsome example is outstanding.

17" tall overall








Lenci Mascotte

Surprise-eyed Lenci Mascotte in her original, very detailed felt costume depicting a lady of "Sicilia" as denoted by her tag.
Details include a brilliant palette, unusual felt hair, and a wooden crucifix. She remains in good condition overall, exhibiting some light soil and minor moth issues.

Measures: 9" overall.

Thank you,







What a lot of detail lavished on a petite example from the Lenci firm!
Details of this handsome Italian soldier, who dates from the early 1930s and stands ten inches tall overall, include a wonderful uniform of deep green felt (now faded to a lighter shade), leggings worn over his trousers, leather shoes and an amazing oilcloth hat with a cascade of iridescent feathers! He retains a painted wooden dagger worn in a scabbard found under his coat!
The condition is good due to the above mentioned fading and there is some spotting to his left cheek.








Uncut booklet of Jackie and Joan paper dolls from the series “A Queen Holden cut-out doll with clothes to dress.” Published by the Whitman Co., U.S.A., 1933.
Jackie measures 6-1/2” tall and Joan, 7-1/2” tall. Each doll has seven adorable detailed outfits.








Lenci 111

This Lenci Series 111 Toddler could not be more adorable. This version, which dates after 1926, has floppy style arms that are attached with tabs and features wefted curly mohair sewn directly to the head.
The very stylish costume shows brilliant color and mosaic accents.
For an early doll, the condition is quite good, with just a bit of soil, and very light moth issues are limited to the left patch pocket.
A hard to find model in exceptional condition.

Measures: 14 1/2" overall.









Here we have a very nice example of EFFANBEE's "Patsy Babyette." Featuring composition in lovely condition save for a bit of minor crazing on the arms. The facial paint is excellent, as are the blue sleep eyes and lashes, and the wig is full and luxurious.
Babyette wears a blue and white check cotton sun suit with a matching bonnet - adorable.

Measures: 9" long.








Nancy Ann Storybook Family Series “Bride” with frozen legs. She wears her original tulle-accented gown and veil, complete with gold wrist tag, booklet and box. Lovely condition.
Measures: 5-3/4”








Fairy Tale Series “Little Boy Blue Come Blow Your Horn” with jointed legs and wearing a satin outfit trimmed in spider web lace.


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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