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Here's a lovely Lenci model that we have not offered before, a statuesque child with an extremely beautiful serene expression. Details include a beautifully modeled face with side-glancing pale blue painted eyes, feathered brows and a blonde mohair wig.
Her simple dress of white organdy features a bit of lace at the hem line, a pair of felt heart-shaped appliques with colorful floral decoration, and a two-tone ribbon tie around her neck. A matching wool tam, plus coordinating felt slippers complete the presentation.
The condition here is good, exhibiting light soil, and just a bit of moth activity - a pin hole under the chin, and a few more on the side of the neck.

Measures: 24 1/2" tall








Very handsome Martha Chase Boy, with sweet details such as heavily brush-stroked dark blond painted hair and brows in near mint condition, plus a beautifully painted face with gray eyes, delicate upper lashes and rosy cheeks.
His cloth body, which is in excellent condition, does bear a Chase stamp upon his left upper leg, as well as the paper label sewn onto his back.
Master Chase is presented sans clothing as his condition is so beautiful. Perhaps you could find him just the right suit of clothing?

Measures: 16" 1/4 tall.

HOLD for L.






The Lenci 300 Series "Sweater Boy” has always been a favorite of ours, and this particular cutie is no exception. With dreamy brown eyes and a mop of wavy, light-brown hair, he will steal your heart, too. The overall condition of this lovely felt creation is very good, with excellent paint, although there is very slight fading, some shelf dust and scattered foxing. Moth issues can plague Lenci examples, but this one has largely escaped that, with just a tiny bit found on the back, underside, of his tan felt short pants. Otherwise, his clothes are obviously wonderful, including his colorful striped socks and handsome leather shoes..
Great art in felt – that's what they are – those heart-wrenching Lenci dolls.

Measures: 17 1/2” tall








We are pleased to offer a pair of the most sought after of the Chinese Door of Hope Mission Dolls – the Bride and her Groom, who date post 1912.
The bride stand nearly twelve inches tall, and remains in very good condition. She boasts a finely carved wood head and hands, carved and painted black eyes, and nicely detailed ears. Of special note is her carved hair which features a black-painted coiled bun in back, surrounded with finely carved flowers. Dressed in brilliant red silk, details include lovely embroidered flowers and fine golden trimmings. The elaborate headdress is beautifully beaded, she carries a red handkerchief in her right hand, and she wears coordinating red silk slippers.
Her handsome groom stands twelve and one-quarter inches tall overall, and also bears wonderful carved wood components. His silken costume features an embroidered panel front and back, plus frog closures to the front of his coat. A Kimport tag can be found sewn inside the back panel of the coat.
The costume does exhibit some fading, but happily it is complete with the original cap.
A new collector of Door of Hope Dolls can wisely start here with the bride and groom, and then add to the family slowly over time.

Thank you, M.







Lenci 300 Series
Scottish Boy

The Lenci firm is responsible for some of the most darling felt dolls ever created, and we believe this example is one of them. This young laddie, a native of Scotland, is one of the highly sought after 300 series dolls. Details include very nice painting to lips, brown eyes, lashes and brows, and his light brown hair (mohair) remains in a full, beautiful state. He is complete with a heavy card Lenci label sewn under his kilt that offers a patent date of 1921.
The intricate Highland dress costume is wonderfully detailed, and is complete with his sporran, plaid (shawl) and tam.
The overall condition of this rare to find Lenci model is quite exceptional.

Measures: 18 1/2" overall.

Thank you, A.







Here is a marvelous example of a Chinese Door of Hope Mission Doll – the "Table Boy" - a household servant.
Standing twelve inches tall overall, he remains in very good condition and features a finely carved wood head and hands, carved and painted black eyes, and nicely detailed ears.
Dressed in blue cotton, with a beautifully detailed black wool vest, he also wears silk leggings, a black cap with a red knot, and coordinating silk slippers.








Baby Dimples

Can you imagine the joy of waking up on Christmas morning to find this beautiful doll waiting for you under the tree? Such was the experience for one lucky girl many years ago. Here we offer a magnificent 22" long Baby Dimples, from the Horsman Doll Company - a composition baby with a matte finish that remains in excellent condition, both on the head and the limbs. The facial features bear beautiful paint, and the caramel brown sleeping eyes are brilliant. The dress and bonnet of peach dotted swiss remain in very good condition (minor scattered pinholes) and feature the original tag. The oil cloth shoes and socks remain in excellent condition as well.
There is a bit of residue upon the stuffed cotton body, most likely remnants from the doll's "plastic pants" - but otherwise, there are no apologies here, for this very sweet baby doll.

Thank you, M.







Lenci Mascotte

Surprise-eyed Lenci Mascotte in her original, very detailed, organdy and felt costume.
Details include a marvelous palette, unusual felt hair, and she even retains two original Lenci tags. She remains in good condition overall, but exhibiting some yellowing to organdy components.

Measures: 9 3/4" overall.

Thank you, V.







14 1/2" Lenci, a very special, rarely found model featuring the Lucia face, but representing a boy about whose intended heritage we can only guess, but we believe he is wearing a South American folk costume. Details include side glancing brown eyes, lovely facial features upon an ethnic skin tone and a black mohair wig styled in a boy's cut.
This example is virtually free of moth issues, while the costume is an artistic masterpiece, retains the original stockings and shoes, and is complete with the original wooden accessory -- a carved walking stick with a forked end.
In excellent condition overall, and complete with the original cloth and paper tags.

Thank you, Z.







Lenci - Lucia Face

This lovely Lenci "Rita" also known as the Lucia-face, remains in pristine condition. Details of this marvelous example include a beautifully painted pressed felt face with the palest blue side-glancing eyes, lovely blonde curls, and a clean, disc-jointed body of a flannel-like cloth material.
She wears a marvelous jumper of black and white checked organdy with scalloped flannel at the hem, all worn over a starched blouse. She is complete with a paper tag, and a partial black cloth one.

Measures: 14 1/2" overall.








"Betty Jane"
American Children Portrait Doll

We are pleased to offer "Betty Jane," one of the dolls designed by Dewees Cochran for the Effanbee Doll Company in 1936. Dolls from this series are referred to as "America's Children" dolls.
Details of this lovely composition example include a sweet face with hand painted facial features, a full human hair wig in a rich shade, and a five-piece composition body (marked EFFANBEE ANNE SHIRLEY on reverse of torso). The paint finishes throughout remain in excellent condition.
Betty Jane wears a simple dress of ribbed cotton, plus stockings and leather shoes. She retains a hang tag on her right wrist.

Measures: 20" overall.

Thank you,







This colorful souvenir doll from Norah Wellings features a velvet mask face with painted features, blonde mohair pigtails and charm galore. She wears a brilliant folk costume of velvet, muslin and felt.
In good condition, overall showing light moth issues, normal wear and light soil.

Measures: 11-1/2" tall








Boxed Nancy Ann Storybook "Friday's Child" from the Dolls of the Day Series, with frozen legs. She wears her original floral print dress and hair ribbon, and is complete with her "present" still tied to her wrist, as Friday's child is "loving and giving." Lovely condition.
Measures: 5-1/2”







Nancy Ann Storybook Doll Southern Bellefrom the American Girl Series #57. She has jointed legs with molded socks and is wearing a yellow taffeta floral print dress, with a separate cotton slip and a large woven picture hat.


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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