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Kammer & Reinhardt 101

13 1/2" Kammer & Reinhardt, character mold #101 "Marie" with pale blue intaglio eyes, an adorable, slightly pouty expression, a nice replacement mohair wig in a classic style, and a very beautiful ball jointed composition body showing normal wear.
Marie wears a very sweet printed cotton play dress, over which is worn a classic white cotton apron, creating a super character look overall.
Cabinet-sized and cabinet ready!

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Thank you, B.







Gebruder Heubach 7759

What could be cuter than a chubby little boy in a winter costume? We have seen this classic mold from Gebruder Heubach, a 7759, as a baby, a toddler, and a child - this fellow is the toddler model - and he is too cute for words. Further details of this 10-1/2" tall, fully marked example include a perfect solid dome head with molded and painted hair, blue intaglio eyes, a marvelous and quite detailed closed mouth, and a double chin.
On a jointed composition five-piece body, this fellow wears a darling woolen suit (reminiscent of the Bayern) and artist-made shoes. A great character in a great size - a win-win!

Thank you, C.







J. D. Kestner 211

Believe it or not, J. D. Kestner character babies are among our most favorite dolls - this 211 mold is certainly no exception. Details here include a perfect bisque head with exquisite coloring and painting, blue glass sleep eyes, and the original mohair wig in a luscious shade.
On a jointed composition baby body that remains in near-perfect condition, we are offering this baby sans clothing due to his overall great condition.
This aspect makes him a perfect candidate to be displayed in a tin tub, or in other creative ways - his body is just too beautiful to cover up!

Measures: 12 1/2" long









Heubach Köppelsdorf

An especially adorable Heubach Köppelsdorf character Baby marked 339•5/0 featuring a perfect bisque solid-dome head with exquisite coloring and painting, unusual brown glass sleep-eyes, and a closed mouth.
On a cotton-stuffed cloth body that is fitted with celluloid hands, baby wears a fabulous cream silk velvet gown that is decorated with lace and ice blue ribbons, plus a fantastic lined cape, and a matching baby cap.

Measures: 13" long

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Kammer & Reinhardt 100
"Kaiser Baby"

19" (head impressed 59) long Kammer & Reinhardt 100 character baby known as the "Kaiser Baby."
Fine details include a perfect bisque head and fresh out of the mold character modeling that features an open/closed mouth, molded and painted hair, and blue painted intaglio eyes.
On the proper K*R bent limb baby body which retains the original paint finish in good condition showing scattered refreshed paint, this fellow wears a delightful christening gown with amazing details, plus a lovely baby bonnet as well.
In our opinions, this particular doll represents an exceptionally nice example.

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J. D. Kestner 257
Character Baby

Delightful J. D. Kestner character Baby boy marked JDK 257 - featuring a perfect bisque head with nice coloring and painting, incredibly rare brown flirting eyes that also sleep, an open mouth that reveals a molded tongue, two upper teeth, and wearing his wonderful original blond mohair wig.
On a jointed, composition, bent-limb body with the original paint finish showing normal wear, baby wears a darling knitted three-piece suit that includes a cap complete with a tassel.
A marvelous, all original example of Kestner quality.

Measures: 14 1/2" long

Thank you, C.








Baby Peggy
Louis Amberg & Company

In the past, we have offered the always-adorable "Baby Peggy" Montgomery, the silent film actress, as a swivel head model on a composition body, so this shoulderhead version of the child star doll we find to be a bit unusual.
The perfect bisque shoulderhead is marked “1924 Germany, L A & S-N-Y” features a very expressive face and was manufactured for the firm of Louis Amberg & Son. Additional features include dark brown glass sleep-eyes that are highlighted by feathered brows, and a full brunette human hair wig styled in a classic bob.
On a pink-tinted gusseted leather body that remains in good condition overall, it is fitted with jointed composition arms. Baby Peggy wears a darling white cotton dress with lace and cutwork accents, while pink silk ribbons add just a touch of color. Vintage shoes and a darling lace cap complete the look.
Baby Peggy stands 18-1/2" tall.

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Dream Baby

It is not too terribly often that attic finds turn up these days, but that is the case with this sweet Armand Marseille Dream Baby who is marked AM Germany 34114. Further details include a perfect bisque solid-dome head with a flange neck, lovely coloring and painting, and blue glass sleep eyes.
On a cotton-stuffed cloth body that is fitted with composition arms (crazing) baby wears his original cotton gown that is decorated with blue embroidery, plus a fantastic baby cap of lace over brilliant blue silk.

Measures: 19" long

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22" Toddler by Kley & Hahn, mold 167 with incised mark, and K&H Germany. On a jointed toddler body, this little sweetheart has brown sleep eyes, an open/closed mouth and a beyond adorable expression. Her full mohair wig is original, as are her dress, pinafore and underclothing.
Circa 1912.








22" Character Baby from the Kley & Hahn firm, impressed K & H Germany 568-12. Details of this fine fellow include a perfect bisque socket head, an open/closed mouth with a molded tongue and two upper molded teeth, blue glass eyes that are now set, nicely modeled pronounced ears and molded and brush-stroked hair.
His composition, bent-limb baby body does have the original paint finish, although there are scattered repairs, including fingers on both hands.
The very nice antique baby clothing he wears may help explain his gleeful expression – especially nice is the crocheted cap which keeps him snug!
Oh yes – almost forgot, a voicebox in his torso allows him to say his very first word – "wah"!

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Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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