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Kammer & Reinhardt 114

22" Kammer & Reinhardt 114 Hans and what a handsome fellow he is! Details of this classic German character mold include a perfect bisque head (typical wig pulls in back) with super coloring, early out of the mold modeling that shows a dimpled chin and very pouty lips, the more unusual brown painted eyes, and a darling antique mohair wig.
On a jointed composition body that remains in good condition showing normal wear, Hans is ready for a day shopping in town in his plaid wool suit suit and matching cap.
A marvelous, classic German character in a very appealing size.

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Käthe Kruse Doll I

Created between the years 1910-1929, and remaining in what appears could be an all-original presentation, this wonderful seventeen-inch example of a Käthe Kruse Doll I (marked on foot) features a molded, hand-painted muslin head with a lovely, albeit desirable solemn expression. Further details include blue painted eyes, blonde painted hair, and nicely blushed cheeks.
The condition of the paint is good, with some normal wear.
The wide-hip body is in very nice condition, and has remained quite clean since his birth.
The costume consists of natural linen trousers/overalls worn over a black cotton shirt. Wooden clogs complete his presentation.

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Thank you, R.







JDK Character Baby

We have never seen a Kestner baby that we did not love, and did you know that now is a wonderful time to buy them, as they are quite affordable? This sweet little fellow is certainly no exception.
Details include a perfect bisque solid dome head with molded and painted hair, blue sleep eyes (wax is slightly worn,) an open mouth with two lower teeth visible, all on the proper bent-limb baby body with the original paint finish in exceptionally good condition, but showing normal wear.
A sweet white cotton baby dress with cutwork accents, along with a delightful wool sweater and matching bonnet add even more value to this already fairly priced antique doll.

Measures: 14" long

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Kley & Hahn 141

Twenty inches of classic character doll beauty is this Kley & Hahn 141-7. Fine details of this painted-eye beauty include a perfect bisque head with lovely tone, super modeling and fine painting of the facial features including the open/closed mouth with its tongue tip. The human hair wig is worth special mention as it is a wonderful color and beautifully styled in twin braids.
On a jointed composition body with the original paint finish in very good condition, she is beautifully costumed in classic mariner style
attire that is comprised of a sailor dress and tam in lightweight denim with red trimmings – very smart!
Antique shoes and stockings complete the look, which we believe is magnificent.

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Thank you, A.







Simon & Halbig 1249

36" Simon & Halbig 1249 - a mold known to collectors as "Santa." Fine features here include a perfect bisque head impressed "Simon & Halbig 1249 DEP Germany 16" lovely coloring and painting, blue glass sleep-eyes (re-waxed), an open mouth with teeth, pierced ears, and a gorgeous, antique, blonde mohair wig.
Santa's wood and composition fully-jointed body retains its original paint finish in good condition, save for some re-gluing to the right upper arm. She wears a darling cotton dress (palest blue faded to mostly white) with delicate tucking, lace inserts and silk ribbon accents. Completing the look are antique underthings, socks and light brown leather shoes.
Truly one of the nicest (and largest) examples of this classic mold that we have handled.

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Kammer & Reinhardt 115/A

13" Kammer & Reinhardt 115A character toddler girl with a perfect bisque head, superb coloring and painting, blue glass sleep-eyes and a darling human hair wig - all on an adorable jointed toddler body showing normal wear to the original finish.
"Phyllis" (we usually see this model as a boy named Phillip) wears a darling original dress in blue polished cotton with abundant lace trim. Vintage shoes complete the look, which could not be more adorable.

Thank you, S.







J.D. Kestner

26-1/2" classic German closed-mouth Child by J.D. Kestner, mold #128. Features include perfect, luminous bisque, extremely expressive bright blue sleep-eyes, a lovely, full blond mohair wig, and a deeply dimpled chin. On a fully-jointed wood and composition body, it retains a lovely finish, with just a bit of refreshing to the lower legs, and a repair to one finger.
This marvelous doll absolutely "glows" in her very pretty dress of cream and navy silk, with its abundant eyelet details, and silk-covered buttons, while her face is softly framed by her shirred tulle bonnet. Antique tan leather shoes and lace-trimmed under clothing complete her very stylish presentation.
A truly comprehensive doll collection demands some classic examples, what better place to begin?

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Handwerck 99 DEP

20" German child featuring a perfect bisque socket head marked 11 99 2-1/2 DEP Handwerck.
Additional features include gorgeous coloring, an open mouth with teeth, big brown glass sleep-eyes with lashes, pierced ears and a fantastic original wig in blonde mohair.
The jointed composition body remains in very good condition - complete with the original paint finish showing normal wear.
This classic cutie also wears her original dress, a white cotton frock that is exquisite for its fine design, workmanship, and lace accents. The marvelous presentation is highlighted by lovely antique underthings and pink oilcloth shoes.








American School Boy

One of our all time favorite German character children is the American School Boy, and this shoulderhead model most likely heralds from the Goebel firm. Further details include gorgeous perfect bisque and lovely painting, deep brown glass eyes, and truly exquisite molded hair.
On a leather body fitted with bisque arms, our A+ student is smartly dressed in a wonderful black velvet suit with a classic tie, all worn over a beautifully-made white cotton shirt.
A handsome fellow, and a charmer, to be sure.

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Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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