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Carl Bergner

This toy is a sheer delight, and must have caused quite a sensation when it originally appeared on the market place. What we have here is a multi-face German child from Carl Bergner, circa 1890-1900, featuring a high-quality bisque head that turns on an axis to reveal three separate facial expressions.
One face features a sleeping, peaceful child with molded closed eyelids, another features a happy, smiling child with an open/closed mouth and brown glass eyes, and finally, we have an unhappy crying child face that features brown glass eyes, a down turned open/closed mouth with a molded tongue, and molded tears upon each cheek featuring a bit of glaze so they glisten realistically.
The body is of stuffed cotton that is fitted with wood and composition limbs, while the head is encased by an attached molded composition hood/bonnet that is edged in lace.
She wears a simple white cotton christening gown, and a cream challis wool cape with a silk ribbon edging, and a bit of fancy stitching present.

Measures: 15" tall overall








Simon & Halbig 1159

A product of Simon & Halbig and marked “1159 DEP 6 Germany” this stylish Gibson Girl is dressed to the tens! Stunning features of this eighteen and one-quarter inch doll include a perfect bisque head, striking blue/green glass sleep-eyes with the remaining original lashes, lovely coloring, an open mouth with teeth, pierced ears and a magnificent auburn Gibson-girl styled wig.
On a jointed composition lady body from the Jumeau firm, details include molded breasts, and slim arms and legs – all with the original paint finish in very good condition.
Madame wears a fabulous dress in dusty pink silk satin and dove gray silk organdy, which is enhanced with metallic lace, plus cream lace and colorful ribbon flower decoration - and the beading present on this gown is simply spectacular. Her classic hairstyle is elegantly enhanced with enameled beads and a simple plume.
This amazing Simon & Halbig lady is the definition of understated elegance.

Measures: 21" overall, including plume

Please click here to view "au naturel"

Thank you, C.






Kammer & Reinhardt 115/A

It has been far too long since we have offered an especially wonderful, larger example, of the Kammer & Reinhardt 115/A - Phillip.
Details of this nineteen-inch toddler include a perfect bisque head that is free of wig pulls, early out of the mold modeling, superb coloring and painting, blue glass sleep-eyes and the original blond mohair wig.
On an adorable jointed toddler body showing normal wear to the original finish (loss to one finger tip), Phillip wear a fabulous, wool and cotton mariner ensemble that includes an antique sailor tam. Antique socks and shoes complete the look, which could not be more sublime.

Please click here to view "au naturel"

Thank you, C.







13" 1/2 German character Toddler from Heubach Köppelsdorf, marked 418•3/0•DRGM, features include a lovely bisque head with cold painted features, brown glass sleep-eyes, and pierced ears with brass hoop earrings.
On a five-piece body with the original paint finish in good condition, he wears a wonderful printed cotton outfit. His big smile is infectious!

Please click here to view "au naturel"








Armand Marseille 971

Darling German character Baby marked A 2 M 971 - features include a perfect bisque head with soft coloring and painting, brown glass sleep-eyes, an open mouth with two upper teeth (minor flake to one), and wearing the original mohair wig in blonde.
On a jointed, composition, bent-limb baby body with the original paint finish in good condition showing normal wear, baby wears a simple christening gown, a cotton underslip, diaper, pink woolen booties and German character babies are at a very attractive price point at the moment - be sure to take advantage of the situation!

Measures: 13 1/2" long

Please click here to view "au naturel"

Thank you, R.







Sister and Brother Pair

Even though these two dolls are not technically "related," someone took the care to dress them in somewhat matching outfits, so we decided to keep them together. The boy is an 11" product from an unknown maker, but with a perfect bisque head, blue paperweight eyes, an open mouth with teeth and his original mohair wig, all on a jointed composition child body of very good quality.
His sister is 10" in height and hails from the Kestner company, a mold number 155. Details include a perfect bisque head with blue glass sleep eyes, an open mouth with square teeth, and her original blonde mohair wig still attached to her plaster pate. On a five-piece body that wears molded shoes and socks, she is beautifully costumed in a mariner style ensemble of challis wool with red decorative accents. Her brother wears a coordinating costume from the same materials.
A super pair at a very fair price point.

Thank you, C.







Kammer & Reinhardt 117
Mein Liebling

30" Kämmer & Reinhardt 117, a classic character known as "Mein Liebling" and can't you see why? Details include a pretty and perfect bisque head of the highest quality with early out of the mold features, brown glass sleep-eyes that appear to be slightly side-glancing, wonderful full pouty lips, and her original blonde mohair wig that is just gorgeous.
On a fully-jointed composition body with its original paint finish in very good, (hands appear to have an old re-paint) this sweetheart wears an exquisite cotton dress with abundant tucking and lace insertion, and a nice pair of antique leather shoes.
If your collection is looking for a little love – isn't this Mein Liebling the perfect doll for you?

Please click here to view "au naturel"

Thank you, T.







Simon & Halbig 1079
For the French Market

It isn't every day that we are able to offer a deluxe all original doll, but we are thrilled to present this one. Here we have a twenty-three and one-half inch Simon & Halbig 1079 that was originall costumed to be offered for the French market. Fine details include a perfect bisque head with very nice coloring, blue glass eyes with the original lashes intact, an open mouth with teeth and pierced ears. Her fantastic extended length wig is so full and lovely, that it deserves special mention.
On a wood and composition body that bears the original paint finish in what we believe to be excellent condition (we have not undressed this doll due to her originality) she wears a spectacular cutwork dress in cotton, her original white leather gloves, plus her original underthings, shoes and stockings.
Such a lovely doll....

Thank you, L.







Gebruder Kuhnlenz Bru

If you're wondering why this "Bru" is here on the German doll pages, congratulations, you have a very good eye. What we have here is the German version of a classic Bru Jeune - from Gebruder Kuhnlenz.
Details include a poured bisque head marked G. K. 34.26, but it is not a perfect head as there is a hairline (stabilized) in back from the crown rim to the neck socket. Further details blue paperweight eyes, pierced ears, the original blonde mohair wig, all on a marvelous early jointed body with straight wrists and the original paint finish.
Costumed a la Français, the dress is a masterpiece in dove gray satin and lace, and is complete with a matching bonnet. Well crafted reproduction Bru shoes are a very nice touch.

Measures: 15" tall

Thank you, C.







Simon & Halbig 1009

Admittedly, the 1009 mold from the Simon & Halbig firm is not the most difficult to come by of the company's models, but in front of you here is a pretty fantastic example of her kind! Further details include a pretty and perfect bisque shoulderhead with beautiful coloring and painting, deep brown set eyes (left one has a hairline), an open mouth with teeth, and a gorgeous human hair wig that retains the original bows.
On a gusseted leather body that remains in very nice, clean condition, it is fitted with perfect bisque forearms. What is most remarkable about this German child, is the fact that she retains her original, factory-created presentation of printed cotton over a stiffened gauze. It is accented by spring green silk loop fringe, velvet ribbon and silk covered buttons. A matching, wired hat and antique shoes are very nice bonuses, indeed.

Measures: 21" tall, 22" overall to top of the hat.

Please click here to view details "au naturel"








Heubach Köppelsdorf

Adorable Heubach Köppelsdorf character Baby marked 321•2/0 featuring a perfect bisque head with exquisite coloring and painting, pierced nostrils, blue sleep-eyes, an open mouth that features two upper teeth, and wearing a darling antique mohair wig in dark blonde.
On a jointed, composition, bent-limb baby body with the original paint finish in very good condition, baby wears marvelous white cotton antique clothes, plus a woolen underslip, a crochet cap and a variegated cape.

Measures: 15-1/2" long, and 11" high (seated)

Please click here to view details "au naturel"


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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