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Simon & Halbig 1079
For the French Market

It isn't every day that we are able to offer a deluxe all original doll, but we are thrilled to present this one. Here we have a twenty-three and one-half inch Simon & Halbig 1079 that was originall costumed to be offered for the French market. Fine details include a perfect bisque head with very nice coloring, blue glass eyes with the original lashes intact, an open mouth with teeth and pierced ears. Her fantastic extended length wig is so full and lovely, that it deserves special mention.
On a wood and composition body that bears the original paint finish in what we believe to be excellent condition (we have not undressed this doll due to her originality) she wears a spectacular cutwork dress in cotton, her original white leather gloves, plus her original underthings, shoes and stockings.
Such a lovely doll....








Kammer & Reinhardt 107

Dolls from Kammer & Reinhardt's character children series remain among the most sought-after examples for today's collector. The 107 mold known as "Karl" is one such model, and he is quite the elusive one, at that. We are pleased to offer an exceptional 12" example with details that include early out of the mold deep modeling, a perfect bisque head with the normal to find "wig pulls," blue painted eyes, a wonderfully modeled pouty mouth and a marvelous light brown mohair wig.
On a jointed composition body that bears the original paint finish in excellent condition, Karl is dressed for chilly weather in linen knickers, a knitted sweater and matching cap, plus antique leather shoes.
Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails, that's what this little boy is made of.

Please click here to view "au naturel"

Thank you,







J.D. Kestner 168

22" German child from the J. D. Kestner firm featuring a perfect bisque head (marked E 168.9) with lovely coloring and painting, an open mouth with molded square teeth, blue glass sleep-eyes and a fabulous original blonde mohair wig.
On a fully-jointed composition body with the original paint finish in very good condition (one finger as found), she wears a stylish dress in gorgeous silk with lace accents, while antique shoes finish the look.

Please click here to view details "au naturel"

Thank you,







Kammer & Reinhardt 126
"Mein Liebling"

19" Kammer & Reinhardt 126 "Mein Liebling" - a very nice toddler model with details that include include perfect bisque with lovely coloring and painting, blue glass sleep-eyes, an open mouth with teeth and a wobble tongue, and an antique deep blonde wig.
The fully jointed composition body bears the original paint finish in good condition, (repairs to fingers on right hand) and he wears a darling mariner ensemble in blue and white, complete with a matching tam - adorable.

Please click here to view "au naturel"








J. D. Kestner Kewpie Googly

13-1/2" Kewpie Googly from the J. D. Kestner firm (marked O'Neill JDK 12) who is so much more than a doll – check out her trousseau! This darling child has dresses for days – ok, make that well over a week, and all adorable. But first, more about her – she's got a perfect bisque head with a perfect top-knot, great painting, side-glancing brown glass eyes, and don't miss that w-i-i-i-de smile!
Her classic chubby Kewpie body in composition is too cute for words and it has a very nice paint finish, too. There is a guaranteed load of fun that comes along with this doll and wardrobe – even a bisque Kewpie doll of her very own.
Don't miss out on a truly fabulous package!

Thank you, E.







Simon & Halbig 1129

8 1/4" (10 5/8" overall) extremely rare to find Simon & Halbig 1128 Japanese Lady in a marvelous petite size, details here include a perfect bisque head, black pupil-less eyes in ethnically shaped eyecuts with dramatic brows, an open mouth with square teeth, and her original black mohair wig.
On a five-piece composition body that appears to be in excellent condition, she wears an exquisite costume in jewel-tone silks that feature embroidered detail, plus fine metallic trimmings as well.
A jewel of a doll, and a rare one, too!

Thank you, D.







Simon & Halbig 1009

Admittedly, the 1009 mold from the Simon & Halbig firm is not the most difficult to come by of the company's models, but in front of you here is a pretty fantastic example of her kind! Further details include a pretty and perfect bisque shoulderhead with beautiful coloring and painting, deep brown set eyes (left one has a hairline), an open mouth with teeth, and a gorgeous human hair wig that retains the original bows.
On a gusseted leather body that remains in very nice, clean condition, it is fitted with perfect bisque forearms. What is most remarkable about this German child, is the fact that she retains her original, factory-created presentation of printed cotton over a stiffened gauze. It is accented by spring green silk loop fringe, velvet ribbon and silk covered buttons. A matching, wired hat and antique shoes are very nice bonuses, indeed.

Measures: 21" tall, 22" overall to top of the hat.

Please click here to view details "au naturel"








Heubach Köppelsdorf

Adorable Heubach Köppelsdorf character Baby marked 321•2/0 featuring a perfect bisque head with exquisite coloring and painting, pierced nostrils, blue sleep-eyes, an open mouth that features two upper teeth, and wearing a darling antique mohair wig in dark blonde.
On a jointed, composition, bent-limb baby body with the original paint finish in very good condition, baby wears marvelous white cotton antique clothes, plus a woolen underslip, a crochet cap and a variegated cape.

Measures: 15-1/2" long, and 11" high (seated)

Please click here to view details "au naturel"








Bye-Lo Baby

It is always a treat to offer a sweet Bye-Lo Baby, and they are somehow just so delightful in this small size. Details of this classic eleven inch long example include a perfect bisque head (10-1/4" head circumference) with lovely coloring, fresh out of the mold modeling and brown sleep-eyes.
On the classic cloth "froggy body," this one is very clean and it retains the proper celluloid hands in perfect condition. Baby is dressed in a cotton diaper, and what appears to be a commercial cotton baby dress, over which is worn a marvelous wool sweater, plus there is a pretty bonnet in the mix.
What could be cuter?

Please click here to view details "au naturel"


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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