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Emile Jumeau Bébé 9

20-1/2" Emile Jumeau bebe marked DEPOSE E9J, with a gorgeous perfect bisque head, lovely painting, mesmerizing blue paperweight eyes, applied pierced ears, a full and lovely antique ash blonde mohair wig – all on the early, eight ball jointed straight-wrist body, with the original paint finish.
Wearing a spectacular cream satin and dusty pink silk velvet bebe ensemble, lace accents and lovely silken rope decoration echo those classic creations from Madame Ernestine Jumeau.
Antique French leather shoes and a painted straw hat with floral accents complete her striking presentation.
This bebe just sparkles!

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Bébé Steiner A

Certainly one of the fairest of them all, is this twenty-four and one-half inch Bebe Steiner whose perfect bisque head is impressed J. STEINER PARIS Fre.
A 17 - she is a vision of loveliness.
Additional features include a peaches and cream bisque tone, mesmerizing blue paperweight eyes highlighted by delicate lashes and brows, pierced ears with wonderful pink opaline earrings, plus a sweet blonde mohair wig styled in soft curls.
On a jointed composition body with the original finish in excellent condition, it is fitted with a voice box (inoperable) that retains its strings.
The cream and tan silk lattice-patterned costume is exquisite for its classic cut and fit, plus the matching bonnet with its feather accents is delightful. A very pretty package, and everything that one could want in a classic Steiner A.

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Bébé Gigoteur

We love the charm of this twenty-two and one-half inch Steiner Gigoteur – a magical combination of mechanical marvel and beauty.
For those of you not familiar with the models sometimes referred to as "crying – kicking Steiners," these dolls were originally designed to portray agitated infants. When the internal mechanism is wound and while lying on its back, the doll cries, while moving its arms, legs and head in a realistic manner. When lifted, the arms, legs and head continue to move, but the bebe changes its cry to a definite "Mama" and "Papa" – a feature that was surely nothing short of magic to a nineteenth-century child!
The doll boasts a perfect bisque solid dome head, an especially wonderful expression complete with an open mouth and two rows of teeth (possible loss to a baby tooth on the lower left), pretty blue paperweight eyes, and a very charming mohair wig.
Featuring a body in clean condition with composition limbs, it is complete with a Paris retailer's paper label on the torso. The nails are realistically painted on the fingers and toes - sometimes an indication that the doll was made for Au Nain Bleu.
The doll's original presentation includes a lovely dotted swiss baby dress with lace insertion and additional lace accents, a woolen under-dress and a coordinating lace bonnet.
Featuring a mechanism in good working order, this bebe is a truly great example of Steiner ingenuity combined with sheer beauty.

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S.F.B.J. 129

Probably made from a Jumeau mold by the Simon & Halbig firm, this sweet child is more S.F.B.J. than German, so we have happily included her here with the other French girls.
Standing twenty inches tall, details include a perfect poured bisque head bearing the mold number 129, plus size 9,
blue glass set eyes with abundant, original lashes. molded brows, an open mouth with teeth, pierced ears and a darling antique blonde mohair wig styled in soft curls.
On a French, S.F.B.J. era wood and composition body, the paint finish is in good condition overall, showing scattered touch-up, and the hands have been repainted, a common occurrence due to the flaking of paint on molded hands of this era.
This bebe's costume is a sweet dream! Printed cotton featuring cherry blossoms on a blue ground was married with a delightful pink belt and collar for a super look. An antique hat accented with paper roses, and antique pink cotton shoes tie the look together beautifully.

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SFBJ 236

It's difficult to look at this SFBJ 236 Toddler and not soon find a smile creeping across your face. He certainly is a happy fellow and at twenty-one inches tall, he's a delightful, smaller addition to your character doll cabinet. He has very nice dewy bisque, blue sleep-eyes, an especially nice blond mohair wig that compliments his brow color and a jointed composition body with the original finish. He wears a commercially-constructed, vintage sailor costume that is in mint condition.
He longs for a sailor cap...maybe you have one in his size?


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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