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Bébé Jumeau 2

11" Bebe Jumeau 2, an incised DEPOSE model in a desirable cabinet size, details of this dreamy-faced child include creamy and perfect bisque, (small flake at neck socket opening) delicately painted features, plus very expressive brown paperweight eyes in even eyecuts, pierced ears with the original blue glass Jumeau earrings in place, and her fabulous original mohair wig in a pleasing shade of honey blonde.
On a composition body with jointed wrists, and the original paint finish in excellent condition, it is complete with a Jumeau stamp.
Wearing what is most certainly her boutique original ensemble, it is comprised of a darling dress of white cotton and lace, (over an under dress that was once ice blue) and a matching bonnet. Antique leather shoes complete the marvelous presentation.
Simply a glorious bebe in every way.

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Bébé Steiner

Ready to waltz right into your cabinet is this extremely charming eighteen and one-half inch Bebe Steiner – a Figure A 11. Details of this very unusual bebe include first out of the mold modeling to the perfect bisque head, plus blue paperweight eyes that are lever-operated, pierced ears, an open mouth with a row of upper teeth, and a sweet curly mohair wig.
On a jointed composition body that bears the original paint finish showing normal wear, this example was given the deluxe feature of bisque hands which include modeled nails. The hands are beautifully detailed, although there are flakes to a few fingers.
This darling bebe shines in her classic ensemble of chocolate brown brocade, and note that it includes a matching chapeau. Antique Alart lace-up boots and vintage underthings complete the presentation.
In a word – adorable!

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Thank you, L.







SFBJ 236

It's difficult to look at this SFBJ 236 Toddler and not soon find a smile creeping across your face. He certainly is a happy fellow and at twenty-one inches tall, he's a delightful, smaller addition to your character doll cabinet. He has very nice dewy bisque, blue sleep-eyes, an especially nice blond mohair wig that compliments his brow color and a jointed composition body with the original finish. He wears a commercially-constructed, vintage sailor costume that is in mint condition.
He longs for a sailor cap...maybe you have one in his size?









Bébé Petit & Dumoutier

Extremely rare to come by, are the lovely bebes from the Petit & Dumoutier workshops - we are pleased to offer a spectacular example here. Details of this twenty-six inch tall beauty include a perfect, pressed bisque head that is impressed P 5 D, hypnotic blue paperweight eyes in large round eyecuts that are enhanced by mauve shadow, pierced ears, and do not miss the most adorable brunette mohair wig that is styled in a mass of curls.
On a fully jointed composition body (that is fitted with the trademark metals hands that these bebes are known to have) the original paint finish remains in good condition.
Mlle. wears what appears to be an original bebe ensemble in shimmering pink satin (tender) - the perfect complement to her bisque tone and hair color. A coordinating chapeau that is enhanced with flowers, and antique leather shoes (one showing a split) complete the presentation.
Better not hesitate on this rarity – who knows how long you might have to wait for another to appear? 

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Bebe Français

19" Bebe Français who is marked B8F, plus red check marks. This model is actually quite difficult to come by, and just lovely – her bisque is luminous and perfect, her large blue paperweight eyes are top quality and she wears a light brown mohair wig which is superb for its rich fullness.
On a fully-jointed composition body with the original finish showing normal wear, she wears a spectacular bebe ensemble in deep burgundy cut velvet that was given lace and gorgeous ribbon accents. A deluxe bonus is the wonderful pair of brown leather Jumeau shoes, in her size, that she is wearing.
This Bebe Français is what an uncommon French girl should look like!

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Thank you, B.

Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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