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Bébé Jumeau
Second Series Portrait

18" Bebe Jumeau, a Second Series Portrait in size 6, features include incredibly lovely and perfect bisque, exquisite blue paperweight eyes with spiral threading set in almond-shaped eyecuts, dramatic mauve shadow, pierced ears and a gorgeous antique wig in blonde mohair.
On an early eight-ball body that bears not only the original paint finish (some washing to forearms) but also a Jumeau stamp, this very lucky child is beautifully costumed.
Elegant blue silk brocade was married with cream satin to create a remarkable Jumeau-style ensemble - it includes a matching chapeau. Antique brown leather shoes complete the presentation of this classically beautiful French bebe.








Bru Bébé Teteur 6

We are thrilled to offer this entirely factory-original Bru Bebe Teteur, or Nursing Bru, and at nineteen inches, she is the perfect size, too. Actually, this example is exceptional for two reasons – her inner workings are still in place, and her body is as close to mint condition as one will ever find.
If you aren't familiar with how a Bebe Teteur works – with the turn of a brass wing nut found on the back of the bebe's head, she was able to empty a special "bebe" bottle of its liquid, and then...well, return the liquid to the bottle.
Highlights include a gorgeous perfect bisque head and shoulderplate, deep brown paperweight eyes, her original and just plain darling curly mohair wig, plus the required open mouth with beautifully modeled full lips and pierced ears.
Her original Chevrot-patented body, in spectacular condition, is complete with a fully intact paper label and features the carved wood arms (offered for a very short period of time) which retain the original paint finish in wonderful condition – do not miss her bead bracelet that spells "bebe"!
Her original presentation includes a three-piece bebe ensemble of white cotton faille, which consists of a jacket, wrap-type bottom which button up to encase her lower body, and an eyelet bib. In addition, she wears a fabulous faille and eyelet bonnet with lace and ribbon loops, plus pantalets, and white cotton booties over knit stockings.
Truly, the ultimate in a Bebe Teteur!

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Thank you, P.









Bébé Steiner 3

10 1/2" FRE A 3 Bebe Steiner with a lovely and perfect bisque head, this petite French bebe features pretty blue paperweight eyes with feathered brows, a closed mouth, pierced ears and her original auburn human hair wig in the original curls. On a jointed, five-piece composition body, she wears a classic bebe ensemble in a subtle café au lait and maize silk, enhanced by delicate cording, ecru lace and fancy button trim. Her matching bonnet, leather slippers and under clothing are also antique.
A cabinet-ready bebe - ready to move in, that is!

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Bébé Bru Jeune R. 12

26" Bebe Bru Jeune R. 12 young gentleman from the Paul Girard era of the Bru firm - details include a perfect head that is marked Bru Jne. R. 12., cheerful blue paperweight eyes with nicely painted lashes and brows, an open mouth that features an upper row of teeth, a definite smile, and a dark blond mohair wig worn as a ponytail.
On a jointed wood and composition body that exhibits normal wear, Monsieur wears an 18th C. inspired ensemble in aqua silk faille with metallic accents - a smashing hat, and antique shoes complete the look - one which is obviously sublime.

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Thank you, B.








Bébé Bru Jeune 8

Twenty-one inches of rich, dark loveliness, is this extraordinary Bru Jeune 8. The shoulder plate with its molded breasts is perfect, as is her bisque head with gorgeous coloring and sensitive modeling that includes a definite tongue. In addition, she looks at the world through deep brown paperweight eyes, has pierced ears, and she wears an original mohair wig in a very pleasing shade.
On the desirable Henri Chevrot body which is fitted with wooden lower legs and bisque arms, the general condition is good, but there has been repair to both bisque arms.
A perfect look for Winter – her outstanding Bru-style costume of plum silk, cut velvet and rare burgundy lace features a coordinating chapeau, plus she wears antique shoes and under things.
Behold, a magnificent Bebe Bru.

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Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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