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Bébé Steiner A • 3

10 1/2" Steiner Paris Fre A • 3 with a perfect bisque head, soft coloring and painting, delightful blue paperweight eyes accented by beautiful lashes and brows, pierced ears, plus she even retains her original. long, mohair wig in auburn.
On a jointed composition body (with Au Nain Bleu painted nails) that is complete with a paper label, and the original finish showing normal wear, this charmer wears a marvelous, exquisitely detailed bebe costume of deep blue silk and coordinating brocade, complete with a coordinating chapeau. Antique leather shoes complete the look.

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Thank you, M.







Bébé Bru Jeune 10

25 1/2" Bebe Bru Jeune 10, an especially lovely large example of Bru quality, with delectable features that include a perfect bisque head and shoulderplate, gorgeous coloring and crisp modeling, serene chocolate brown paperweight eyes in even eyecuts, a beautiful full mouth with exquisitely shaded lips, pierced ears and her original blonde mohair wig worn down.
On the desirable Chevrot body, this example is especially so, due to its near pristine condition! The leather is clean and bright, the Bru paper label is still in place, the paint on the lower legs is excellent and both of the bisque arms remain in perfect condition.
The Bru-style dress is a true confection in cream silk brocade with palest pink accents in the form of ruched ribbon decoration and silk-covered buttons. Antique tan leather bebe shoes and a fabulous straw chapeau complete the look, which is, in two words - simply awesome.

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Thank you, D.








Bébé Bru Jeune 8

With a perfect, beautifully shaded bisque head and shoulderplate, it is the hypnotic blue paperweight eyes of this Bebe Bru Jeune 8 that an admirer first notices. In addition to her classic look and sublime coloring, her lovely modeling includes the definite presence of a tongue. Adding to the allure of this magical twenty-one inch tall bebe is her brunette human hair wig, which is worn down.
Mlle. Bru was given the desirable Henri Chevrot body (leather in very good condition overall) featuring wooden lower legs and bisque arms (repair to pinkie on left hand).
The blue silk of the bebe dress is the perfect shade to enhance those brilliant eyes, and is accented by applied cream rick-rack and lace. A creamy bonnet frames her lovely face, and ties the look all together quite beautifully.
A fabulous Bebe Bru example, who is surely destined for a world class collection.

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Thank you,








Bébé Jullien 7

19 1/2" Jullien bebe from the French doll manufacturer Armand Jules Jullien, originally located at 409 Rue Beaubourg, Paris. Various Jullien models were created – open-mouthed as this one, closed-mouth models, et cetera, and mostly intended for sale by exclusive retailers and department stores, including Printemps.
This 1890s model, impressed JULLIEN 7, features spectacular bisque quality with early out of the mold character-like modeling and gorgeous coloring, lovely painting of lips, lashes and brows, an open mouth with teeth, blue paperweight eyes, pierced ears and a gorgeous blonde mohair wig. The composition body is in lovely shape - details include the original paint finish, and straight wrists.
Mlle. Jullien is attractively costumed in a fantastic antique bebe dress of lightweight wool in luscious seafoam green, enhanced by abundant lace and silk ribbon accents. French antique leather shoes, and an antique straw hat are a perfect fit!

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Thank you,








Les Sœurs Jumeau

A special offering, that we are very pleased to present, features two Jumeau sisters who have been together all their long lives.
Details of the pair, each a lovely open-mouth model, both in a easy to handle size 5 (14" tall), one doll was given brown paperweight eyes and the other beautiful blue. Both have perfect bisque heads (light kiln dust upon the blue-eyed girl), with classic painting and coloring, open mouths with teeth, pierced ears, (flakes to ear holes on the blonde) and one with an original brunette human hair wig, and the other original blonde, both on their original cork pates.
The Jumeau bodies are of the fully-jointed wood and composition variety with the paint finishes refreshed in places on both, and the blonde's with a repainted torso.
It is with their shared wardrobe where your fun really begins - check out the wonderful assortment of commercially constructed, printed cotton play dresses, plus lovely underthings, extra pairs of shoes, and a few accessories as well.
A sweet, and extra generous slice of bebe history that is yours for the taking.

Thank you, S.








Bébé Andre Thuillier

We believe that good things also come in BIG packages, as evidenced by this 36" Andre Thuillier Bebe! Marked A. 15 T., this magnificent example features a perfect bisque head that bears lovely and signature modeling, hypnotic, deep blue paperweight eyes in even eyecuts that are highlighted by mauve shadow, pierced ears and a very full, brunette, human hair wig that is a perfect complement to her coloring and her brows.
On a jointed composition body that bears the original paint finish showing normal wear, and some flaking, this fine bebe wears a stunning ensemble in silk, that is complete with a matching chapeau.
A blue chip doll, that is most definitely destined for a blue chip collection, or simply put, a big bebe for a big collector!

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DEPOSE Jumeau 9

Bebe Jumeau 9, an incised DEPOSE model in a manageable size at twenty inches tall, details of this dreamy-faced child include creamy bisque upon the perfect head with its delicately painted features, plus very expressive blue paperweight eyes in even eyecuts, applied ears (flake at left piercing hole) and a fabulous mohair wig in a fresh and pleasing shade of honey blonde.
On a jointed composition body with straight wrists and the original paint finish showing a Jumeau stamp and normal wear, this child is dressed for success.
Classic lines permeate the gorgeous dress that was created in deep olive green silk and lace, while a dramatic straw chapeau works its magic up top.
Simply a glorious bebe in every way.

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Thank you, L.








S.F.B.J. 251

What a happy child! She is gleeful because she knows just how darn good she looks in her new school clothes! A twenty-seven inch SFBJ 251, this sweetheart has a perfect bisque head, blue paperweight "jewel" eyes, remnants of her original mohair lashes, an open mouth with two molded upper teeth, a wobble tongue and a darling light brown mohair wig styled in saucy waves.
On a chunky, jointed toddler body which retains the original finish, she is costumed in a mariner ensemble of cotton plaid, with a cream silk collar and cuffs – exquisite. Completing her look is a matching tam. In addition, she wears antique underthings, stockings and black oil cloth shoes. A big girl, who is very big on style!

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Thank you, C.

Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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