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Madame Lavalée-Peronne's

18" Lily, here we have a lovely example from A La Poupée de Nuremberg, the boutique of Mme. Lavalee-Perrone, creator of La Poupee Modele. This stunningly beautiful young lady features perfect bisque, a character-like expression, early blue paperweight eyes in large, even eyecuts, pierced ears, and her lovely original wig in auburn mohair.
Further details include a stuffed kid body in very good condition that is complete with a boutique label on the chest. Articulated kid over wood arms are fitted with beautifully modeled lower bisque arms that remain in perfect condition, while the legs are articulated at the knees.
Lily wears a sublimely feminine promenade ensemble in luscious pink faille, with rich passementerie and lace accents, and it is highlighted by a matching bonnet. Antique underthings and heeled leather ankle boots complete the presentation.

A stunning Lily that will enhance any collection of fine fashion dolls. So sorry, but the kitten shown with Lily is not included, as she has already gone to another home.

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HOLD for N.






François Gaultier

Details of this early 13 1/2" François Gaultier fashion (18" tall overall including the plumes), include a perfect bisque head and shoulderplate, gorgeous coloring, pale blue eyes, pierced ears and a wonderful mohair wig that is styled in the eighteenth-century manner.
On a classic leather body that is in good condition, she wears a fabulous gown of vintage satin and silk brocade that was married with metallic trim and extensive beading to create a truly remarkable period-style presentation.
Pair this doll with a to-scale sedan chair, or daybed, and you will have an instant vignette - and one that will forever echo the elegance of eighteenth-century France.

Thank you,







On a Brasseur-Videlier Body

It takes a powerful face to stand up to the dramatic, yet stunningly beautiful styling of this doll's presentation, but rest assured that this fifteen and one-half inch example from Eugene Barrois is up to that challenge.
Details here include gorgeous, character-like modeling to her perfect bisque head and shoulderplate, fine painting of lashes, brows and full lips, blue paperweight eyes, pierced-through ears, and her original brown mohair wig dressed in a beautiful style.
What is most unusual about this example is her patented, all-wood, articulated body created by Brasseur-Videlier - it is known for being identical to a Jumeau body, but quite lightweight in comparison. The body remains in good condition, holds a pose well, but is showing scattered flaking to the original paint finish.
Her promenade ensemble is beyond-stunning for its dramatic composition of dusty pink satin, paired with dusty pink and black silk velvet stripes, plus black lace and passementerie - a winning combination.
A coordinating bonnet, with sweet floral accents, sets this look off - perfectly.

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Thank you, C.







François Gaultier

19" François Gaultier - an early fashion shoulderhead example with fine features that include perfect bisque with lovely painting and coloring, cobalt eyes in even eyecuts, pierced-through ears, and a lovely brunette human hair wig in a classic, yet quite intricate style.
On a very clean gusseted leather body that is fitted with long, nicely detailed, bisque arms that remain in perfect condition, she is elegantly costumed in the late 1860s manner in raspberry striped silk, with black lace and hand beaded accents in shimmering jet, all worn over a handsome cotton blouse that features very fine workmanship.
The silhouette of this dress, combined with the classic beauty of the doll, create a very desirable fashion doll.

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Thank you, S.







Simon & Halbig

Dressed in her original presentation, is one of the most delightful Simon & Halbig fashion ladies we have seen in years! Standing a petite eleven and one-half inches tall, this young lady is blessed with a perfect bisque head and shoulderplate, wonderfully delicate painting, pale blue glass eyes, pierced ears and a sweet, original blonde mohair wig styled in long curls.
On a wonderful (and very clean) twill-over-wood articulated body with perfect bisque arms, she is gorgeous in what is surely her original, beautifully styled, two-piece dress in rich emerald green silk
A sublime example, who your other petite fashion ladies will welcome with open arms.

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Thank you, M.

Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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