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Maison Bru

19 1/2" (overall) so-called "round face" Bru – a fabulous example with a perfect bisque head (size letter H) and shoulderplate (also marked H). Further details of this exceptionally beautiful example include deep modeling and gorgeous coloring, exquisite blue paperweight eyes, pierced through ears, and the original mohair wig in its original spectacular set, plus it is complete with the original ribbon and blonde lace decoration.
On a gusseted leather body in good condition, (we prefer not to undress this doll due to her originality) this example features the deluxe wooden articulated arms (wear to paint) that allow wonderful posing possibilities.
She wears her original, beautifully tailored, antique ensemble in steel gray silk (showing normal wear, and scattered splits) that is edged in hot pink satin ribbon, plus antique underthings and antique leather boots.

Thank you, D.








Here is a bit of a rarity, a shoulderhead fashion that we attribute to the Jumeau firm, largely due to her classic look. Standing fifteen and one-half inches tall, additional features include perfect bisque, cobalt blue eyes with spiral threading in even eyecuts, very nice painting of lips brows and lashes, pierced ears and her original wig worn down in soft curls befitting a young lady.
On a leather body that appears to be in very good condition (we did not undress her due to the fragile nature of her dress), she wears a beautifully styled antique ensemble in French blue silk, plus an antique hat in black satin, antique underthings and antique black velvet slippers.

Thank you,







Portrait Jumeau

21" Portrait Jumeau fashion in a wonderful, middle size, with a perfect bisque head and shoulder plate, this doll’s cobalt spiral threaded eyes and pierced-through ears denote her an early model. Additional features include lovely coloring, and a wonderful brunette wig worn up in a chignon, with the addition of curls that help replicate a classic 1875 hairstyle.
On a clean, and quite sturdy kid leather body, this beauty is handsomely dressed in an ensemble of cream satin, with ice blue accents. Accents include turquoise buttons and fine lace at the cuffs and neckline.
Mlle. Jumeau would love to play in a vignette with your petite French bebes and larger fashion ladies!

Please click here to view "au naturel"

Thank you, M.







A Portrait of Empress Eugenie
from Leon Casimir Bru

Featuring big personality and petite stature, this ethereal Bru Smiler, a portrait of Empress Eugénie, stands fifteen inches tall - the back of her head is impressed with the size letter D. Additional features of this enchanting poupee include a perfect bisque head with pale coloring (minor, shallow, mold bubble on tip of nose), fine lip and lash painting, lovely pale blue paperweight eyes in even eyecuts, pierced ears, and a marvelous original mohair wig in honey blonde - a perfect complement to her brow color.
On a classic Bru gusseted leather body, it remains in good condition, showing normal wear. We appreciate the delicate styling of her gorgeous palest lavender ballgown, and we find the use of delicate pink lace a delightful choice. Antique underthings and antique leather slippers complete the package.

Please click here to view "au naturel"


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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