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Jumeau Fashion
Simonne Face

A lovely seventeen and one-half inch Poupee Parisienne from the Jumeau firm, was blessed with what we call the "Simonne face" due to it being the face one typically sees on a stamped Maison Simonne body. In this case, the doll bears a label from "Aux Reves."
Further details include a perfect bisque head and shoulderplate with attractive coloring, especially wonderful lip and brow painting, deep cobalt blue spiral-detailed eyes, pierced-through ears and her original, lovely, very full, blonde mohair wig worn down.
On a classic kid leather body in very good condition, she wears an exquisite, trained promenade dress in ecru silk brocade and ecru satin (tenderness in areas) featuring early 1880s sensibilities. Wax flowers, lace and silken tape accent the spectacular presentation worn by this equally spectacular doll.

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Thank you, E.








Early Bru Soldier

It isn't every day that one stumbles upon a male fashion doll in such regal attire. Actually, if truth be told, it isn't every day that one stumbles across a male fashion doll, period.
This fifteen and one-half inch (17" to the top of his hat, not including the 6" plume) gentleman fashion, an early product of the Bru firm, will certainly melt the hearts of your fashionable ladies.
Further details here include a bisque swivel head (flake to edge of crown rim in front) and perfect bisque shoulderplate, blue paperweight eyes, nicely painted features and coloring, and an applied curly lamb head of hair, with a moustache and chin whiskers all in a shade that match his pale painted brows.
On a sturdy leather body showing scattered repairs, he wears a dress uniform in black and cranberry wool enhanced with bullion tape. The uniform is also complete with a marvelous plumed hat, plus a saber and leather shoes.
Male fashion dolls are not easy to come by, but to find one as glorious as this? Practically a miracle.








Maison Bru

19 1/2" (overall) so-called "round face" Bru – a fabulous example with a perfect bisque head (size letter H) and shoulderplate (also marked H). Further details of this exceptionally beautiful example include deep modeling and gorgeous coloring, exquisite blue paperweight eyes, pierced through ears, and the original mohair wig in its original spectacular set, plus it is complete with the original ribbon and blonde lace decoration.
On a gusseted leather body in good condition, (we prefer not to undress this doll due to her originality) this example features the deluxe wooden articulated arms (wear to paint) that allow wonderful posing possibilities.
She wears her original, beautifully tailored, antique ensemble in steel gray silk (showing normal wear, and scattered splits) that is edged in hot pink satin ribbon, plus antique underthings and antique leather boots.

Thank you, D.








François Gaultier

19" François Gaultier - an early fashion shoulderhead example with fine features that include perfect bisque with lovely painting and coloring, cobalt eyes in even eyecuts, pierced-through ears, and a lovely brunette human hair wig in a classic, yet quite intricate style.
On a very clean gusseted leather body that is fitted with long, nicely detailed, bisque arms that remain in perfect condition, she is elegantly costumed in the late 1860s manner in raspberry striped silk, with black lace and hand beaded accents in shimmering jet, all worn over a handsome cotton blouse that features very fine workmanship.
The silhouette of this dress, combined with the classic beauty of the doll, create a very desirable fashion doll.

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Thank you, C.

Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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