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Madame Jumeau

It's a thrill to offer a spectacular Jumeau fashion who promises to be the life of the fete at the costume ball, due to her stellar impersonation of Marie Antoinette.
Fine details include a bisque swivel head (minor dimple between her brows and an eye flake repair to lower left rim) on a perfect bisque shoulder plate, lovely coloring, deep blue eyes, pierced ears and a masterpiece of a mohair wig styled in the 18th century French manner.
On an antique stuffed cotton body that is fitted with long bisque arms (repair to pinky on left hand), she wears a luxuriously decorated costume in exquisite silk brocade and gold bullion. Magnifique!

Measures: 15 1/2" tall - 19 1/2" overall








Maison Huret

Isn't it high time that you made the plunge and added that Huret that you've always wanted to your collection? The timing is good, as we have a super example here in this classic Maison Huret poupee, a first generation doll from the illustrious firm, circa late 1850s.
This seventeen and one-half inch tall, perfect, china, shoulderhead model was given a very sweet, sensitive expression by the artist who painted her all those many years ago. From the twice-shaded deep blue of her eyes, to the soft blush on her cheeks, the softness is continued by her pale blonde mohair wig that is simply styled - pulled back into a simple knot worn at the back of her neck.
On a gusseted leather body that remains in very good, clean, strong condition, it is fitted with marvelous pink tinted, articulated china arms that remain in perfect condition.
This body style is a good choice if your goal is to acquire additional dresses for your Huret, as it will be easy model to dress and undress.
On that note, Mademoiselle Huret wears a classic Huret-style dress of blue window pane silk taffeta decorated with silken rope at the hemline and upon the bodice. She also wears a simple lace cap that is studded with pearls, antique underthings, and classic leather boots.
An exquisite, early representation of quality – Mlle. Huret is a very special example, indeed.

Measures: 17 1/2" tall, overall

Please click here to view "au naturel"

Thank you, C.







Eugene Barrois

We are always happy to offer a true fashion gentleman - this dashing fellow, his handsome head a product of Eugene Barrois, stands just over sixteen inches tall, and boasts a perfect shoulderhead, cobalt eyes with spiral threading, a super hairstyle and sideburns, plus an applied moustache and chin whiskers.
On a classic leather body in good sturdy condition, Monsieur wears a marvelous suit in rich gray wool, comprised of a pair of trousers, a cut-away coat with wide fawn wool lapels - all featuring fine top-stitching, plus a vest of delicate silk in a window pane pattern, a linen shirt and a black silk tie. And finally, a top hat finishes off the dashing look.









Leon Casimir Bru

Darling, twelve-inch, round-face, Casimir Bru poupee featuring perfect bisque with delicate coloring, blue glass eyes in hooded eyecuts, pierced-through ears and the original blonde wig worn up. On the patented-Bru, classic leather body in fair to good condition, it is showing repairs upon both wrists (partially disguised as Dresden paper bracelets) and some roughness at the back near the shoulderplate.
Mlle. Bru wears a beyond-lovely reception gown in violet silk. Featuring the most amazing draping, the ensemble is decorated with lace, and fringed self-trim decoration. A very nice bonus is the pair of brown leather shoes she wears, as well as her pressed felt chapeau with floral decorations.
A petite example, she is a desirable cabinet size who may be small in stature, but she is big on personality.

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Thank you, C.








Madame Lavalée-Peronne's

18" Lily, here we have a lovely example from A La Poupée de Nuremberg, the boutique of Mme. Lavalee-Perrone, creator of La Poupee Modele. This stunningly beautiful young lady features perfect bisque, a character-like expression, early blue paperweight eyes in large, even eyecuts, pierced ears, and her lovely original wig in auburn mohair.
Further details include a stuffed kid body in very good condition that is complete with a boutique label on the chest. Articulated kid over wood arms are fitted with beautifully modeled lower bisque arms that remain in perfect condition, while the legs are articulated at the knees.
Lily wears a sublimely feminine promenade ensemble in luscious pink faille, with rich passementerie and lace accents, and it is highlighted by a matching bonnet. Antique underthings and heeled leather ankle boots complete the presentation.

A stunning Lily that will enhance any collection of fine fashion dolls. So sorry, but the kitten shown with Lily is not included, as she has already gone to another home.

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Thank you,

Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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