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Maison HURET

17" Huret, a first generation, perfect, china shoulderhead model with exquisitely painted features, especially the eyes (minor mold bubble on inner left eye), a darling skin wig -- all on a leather body that is fitted with long china arms, (repairs to fingers on right hand).
Mademoiselle wears a fabulous, and entirely classic white pique dress with extensive soutache decoration, plus she wears an antique snood and antique shoes as well.
No serious collection of fashion dolls is complete without a doll from Maison Huret.

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Thank you, L.







Maison Jumeau

A soft, yet rich, nearly monochromatic palette proved to be the perfect choice for this exquisite, early, fifteen and one-half inch Poupee Parisienne from the Jumeau firm. Features include a gorgeous and perfect bisque head and shoulderplate, pale smooth bisque, lovely painting of her lips, crystalline blue spiral threaded eyes, pierced-though ears, and an auburn mohair hair wig, a perfect compliment to her brow color, that is styled in long spiral curls that trail down her back. She is simply – a vision.
On a classic kid leather body in very good general condition, but exhibiting normal wear, she is costumed in a magnificent princess line gown of dusty lavender satin, with luxurious ruched ribbon trim, plus exquisite lace accents in all of the right places.
Finishing off the deluxe presentation are floral accents in this lovely lady's hair and in her hand, plus antique underthings and antique leather boots.
A superlative doll with an equally superlative presentation.

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It must be a very small proportion of fashion dolls that were given the "extra large" eye cut treatment, but we can tell you that this exquisite lady from Maison Jumeau is one of them!
Details of this sublime example, who stands fourteen and one-half inches in height, include a perfect bisque shoulder plate and a swivel head, bulbous, blue, paperweight eyes in huge eye cuts, pierced ears and a great original blonde mohair wig, worn up in an attractive style.
On a classic leather body marked Médaille d'Or, in good condition but showing normal wear and light rust on a few fingers, this lucky lady wears a spectacular evening ensemble in cream satin with red accents - and they have never looked better together than on this confection. Extremely beautiful beading works as an edging upon the polonaise/overskirt, and upon the bodice, while lovely red flowers wind their way up the bodice to punctuate one shoulder. More red flowers act as the perfect hair ornament and fill an ormolu posey holder, while antique leather shoes seal the deal.
A remarkable fashion lady in a very sweet size - what could be better?

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Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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