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Mademoiselle Amie
A China Huret with her Original Deluxe Trunk and Trousseau

A dreamy vision, Mademoiselle Amie represents an original china Huret Poupee, circa 1850s. A first generation doll from the illustrious firm, this type of package is a must-have for the advanced collector of early dolls and fashion examples, alike.
This perfect seventeen-inch china shoulderhead model was given a very lovely expression by the artist who painted her so many years ago. From the soft blues of her eyes, to the soft blush on her cheeks, she is a very special example. Lending a youthful air is her natural curly lamb wig that. (Note that remnants of her original astrakhan wig is underneath, still attached to the original cork pate.)
On her original, sturdy, fully-articulated, gutta percha body, it is a patented Huret product - and one which remains in good condition overall, and is complete with the stamped HURET leather collarette.

The greatest aspect of this doll is the fact that she retains an original, boutique-made trousseau, with several pieces bearing the Huret stamp, including the shoes and the russet, plaid ensemble. The dresses exhibit the finest taste in trimmings and workmanship, including the fabulous cream and pink silk dress that Amie is shown wearing above. The materials chosen are top-notch, and you will enjoy changing her clothes to make the most of this gorgeous assemblage. Assorted accessories include hats, parasols, jewelry, games and books, plus outstanding whites.
Please study the photos below carefully, to discover all that Mlle. Amie has to offer, including a trunk that bears several compartments that include drawers, even a fold-down storage area for her - not that you would ever want to hide her away!
A beautiful doll from Maison Huret, on a rare to find body, combined with a glorious trousseau – who could ask for more?

Thank you, P.








François Gaultier
Costumed for a Fête

Do you have a petite 18th century sedan chair that could use a passenger? We may have just the ticket for you in this petite, French fashion from François Gaultier costumed in fancy ball attire. Details include a perfect bisque shoulderhead fashion, with nice painting, blue paperweight eyes, pierced ears, and a towering custom hairstyle created from mohair that beautifully replicates those extreme creations from the 1790s.
The doll's classic leather body remains in good, clean condition, while the doll's brilliant gown, composed of antique silks, lace, and extensive hand beading, carries the 18th-century theme a bit further, with its classic lines, stomacher and metallic trimmings.
A fantasy of a fashion doll that will be a joy to display!

Measures: 10 1/4" tall 13-1/2" overall - to top of flowers)

Thank you, S.







Maison Jumeau

13 1/2" fashion bride from the Jumeau firm that remains in all original condition, details include a very pretty perfect bisque head on a perfect shoulderplate, blue paperweight eyes in extra large eyecuts, feathered brows and delicate lashes, pierced ears with earrings, and her original blonde mohair wig in its original style.
On a classic leather body in clean sturdy condition, (we prefer not to undress this doll due to her originality), this blushing bride wears an artful, extremely details, and entirely sublime original wedding gown of cream satin and coordinating brocade, complete with a tulle veil and even her original satin wedding slippers (tender). The silhouette of the dress is perfection, and the doll is as well.

Thank you, D.







Emile Jumeau
A Portrait Model

19" Portrait Jumeau fashion in a desirable “cabinet size” with a perfect bisque head and shoulder plate, this doll’s hypnotic blue paperweight eyes and extremely luxurious lashes are the features that you will notice first, as they lend her a youthful appearance. Additional features include lovely coloring, pierced ears, and an original honey blonde mohair wig worn down in back, as her costuming as a young girl indicates.
On a sturdy kid body that is complete with the Jumeau stamp on the reverse, Mademoiselle is classically dressed in the styles of the late 1870s. She wears a fabulous original ensemble in silk cut velvet in a deep shade of plum, plus a coordinating hat, original antique underthings and antique leather boots.
Mlle. Jumeau is lucky that she comes with the three additional original ensembles shown here - a lovely package, and a Jumeau fashion model that we do not find in smaller sizes too terribly often.

Please click here to view "au naturel"

Thank you, K.

Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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