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Pierre Jumeau Soldier
Au Paradis des Enfants

It isn't every day that one stumbles upon a male fashion doll in such regal attire. Actually, if truth be told, it isn't every day that one stumbles across a male fashion doll, period.
This seventeen and one-half inch bisque gentleman fashion, an early product of the Jumeau firm, will certainly melt the hearts of your fashionable ladies, if he doesn't bowl them over first with his very rare, deep brown, paperweight "bedroom" eyes!
Further details here include a perfect bisque swivel head and shoulderplate, beautifully painted features and coloring, (pierced through ears) and an applied curly lamb head of hair, plus muttonchops, a moustache and chin whiskers all in a shade that match his russet-painted brows.
On a sturdy stuffed linen body (light color transfer from the uniform) that is fitted with leather arms, it is one that is complete with a paper label denoting this gentleman from:

This fellow is a sheer standout not only because he wears a fantastic military uniform, but one that we believe denotes him as a guard to the empereur. The uniform is complete with a marvelous plumed hat, while heeled shoes are the perfect compliment to his fine suit of clothes.
Male fashion dolls are not easy to come by, but to find one as glorious as this? Practically a miracle.

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Thank you, J.








Bearing exquisite beauty is a sixteen-inch German fashion, a young lady who boasts a perfect bisque head and shoulderplate, incredibly lovely coloring and painting, very expressive blue paperweight eyes, pierced ears and gorgeous wig in strawberry blonde mohair worn down in a graceful style.
On a classic leather body (showing repair to upper arms) in good condition, she wears a spectacular ball gown of lattice-work net over tan silk, and it utilizes the most elegant lace.
Turquoise bead jewelry, a gilt brass posey holder and wonderful antique heeled slippers complete the beautiful presentation.

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Yes, she actually is as special as she appears here in these photos, this classically beautiful, sixteen and one-half inch French fashion from Maison Jumeau.
Further details include a perfect bisque swivel head and shoulderplate, exquisite painting, gorgeous blue paperweight eyes with hypnotic spiral threading, her original wig which is styled in a classic 1870s coif, and pierced ears.
On a classic leather body that remains in good condition with minor patching, she is exquisitely costumed in lavender satin, and in a manner that is reminiscent of a flower garden in springtime. Lovely and colorful floral-themed fringed passementerie, lilac ribbon, creamy tulle, silken violets - all act as components to make this example a standout - in the flower garden that is your doll cabinet.

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Boasting commanding presence, this twenty-six inch male Portrait Jumeau fashion Soldier is a natural born leader. Details include perfect bisque, expressive brown paperweight eyes, a wonderfully attractive skin wig – even facial hair!
On a classic kid leather body which is in exceptionally clean condition, this fellow is handsomely costumed as a military officer in deep blue wool. Befitting his heroic military career, he is adorned with a brilliant red sash, brass buttons and Dresden paper medals – even a saber! Your ladies will swoon!










There is something extraordinarily soft and serene about this elegant work in bisque from E. Barrois - the pleasing shade of blue of her costume, working so well with her eyes, but more on that below.
Further details of this classically beautiful shoulderhead, who stands sixteen inches tall overall, include perfect bisque, striated cobalt blue eyes in even, wide open eyecuts, gorgeous blush upon her full cheeks, an expertly painted and twice-shaded full mouth, pierced through the head ears and her original wig in its fabulous original set that includes a plaited braid in front - exquisite.
On a sturdy leather body in very good, clean condition, the doll is dressed in a gown featuring late 1860s styling that might stop the carriage trade in their tracks. Of rich blue that is expertly cut and draped, the gown is finished with a bit of lace at the neck and cuffs, while silk fringe does its duty upon the jacket.
The chapeau is a standout with its turquoise drops, and beads upon the chin strap - tres elegant!
Frankly speaking, dolls from Eugene Barrois are not necessarily rare to come by -- but when they look like this one, well, that is another matter entirely.

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Thank you, M.








François Gaultier

We are pleased to offer a very pretty François Gaultier fashion young lady in the form of a sweet, twelve-inch example with a perfect bisque head and shoulderplate, blue/gray paperweight eyes, lovely coloring, pierced ears, and her original wig in blonde mohair, all on a stuffed linen body with leather arms.
Beautifully costumed as a bride in ecru silk, the gown features marvelous ruching at the hem, sleeves and neckline, pearl and crystal bead accents, plus flower decoration. A lace veil and blue bead jewelry help push this presentation over the top.

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Thank you, L.







Eugene Barrois
A fine young Gentleman

We are very pleased to offer a young gentleman fashion, one we attribute to the Eugene Barrois firm, who stands a classic seventeen inches tall. This shoulderhead model boasts perfect bisque with beautifully painted features and coloring – gorgeous blue eyes, and a full head of molded and black painted curly hair.
On a sturdy kid leather body with glazed china arms, which is a combination not unusual on early dolls, there is a well-done repair to his right hand.
And, note he is an extremely sharp dresser in his flannel short pants, matching vest and wool tweed jacket. His felt hat could not be more perfect for him – well, except for maybe his super two-tone leather heeled shoes.
Whether pairing him with your bisque or china dolls such as Hurets or Rohmers, this young fellow is guaranteed to please
the ladies.

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Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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