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A Eugene Barrois Poupee Parisienne with a Marvelous Original Trousseau -
Originally retailed at Paris' Maison Alphonse Giroux

It is always a thrill to be the second owner of a doll, one that has come directly from a family, which is the case with the lovely fashion and trousseau we are honored to offer here. This treasured twenty-inch Parisienne is a product of the Eugene Barrois firm, with features that include a perfect bisque head and shoulderplate, exquisite painting that includes a lovely full mouth, pale gray and blue eyes, and beautifully painted brows that match the original light auburn mohair wig.
On a classic leather body in very good condition, it is fitted with articulated bisque arms that are not only beautifully modeled, but they remain in perfect condition, as well. Further, the body bears a paper label denoting that this doll was originally retailed at Paris' Maison Alphonse Giroux.
Nathalie is shown here modeling one of her exquisite ensembles, in this case a lovely promenade suit that features a black, silk faille skirt that is paired with a spectacular silk velvet coat which features jet bead and lace decoration - truly breathtaking - and the stylish chapeau is the icing on the cake!
Below, you can feast your eyes on the additional ensembles that are included in this sumptuous package - each is a high style garment in miniature. Plus do not miss the assortment of wonderful accessories that will arrive along with this magnificent fashion.
A handsome trunk is also part of the collection, and it is large enough to house everything safely.
A fresh to the market fashion is not only food for the soul, but is also simply a joy to behold.

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Thank you,








A Portrait of Empress Eugenie
from Leon Casimir Bru

We are thrilled to offer an impressive, seventeen and one-half inch Bru Smiler, a portrait of Empress Eugénie, on the deluxe wooden body. In head size G, this lovely poupee bears features such as perfect bisque with early out of the mold crisp modeling, glorious coloring and delicate painting, blue paperweight eyes in hooded eyecuts, pierced ears and a pretty antique mohair wig which retains a lovely hairstyle.
On the patented-Bru, articulated wooden body, this fortunate example possesses the original paint finish in good condition. Mme. Bru wears a beyond-lovely original promenade ensemble in taupe and steel gray silk, with black silk velvet accents. Antique underthings, a marvelous antique hat and antique leather boots complete the presentation.
An exquisite Bru fashion in a classic desirable size, and truly, a first-class example.

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Thank you, S.







François Gaultier

Beyond majestic at thirty-four inches tall, this François Gaultier fashion lady will instantly rule the doll room.  Featuring a perfect bisque shoulder plate and swivel head, this fine doll's bisque is truly amazing – it glows. Lending even more personality are her expressive spiral threaded eyes in a pleasing shade of pale blue/gray, pierced ears that wear blue glass earrings, and her brunette wig, a perfect match to her brows, is beautifully styled.
The classic, gusseted, leather body is quite sturdy and clean, but does bear minor scattered patching.
Is it us, or does this lady appear to be smiling? Just maybe, her smile is there because of the wonderful cream silk brocade bridal gown (with its tiers and tiers of pinked flounces) she is wearing. Scattered wax orange blossoms tie the look all together – and quite beautifully so.









Maison Jumeau

A soft, yet rich, nearly monochromatic palette proved to be the perfect choice for this exquisite, early, fifteen and one-half inch Poupee Parisienne from the Jumeau firm. Features include a gorgeous and perfect bisque head and shoulderplate, pale smooth bisque, lovely painting of her lips, crystalline blue spiral threaded eyes, pierced-though ears, and an auburn mohair hair wig, a perfect compliment to her brow color, that is styled in long spiral curls that trail down her back. She is simply – a vision.
On a classic kid leather body in very good general condition, but exhibiting normal wear, she is costumed in a magnificent princess line gown of dusty lavender satin, with luxurious ruched ribbon trim, plus exquisite lace accents in all of the right places.
Finishing off the deluxe presentation are floral accents in this lovely lady's hair and in her hand, plus antique underthings and antique leather boots.
A superlative doll with an equally superlative presentation.

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Emile Jumeau
A Portrait Model

19" Portrait Jumeau fashion in a desirable “cabinet size” with a perfect bisque head and shoulder plate, this doll’s hypnotic blue paperweight eyes and extremely luxurious lashes are the features that you will notice first, as they lend her a youthful appearance. Additional features include lovely coloring, pierced ears, and an original honey blonde mohair wig worn down in back, as her costuming as a young girl indicates.
On a sturdy kid body that is complete with the Jumeau stamp on the reverse, Mademoiselle is classically dressed in the styles of the late 1870s. She wears a fabulous original ensemble in silk cut velvet in a deep shade of plum, plus a coordinating hat, original antique underthings and antique leather boots.
Mlle. Jumeau is lucky that she comes with the three additional original ensembles shown here - a lovely package, and a Jumeau fashion model that we do not find in smaller sizes too terribly often.

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Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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