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Isn't it high time that you made the plunge and added that Huret that you've always wanted to your collection? We have a super example here in this classic Maison Huret poupee, a first generation doll from the illustrious firm, circa late 1850s. This seventeen and one-half inch tall, perfect china shoulderhead model was given a very sweet, sensitive expression by the artist who painted her all those many years ago. From the twice-shaded deep blue of her eyes, to the soft blush on her cheeks, a youthful look is further achieved by her pale blonde mohair wig that is worn down her back in a single braid. (The mohair wig is worn over the remnants of her original astrakhan wig.)
On a gusseted leather body that remains in good, strong condition, it is fitted with marvelous pink tinted china arms (repair to one finger on her right hand). This body style is a good choice if your goal is to acquire additional dresses for your Huret, as it will be easy model to dress and undress.
On that note, Mademoiselle Huret wears a gorgeous, antique day dress of cream and deep plum silk check, which is accented by ruched self trim and rows of silk velvet ribbon at the hemline, bodice and sleeves. She wears a fantastic chapeau niçoise (de rigueur at the seaside), antique underthings, and classic leather boots.
An exquisite, early representation of quality – Mlle. Huret is a very special example, indeed.

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Thank you, A.








Eugene Barrois

Fashion dolls just don't come much more exotic than this one! Frankly speaking, as fashion doll collectors, this extremely rare lady would not be listed here if we did not already have a similar example in our own collection. So this is your chance - we suggest that you do not miss it.
Up for the taking is a fourteen-inch Asian fashion lady from the Eugene Barrois workshops. Details include a perfect bisque swivel head with ethnic coloring, lovely painting of lips lashes and exotic brows, black glass eyes in narrow eyecuts, pierced ears wearing original earrings, and the original brown wig worn pulled back in a classic style.
On a leather body that we assume remains in good condition from what we can see of it (we have not undressed this doll and will not do so), it is fitted with bisque arms that remain in perfect condition.
Jewel tones are the order of the day for this exquisite costume which appears to be original. East meets West circa 1880s, in this Chinoiserie-inspired ensemble! Antique, black ankle boots and a wood and paper fan complete the look, which is just spectacular.

Thank you, A.








Leon Casimir Bru

If you are one of those collectors who searches high and low for all original fashion doll examples, here is one for you. We are thrilled to offer a darling, fifteen and one-half inch, round-face, Casimir Bru size F poupee featuring perfect bisque with gloriously soft coloring and delicate painting, rarely-found tri-color paperweight eyes in hooded eyecuts, pierced-through ears and the original blonde wig that retains the beautiful original style that includes long ringlets and a braid.
On the patented-Bru, leather body that appears to be in very good condition, this fortunate example was given the articulated wooden arms which possess their original paint finish which shows normal wear.
Madame Bru wears a beyond-lovely reception gown in deep emerald green silk, with an overdress of khaki silk (tenderness and one area of loss) decorated with self-trim ruching and lace. Beaded ropes in a delicate floral theme decorate the bodice and even more can be found in the hairstyle.
An exquisite Bru fashion in a desirable classic size, not to mention, a first-class example.


Thank you, P.








Eugene Barrois
A fine young Gentleman

We are very pleased to offer a young gentleman fashion, one we attribute to the Eugene Barrois firm, who stands a classic seventeen inches tall. This shoulderhead model boasts perfect bisque with beautifully painted features and coloring – gorgeous blue eyes, and a full head of molded and black painted curly hair.
On a sturdy kid leather body with glazed china arms, which is a combination not unusual on early dolls, there is a well-done repair to his right hand.
And, note he is an extremely sharp dresser in his flannel short pants, matching vest and wool tweed jacket. His felt hat could not be more perfect for him – well, except for maybe his super two-tone leather heeled shoes.
Whether pairing him with your bisque or china dolls such as Hurets or Rohmers, this young fellow is guaranteed to please
the ladies.

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Simon & Halbig

Dressed to the nines in dramatic black and steel gray tones is one of the most delightful, character-filled Simon & Halbig fashion ladies we have seen in quite the while! Further, she is a marvelous size at fifteen inches in height. Mademoiselle is blessed with a perfect bisque swivel head with expressive modeling, on a perfect shoulderplate, plus delicate painting, lovely and extremely expressive cornflower blue striated glass eyes, pierced through the head ears and even her original pale blonde mohair wig.
She is presented on a classic leather gusseted body that does show a few spots of patching, but it is quite clean and sturdy overall.
The late 1860s style promenade ensemble is gorgeous for its creation from a striking striped silk, and the styling is quite flattering as well. A stylish matching hat (with fantastic feather plumes), black bead
jewelry, antique underthings, and antique leather boots complete this sublime fashion plate who your other fashion ladies will surely welcome with open arms.

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Thank you, L.









Portrait Jumeau 11

28" Portrait Jumeau Fashion 11 - a very impressive size!
Details of this blue-eyed beauty include a very pretty perfect bisque head and shoulderplate with marvelous coloring and painting, applied and pierced ears, and a gorgeous original wig in a shade that beautifully compliments her brow color.
Her gusseted leather body is in good condition, showing normal wear and minor patching, and she wears a lovely silk jumper-style promenade ensemble that is worn over a fine cotton blouse of dotted-swiss. The gown's iridescent quality, when combined with the sheer beauty of this young lady, will help make her a standout in any situation!

Please click here to view "au naturel"

Thank you, E.

Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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