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Mlle. Terrene

The name Terrene was listed in the Paris business directory from 1863 to 1890, and was located at 10 Rue du Marche-St. Honore. "Terrene" is actually the name of a doll boutique, not a manufacturer, but collectors typically refer to the body type given this doll as "Terrene. "
Standing seventeen and one-half inches tall, details include a quite early, and perfect, swivel head with very good bisque quality, cobalt eyes, delicate brows, a pleasing blonde mohair wig in an elegant style, and non-pierced ears.
Construction of the articulated body is quite unique, featuring kid over wood. metal, and bisque components, with articulation at the hips and knees. The painted metal arms feature moving joints at the shoulder and elbows, plus lower bisque arms (well-done repairs to a few fingers on the right hand).
Mlle. Terrene wears a lovely promenade ensemble in brilliant blue patterned silk, with restrained, but entirely effective decoration in the form of delicate lace and coordinating silk passementerie. The silhouette is exquisite, and is complemented by simple floral accents in her hairstyle. Artist-made ankle high boots in cream leather with blue silk bows complete the look.
What we have here is a superb doll that will surely provide enjoyment for many years to come.

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Poupée Parisienne with Generational Trousseau
from Maison Simonne

17 1/2" Poupee Parisienne from Maison Simonne, complete with a remarkable original trousseau that includes articles which span the doll's christening as a baby, through girlhood, and into adulthood as she is shown costumed here. Features of the package include a very beautiful fashion with a perfect bisque swivel head and shoulderplate, blue paperweight eyes, pierced through the head ears, and her original mohair wig.
On an articulated wooden body with the original paint finish in good condition and showing normal wear (toes on left foot restored), and complete with a Simonne stamp upon the leather collarette, note also that the body features a swivel waist.
Housed in the trunk is a fine assortment of clothing, coordinating hats, and accessories. As mentioned, included in the trousseau is a gorgeous christening gown, enfantine ensembles worn during her early teenage years, and ensembles suitable for the fine lady that she has become.
A fine example, surely destined for a world class collection.

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Thank you, I.









Jumeau Fashion Teenager

This Jumeau fashion teenager is loaded with personality, don't you agree? Standing eleven inches tall, (12" overall) details of this child include a perfect bisque shoulderplate and swivel head, rarer brown paperweight eyes in large round eye cuts, pierced ears, and a darling brunette mohair wig worn up in back in a classic twist.
On a classic, non-gusseted leather body that is in very good, clean condition, Mademoiselle is exquisitely dressed in the enfantine manner.
The lovely dress is made from silk faille in deepest plum that is coordinated with the most luscious pink silk. Finishing details include a sweet lace bonnet with floral accents, plus custom made silk slippers.
An adorable child fashion that will display beautifully in your fashion doll vignettes.

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A Celestial Creation....

Wow! Ok, not the most academic of descriptive words, but truthfully, the one that first came to mind when this doll arrived at the shop. Details of this twenty-two inch tall fashion, one with a remarkable portrait face that is known to some collectors as "Chantilly," include a perfect shoulderhead with pale bisque, glorious coloring, delicate painting, and cobalt striated eyes in even eyecuts.
On a classic leather body that remains in good, clean, sturdy condition, she is costumed supremely in a heavenly ballgown. Components include the most sumptuous ivory silk brocade (light, scattered tenderness) that is accented by lace, plus do not miss the front panel that features a passementerie latticework that is dotted with silken bows and further decorated with bead and pearl loops. Silk ribbons and wax orange blossoms adorn her original honey blonde mohair wig - note that it is worn up in an elegant style for evening.
Yes, she is about to experience an evening to remember, while you will have a day to remember - the one when she arrives at your door.

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15" (16 1/2" overall) classically beautiful fashion from Maison Jumeau - details here include a perfect bisque swivel head and shoulderplate, lovely and sensitive crystalline blue spiral-threaded eyes in almond-shaped eye cuts, delicate lashes, a nicely painted mouth, pierced-through ears and a wonderful custom mohair wig in a pleasing shade of honey blonde, worn in a dramatic style.
This doll is fitted with a classic kid body in good condition, but also features deluxe, articulated, long bisque arms, although showing restorations to two fingers on the right hand.
The gorgeous two-piece ballgown is a sweet dream in pink silk with a tulle overlay, while pearls and ropes of shimmering glass beads add dimension overall.
Cheerful flowers are not only placed in this beautiful doll's hairstyle, but worn at her breast, as well.
A lovely fashion who represents a special opportunity for a dose of opulence in your doll cabinet.

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Thank you, J.








Emile Jumeau
A Portrait Model

19" Portrait Jumeau fashion in a desirable “cabinet size” with a perfect bisque head and shoulder plate, this doll’s hypnotic blue paperweight eyes and extremely luxurious lashes are the features that you will notice first, as they lend her a youthful appearance. Additional features include lovely coloring, pierced ears, and an original honey blonde mohair wig worn down in back, as her costuming as a young girl indicates.
On a sturdy kid body that is complete with the Jumeau stamp on the reverse, Mademoiselle is classically dressed in the styles of the late 1870s. She wears a fabulous original ensemble in silk cut velvet in a deep shade of plum, plus a coordinating hat, original antique underthings and antique leather boots.
Mlle. Jumeau is lucky that she comes with the three additional original ensembles shown here - a lovely package, and a Jumeau fashion model that we do not find in smaller sizes too terribly often.

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A Lady of Mystery...

13 1/2" early Fashion by an unknown maker, features include a perfect bisque swivel head and shoulderplate, delicate painting, blue glass eyes, pierced-through ears and the beyond wonderful original mohair wig, worn in an elegant style.
On a kid over wood articulated body that is fitted with bisque forearms (repairs to fingers on right hand) this dolls wears a ballgown that is, in a word - sensational. Of luscious pink silk brocade that is decorated with chiffon and flowers, the gown not only creates a memorable silhouette, it is also simply breathtaking.
An enchanting fashion, with a rare to find face, in a manageable size - what could be better?

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Thank you, J.

Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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