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6 7/8" tall German Papier-mache Pin Cushion doll, an "alien head" model with wonderfully painted features, and black-painted hair. Additional features include jointed wooden arms, and a sawdust stuffed base that doubles as the pin cushion. Dressed as a nun, the costume of cotton and wool is entirely original and includes a tiny beaded rosary.
In very good condition overall, showing normal wear.

Thank you, R.








5 1/2" French novelty - a "Hat Tipper" who remains in all original condition. Details of this petite mechanical marvel include a perfect bisque head with blue glass eyes, his original wig styled in the 18th century manner, and an all original silken costume that denotes the gentleman as a marquis. Push up on his left leg and the gent takes off his black tricorn hat - pull down and he takes it off again.








13 1/2" German Wax-over Papier-mâché with sparkling black pupil-less eyes, nice coloring and most interesting of all, an applied hairstyle in the form of rows of mohair ringlets that feature a Dresden paper hair band, and original pale blue hair ribbons.
On her original body with nicely modeled composition limbs, she wears her original two-tiered dress of fine organdy and natural gauze over glazed cotton. Don't miss her original glass earrings.

A rarely found example in an appealing size!

Thank you, C.






Here is something that we do not see too terribly often, a German China with a wardrobe of clothing! Details of this impressive 27" example include a perfect china shoulderhead with beautiful pale blue eyes, gorgeous coloring including beautifully blushed cheeks, rare pierced ears, and a super up-do hairstyle that features a center part in front, and an intricate braided knot in back.
On what appears to be her original cloth body that is fitted with leather arms, she wears wonderful antique leather boots (fragile) upon her stuffed cloth feet.
Shown here in a darling printed cotton dress that exhibits professional quality sewing skills, you will discover below that she owns an additional two dresses that also feature beautiful quality, plus a marvelous hooded cloak, and a tailored coat. All of her items can be stored for safekeeping if you desire, in her dome-top trunk.
An opportunity to acquire a truly remarkable package is presented here - don't hesitate.







16" German Wax-over Papier-mâché with sparkling cobalt eyes, pierced ears, and an amazing, intricately applied hairstyle in the form of auburn brown mohair.
On her original cloth body with molded composition arms, and legs that wear fancy boots, she wears a handsome two-piece ensemble of navy cotton and wool flannel printed with a paisley pattern.









25-1/2" German wax-over Papier-mâché with wonderful bright blue sleep-eyes, lovely painting, pierced ears, and her original wig. On her original body with wax-over limbs including fabulous molded high-button boots, she wears a classic drop waist dress of navy silk faille with details that include a cream faille sash, tatted lace, and red silk bows. Her matching chapeau is the perfect finishing touch on this charming early child.

Please click here to view "au naturel" details









Standing 11-1/2" overall, the workmanship in this wax masterpiece is remarkable and features a vegetable vendor of perhaps, Central American descent, on her way to the marketplace. With a poured wax head (flattening to nose) with inset glass eyes, the details are incredible, such as cottons dipped in wax and decorated with wax stripes in a painted manner. The basket upon her back is loaded with fresh vegetables, which include wax heads of lettuce, turnips, peppers and carrots all enhanced by wax-dipped paper leaves.
Old, yellowed newspaper tucked into the bottom of the basket is in American English, leading us to believe the piece in American made, perhaps created early in the twentieth century.









11" German Parian from the Kling firm, details of this lovely young lady include a perfect bisque shoulderhead with brown glass eyes, pierced ears, and a marvelous molded blonde hairstyle worn up.
On her original cloth body that features nicely modeled bisque arms, she is exquisitely costumed in a masterfully tailored, two-piece ensemble of rich green silk that features fine, coordinating passementerie at the edges. Due to her unusual petite size, she would work well in a vignette with large scale dollhouse furniture - creating her own miniature world in which to reside, blissfully.

Please click here to view "au naturel"

Thank you, M.







We cannot imagine how this exquisite French Papier-mâché could be in any better condition...she is truly near-mint. The paint finish of this lovely twelve-inch (13 1/2" overall) doll is amazingly beautiful, with deep blue eyes, nicely painted lips...even the soft blush is still on her cheeks. She is a slit-head model, but we do not think she was ever fitted with a wig, as there is not a trace of it, and her remarkable head dress remains firmly attached. From what we can see of her leather body, we surmise that it remains in fine, sturdy shape, as well.
Her fanciful regional costume of silk, silk brocade, velvet and tulle is sheer perfection. No apologies here...just a museum quality doll!

Thank you, B.

Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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