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Darling German Wax-over Papier-mâché Taufling that features a wax coated shoulderhead in very good condition overall, with black glass pupil-less eyes, nice coloring, and a tuft of blonde hair emanating from the lace-edged bonnet.
On a cloth body that is fitted with wooden arms and legs reminiscent of those utilized on the Motschmann dolls, this cutie wears his original gown (foxing) and blue silk sash (tender).
The perfect piece for display in an early cradle, or scene.

Measures: 10 1/2" tall (15 1/2" long to hem of gown)








In all original condition and even retaining the original labeled box, is a ten and one-half inch English poured Wax child, elegantly costumed as a Christmas Angel.
Features include blue inset glass eyes highlighted by delicate lashes, strawberry blonde mohair crowns her lovely head, and do not miss her finely molded wax arms and bare feet.
She wears an extraordinary costume of white gauze trimmed in metallic braid, complete with a staff and headband. Even though this child is composed of wax, there is a special quality to her which, to us, is reminiscent of a fine bisque doll. Incidentally, the address listed on the box lid, reveals a lovely London neighborhood and a marvelous late-Victorian house.

Thank you, S.






21 1/2" German Parian Lady (attr. Conta & Boehme) - a magnificent example that features a perfect shoulderhead with a fantastic rare black-painted hairstyle that includes a molded and gilded bow, plus delicate brushstrokes at the temples. Further details include nice painting, and rare-to-find pierced ears. On a cloth body that is fitted with bisque arms (one re-glued) and legs (both with repair), she wears a spectacular ball gown in gorgeous spring green slipper satin that is overlaid with silken net, plus ruched net and cutwork accents.
This raven-haired fashion plate, with her haute couture gown in miniature, will prove to be a highlight in any fine collection of early dolls.

Thank you, L.






10" German, Wax over Papier-mâché shoulderhead with an unusual molded hairstyle - further details include black glass pupil-less eyes, nicely painted features and a seldom-found hairstyle that includes a swath molded curls in front, and a molded snood in back. On a cloth body that is fitted with carved wooden arms and legs that wear very cute blue-painted boots, she wears a darling original dress over four layers of underthings!

Thank you, L.






Standing a mere 10" in height, is the most adorable German, Wax over Papier-mache shoulderhead that we have seen in a long time. Further details include the original earrings and necklace, inset cobalt blue glass sleep eyes, and a darling blonde mohair wig in its original set.
On a cloth body with molded composition arms, and shapely legs that wear beautifully detailed heeled boots, she wears her original printed cotton dress, with blue silk ribbon and lace accents, that remains in very good condition overall.
Don't hesitate here - this one is a keeper.

Thank you, C.







14 1/2" early English poured wax child with not only a wonderful, vulnerable expression, but also large pretty blue glass eyes, healthy coloring in her cheeks and hand inserted blonde hair.
On a cloth body with wax limbs, including bare feet, she wears an extraordinary costume – an enfantine style dress in ecru taffeta with black accents in the form of jet beads and black lace, plus a remarkable straw hat - elegant. Antique

Thank you, J.







Believe it or not, there is a doll in here - look closely. This fanciful early Pen Wipe, of felt circles, silk ribbon, tulle and beads, acts as the "dress" for a tiny Grodner Tal wooden. The doll's paint finish is lovely, as is the overall condition here.

Measures: 4 1/4" in diameter








24 1/2" statuesque German papier-mache who we attribute to the Kestner firm, details here include a nicely modeled shoulderhead that includes lovely features including blue-painted eyes, blushed cheeks, and most important, beautifully modeled exposed ears that help showcase the classic "Victoria" hairstyle that includes not only exquisitely painted tendrils, but also a detailed bun in back.
The classic "milliners model" style body features a replacement, stuffed cotton torso, upper arms and upper legs that are in turn fitted with carved and painted wood lower arms and legs that wear red-painted slippers (redecorated).
This lovely lady wears an antique printed cotton dress that features very nice decorative details, over antique underthings.

Thank you, H.








Everyone loves a mystery - including early doll collectors! What we have here is a very unusual German Wooden, who dates from the first quarter of the nineteenth century. Fine details that include a carved wooden head and torso as one, with jointed arms and legs in the typical Grodner Tal style.
The head, although somewhat papier-mache like in appearance, does bear carving tool marks upon the back surface. The heavily gessoed face (to which we attribute its smoothness) also bears very interesting carving, especially to the bulbous, and very nicely painted blue eyes. The brows and lips, are well painted, too. Note also, the carved and painted comb in her otherwise simple hairstyle.
The doll will arrive with a small wardrobe of what we would guess is child-made clothing, plus some really lovely accessories, all housed in an early pasteboard box.
A dolly rarity to be sure, and a mysterious one at that!

Measures: 11" tall, overall

Thank you,








There is a lot of artistry in this petite package! This china fellow, who stands six and one-half inches tall, bears the most beautiful painting on his tiny face, plus wonderful painting of his black hairstyle, as well. On a cloth body that is fitted with china limbs that include cupped hands and flat feet, he retains his original commedia del arte inspired costume (tender, and with scattered losses), and better yet, it even includes his pointed hat with its bell at the tip-top!
A cutie to be sure, and he would be happy to be the toy in the arms of a larger doll companion.

Thank you, P.

Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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