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Here's a petite, at 10" tall, German Wigged China with style! Sometimes referred to as a "Biedermeier" china - whatever the name, she is still as wonderful. Details include a perfect shoulderhead with very nicely painted features including blue eyes, lovely blushed cheeks, a beautiful mouth and a darling wig of blonde mohair.
On a cloth body with china limbs that include cupped hands and flat feet (minor chips and one re-glued), she is costumed as a lady in a tailored two-piece walking suit of cream wool and deepest brown silk velvet - a stylish hat completes the look.








13 1/4" German parian shoulderhead, a very pretty model, with exquisite details that include a lovely molded blonde hairstyle that features curls resting upon her back and shoulders. Further details include a molded, black-painted hair bow upon the top of her head, plus a molded shirtfront that includes a blue painted ribbon worn around the neck.
On a replacement "Humpty Dumpty" cloth body with very nice limbs that include beautifully decorated ankle boots, she wears a darling dress of ecru gauze that features embroidered floral sprigs, plus accents in the form of blue silk tape trim.
A gorgeous example in a super easy to display cabinet size.








13 1/2" fashion plate of a German, Wax over Papier-mache shoulderhead featuring inset cobalt blue glass sleep eyes and a super molded blonde hairstyle. Further details include very nice coloring and gold tone earrings
On a cloth body with molded composition arms, and shapely legs that wear heeled boots (minor losses and re-glues), she wears her original enfantine style dress that features lovely ribbon edging details upon the skirt, and soutache upon the bodice - don't miss the overscale bow in back. A Victorian flower basket pin adorns her bodice as well. Her wired bonnet completes this package perfectly.

Thank you, C.







We are happy to offer a German papier-mache shoulderhead Boy – from the firm of Andreas Voit. Details include beautifully modeled and black-painted curly hair, painted wisps at the hairline and inset, pupil-less, black glass eyes. Showing normal wear (possible touch-up to tip of nose), there is abundant personality and charm residing within - and what a snappy dresser!
On a classic leather body, he wears a smashing suit, and a truly fantastic straw hat.

Measures: 17 1/4" tall








17" German, Wax over Papier-mache featuring a molded blonde hairstyle, pierced ears fitted with the original earrings, inset cobalt blue glass eyes and nicely blushed cheeks - all on a cloth body with composition arms, and shapely legs that wear painted heeled boots.
She does wear her original dress of black gauze that features a field of purple flowers, but its condition is quite tender, with losses to the back and upper sleeve area.
An early example who still retains plenty of charm, largely due to her original condition.








“Nouvelle Imagerie d’Epinal. Pantins, Titi, Danseur et Danseuse, Mousquetaire, Bobeche, Menetrier.”
Uncut sheet of six colorful French paper Pantins, with moveable limbs, with multiple costumes and headwear depicting Spanish attire...would be wonderful framed.
Measure approximately 7-8” tall (if completed).








Although absent of any tell-tale markings, we believe this rare rubber toy to be French in origins. Beautifully modeled, and then molded in red rubber as a baby in bunting holding a rattle, and decorated in soft subtle colors, this piece was probably originally intended to be a squeak toy, or a rattle, as there are components inside that are free to move around. Remarkably, it remains somewhat supple!
A rarity that will display beautifully in your doll collection.

Measures: 8 3/4" in height









German Milliner-model type couple with papier-mache heads, wearing corn husk wedding clothes in the style of the early nineteenth century Quakers and further accessorized with seeds. Circa 1840.

From the collection of John Darcy Noble

Measures: 9" tall

Thank you, S.

Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!
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