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19 1/2" German, "M & S Superior" labeled Papier-mache shoulderhead in her all original presentation. Details include marvelous painting of her delicate mouth and brown eyes, which are complete with highlight dots, a nicely modeled hairstyle (showing wear) that exposes her molded ears, and the original cloth body with leather arms.
The dress, of luscious pink printed cotton, features wonderful workmanship and detail, and is accented by a pale blue cotton apron. Cabinet ready!

Thank you, L.







Come to the Charity Bazaar!

Here we have a very enterprising young lady...no, not for herself mind you, for charity.
In America, during the Civil War years, bazaars, also known as sanitary fairs, were very popular events - we know that such events took place in England as well, as that is where this remarkable assemblage was created.
Staged to raise money for charity, fine and upstanding ladies in the community would sell wares to benefit the disadvantaged. An object of "parlor art" - here we have a German papier-mâché (she looks more than a little bit like a caricature of Queen Victoria) who represents one of those fine ladies of high society. On a leather body, with wooden milliner model-type limbs, she is dressed in her original, albeit frail costume of silks, including a magnificent wired bonnet. Our fine lady minds her stand with confidence – as she is aware that she presents quite lovely offerings.
Now, one can choose from a wide assortment of fabric goods, exquisite boxed flatware, plus fine ladies household articles...she would be ever so pleased to make a sale...to you.

The doll alone stands 9" tall overall, while her table measures:
7 3/4" wide by 5 1/2" deep and 4 3/4" tall
The round wooden base measures: 13" in diameter









14" German, Wax over Papier-mache shoulderhead featuring inset cobalt blue glass sleep eyes and a super molded blonde hairstyle that features a molded and waxed hair ribbon and bow with streamers.
On a cloth body with molded composition arms, and shapely legs that wear beautifully detailed heeled boots, she wears her original printed cotton dress (with fluted silk components) that remains in good condition overall.
An early example who still retains plenty of charm, especially due to her special features.

Thank you, L.






An exquisite, all original, eleven-inch, china version of Empress Eugenie, she is a perfect shoulderhead model with brilliant blue eyes, plus she boasts lovely painting with wisps at the temples, and a molded snood.
On her original French leather body, she wears a very beautiful, but tender dress of cream and blue striped silk, with French blue silk bows and ruched details.
A cabinet-sized example of exceptional quality.








11" German China Flat-top, in a marvelous small size, with extra special details that include a perfect shoulderhead with crisp modeling, very nicely painted eyes and lips, and a black-painted hairstyle;e nearly free of rubs.
On a cloth body with the original china limbs in the form of beautifully modeled cupped hands, and legs that wear flat slippers, she wears what appears to be her original dress of blue and white printed cotton. A tiny, black enameled pin worn at her breast accents her rich, raven hair.

Thank you, L.








We love humble toys such as this German wax-over papier-mache Alice, as they are indeed survivors. Details of this eight and one-half example include a shoulderhead with inset pupil-less eyes and a sweet molded blonde hairstyle with a painted (showing wear) headband.
On a stuffed cloth body that features wooden arms, and legs that wear orange-painted boots, Alice has a squeaker in her torso that is still operable! She also retains her original clothing in the form of a chocolate brown wool dress, and an apron/smock in off-white linen.

Thank you, J.







What a sweetheart! We are happy to offer such a handsome German parian Boy - a perfect shoulderhead model with lovely coloring, painting and molded blond hair. Might he be the perfect little brother to one of your girls?
On a sturdy, commercial, cloth body with leather arms, striped socks and red "boots" with tassels, he is costumed in a mariner-inspired suit of navy wool with red tape accents - complete with a matching sailor tam.
This fellow is ready and willing to shake things up in your doll cabinet!

Click here to see details "au naturel"

Measures: 13" tall









18th century Continental Wax (attr. Augsburg) featuring a poured wax head with much character, on a hemp-covered wire armature that is fitted with carved wood arms and feet.
Beautifully costumed in period silks, this older lady of nobility is suitable for use in an early dollhouse, or vignette.

Measures: 9" tall


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!
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