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19 1/2" German, Greiner-type, Papier-mache shoulderhead featuring inset, black glass, pupil-less eyes, very nicely painted facial features and a black-painted molded hairstyle that accentuates the doll's molded ears. On a classic milliner's model cloth body with slender, carved wooden limbs and Yellowstone slippers, she wears a simple yet elegant dress of check silk, along with a spectacular poke bonnet.








10 1/4" of sweetness is exemplified by this German fellow that we attribute to the Schilling Company. Details include a molded papier-mache shoulderhead with a closed mouth, inset blue glass eyes, delicate painting and his original natural skin wig.
On a cloth body with molded composition arms (flake to fingers on right hand) and legs, this little guy is decked out in his original Scottish plaid costume. In additional, he wears fantastic shoes antique shoes from the Kestner firm.
He's just a wee lad - whose price will not break the bank.








23 1/2" German, Wax over Papier-mache shoulderhead "Pumpkin Head" model that retains a very nice complexion and color. Further details include inset black glass pupil-less eyes, a black-painted head band is part of the classic hairstyle. On a cloth body that is fitted with carved and painted wood limbs, one of the greatest components of this doll is her all original costume. Of chintz, lace and shimmering metallic trimmings, she appears to be perfectly dressed for a costume ball.

Thank you, C.








There is much to love about this early German papier mache sailor man - we say "man" due to the fact that he needs a shave! Someone had fun with this fellow - his bearded face the one we typically see as a classic shoulderhead that heralds from the Kestner firm, except this guy has a short, flange neck.
He would be the perfect guy to be lost at sea with, as his wooden hands resemble paddles, or the wide end of oars - a pun perhaps, due his being a seafarer? On a stuffed cloth body, he is also fitted with carved and painted wooden feet (loss of tip to left) and he wears his original trousers, striped shirt, kerchief, plus a navy blue tam.
Remember, every gal loves a sailor.

Measures: 13 1/2" tall, overall








9 1/2" German China, a darling, perfect Flat-top model with sweet features, great coloring and personality plus. On her original body with china limbs, she wears antique underthings and a printed cotton dress that illustrates fading to the front. A classic example perfect to play the part of child to your larger china ladies.

Thank you, K.








Glorious may just be the perfect word to describe this magnificent piece of religious art. Housed under a presentation case of gilt paper and hand-rolled glass since the dawn of the nineteenth-century, the case performed its duties well. The condition of this altar piece is pristine. Upon the silk velvet bed with gilt paper trim and gold metal decoration-silken bedding with delicate embroidery, rests a wax figure of The Child upon an embroidered pillow. The figure is dressed in a gown of silk with further embroidery and is protected under a canopy of fabric woven from silver threads-gold bullion tassels and passementerie add dimension. A crown of incredible paper flowers finishes the piece.
Case measures: 21-1/4" tall, 11" deep, 17-1/2" wide.








This very nicely carved wooden shrine, with Gothic lines and a hand rolled glass front, houses a carved wood, gessoed and polychrome-decorated figure of the Madonna and Child. Continental, and circa mid nineteenth century, the carving is well executed and the palette is striking. Perfect for the collector of religious art.
Case measures 13” to top of crest.









Here's a true rarity, a pair of Sonneberg wax over Asian Twins! Each remains in superb condition, as do their matching costumes in shimmering jewel tones - exquisite in every way. Further details include wonderful coloring, inset black glass pupil-less eyes and please note that each wears a long queue.

Each measures: 9 1/2" tall

$1250.00 the two







Residing in a shadow box fantasy-land of flowers, feathers, sea shells and Erzgebirge wooden toys for well over a century now, this mint condition Papier-mache has enjoyed quite the good life!
The German doll, who stands around twelve-inches tall overall, is of the type that was referred to as a "varnished head" when new – and she has certainly not changed much over time, as the finish upon her face, hairstyle and shoulders remains glossy and pristine. The same can be said of her remarkable original costume, complete with a knitted hat which is worn in a chic, up-turned fashion.
The shadow box retains its original, wonderful, hand-rolled glass front which is puttied in place, and permanently so. This feature could make shipping this item risky, so we can arrange hand-delivery to local, or West Coast areas, or wherever we participate in shows, including the Atlanta-area this Summer.
A true work of art, and a memorial to a special childhood of long, long ago.

Measures: 14 1/2" tall x 17" wide x 4" deep.


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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