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Can you say "blue ribbon winner?" Well, it might be a good idea to practice, because we truly believe this all original doll, costumed as a Spanish Lady, is a contender.
Details of this exquisite German papier-mache shoulderhead from the Kestner firm include a near flawless complexion, delicately painted features including deep brown eyes with an unusual hint of lashes, and a beautiful mouth with full lips. Her bee-hive style molded hairstyle features remnants of actual applied hair on top.
On a stuffed leather body, she wears a magnificent original costume that features amazing beaded trimmings, plus a spectacular black tulle mantilla, while silk stockings and silk slippers adorn her feet.
A brittle piece of paper found on the reverse indicates that this "Spanish doll" was once the property of Eliza, the last Duchess of Gordon, when she was a little girl.
A fabulous example for those collectors who like to buy the best.

Measures: 18 1/2" tall, overall

Thank you, A.







21 1/2" German, Wax over Papier-mache shoulderhead featuring inset cobalt blue glass eyes and applied blonde mohair curls, all on a cloth body with composition arms, and shapely legs that wear heeled boots (repairs).
She does wear her original woolen dress that remains in good condition overall.
An early example who still retains plenty of charm, largely due to her all original condition.







"Pretty as a picture" is the perfect way to describe this classically beautiful German china - actually a young girl, due to her sturdy neck. Details of this treasure include a perfect shoulderhead with very nice painting and coloring, especially endearing are the rosy cheeks!
On a stuffed cotton body that is fitted with long china arms with cupped hands, and legs (expert repair to right) with flat feet, she wears a quite wonderful wool plaid dress that is decorated with black silk ribbon and black lace. Antique underthings are a very nice bonus.
A fabulous 1860s china who is ready to walk right into your cabinet!

Measures: 18 1/2" tall

Thank you,







As evidenced by this backdrop that was created for the Holy Family, a lot of activity can take place in a relatively small space. In this tableau, designed and created by Jose Cabrera, you will find a plethora of riches. Besides the classic, yet contemporary artist-created Neapolitan creche Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus, you will find additional figures that include the Three Kings, a Archangel complete with colorful wings and the sandaled feet which are required for him, and finally representing the stark realities of life, a sleeping shepherd.
Each of the figures is made in the traditional fashion, of sculpted terracotta, featuring the classic hemp-wrapped bodies with classic arms and legs. Further, each is exquisitely costumed in rich silks and trimmings save for the shepherd who is wearing wool and cotton.
The background piece is constructed from wood and plaster to represent brick and stone, and then artfully painted to portray an aged structure. Please note the exquisite accessories that are included such as the wax fruit.
There is room to add yor own personal touches to this lovely scene.

Scene measures: 36" wide x 23 3/4" deep x 29 3/4" tall
Joseph stands 14" tall
Mary measures 12" seated
Baby Jesus measures 5" long

$4500.00 as shown









This piece, more art than doll, should be displayed in that manner – artful. Actually a nineteenth-century, Italian, carved wood marionette, this gentleman depicts a commedia del' arte figure. Impressive at thirty six inches tall, he is jointed in all the right places to enable very fluid movements. The carving details upon his expressive face are remarkable – the mask and beard, expertly done, and the glass eyes – very realistic in blown glass with blue irises.
This fellow, who has a body composed of stuffed cotton and carved wood components, with screw eyes remaining here and there that used to give strings an anchoring point, wears a red silk velvet costume with a long black coat over it. Wool stockings and leather slippers complete the look.
He is ready to take the stage!








Female National Costumes of Europe
states the hand-colored box lid of this set of Paper Dolls and in four languages, no less.

This wonderful set comes with two dolls to dress-the reverse of one is shown above.

There are eight extremely colorful costumes, with fronts and backs, (loss to back and a hand on one costume) for the ladies to wear-all hand-colored with glossy details which were achieved by applying egg white to the paper.

This boxed set dates circa 1860.

The dolls measure six and one-half inches tall.

The box measures seven inches by ten inches.


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!
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