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For the advanced parian collector, we have something you will definitely appreciate in the form of a fabulous lady wearing a molded hat. The size is superb at 9 3/8" and the molded details are unsurpassable.
Features include a perfect shoulderhead with gorgeous painting of the eyes, brows, mouth, and hair ornaments. Details upon the head include the molded hat (tiniest flake at edge) featuring a luxurious molded plume with lavender luster decoration.
Upon what is surely her original cloth body, it is fitted with lovely bisque arms with cupped hands, and flat feet that "wear" painted ankle boots. Shimmering satin forms the basis of the lovely ensemble, with its tape and black lace trimmings, while antique undergarments complete the presentation.

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In case you didn't notice, this little rarity at fourteen inches tall, is big on style! Details of this Reinforced Wax include brilliant blue spiral threaded glass eyes, a closed mouth with the cutest little painted teeth, a fabulous original mohair wig in its original elegant style and a molded blouse front with a molded and olive-painted ribbon tie around the neck.
On a cloth body with nicely modeled papier-mache limbs including legs that wear orange-painted boots, this fortunate doll wears what appears to be her very stylish and beautifully constructed original bustled dress in deep plum silk (tender in areas) with olive green soutache trim.
If you're a collector of the unusual, in a manageable size, this lovely young lady may be just the one for you.

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23" early German Parian, attributed to Alt, Beck and Gottschalk and a variation of a model known to collectors as "Augusta Victoria" features include a perfect shoulderhead with an extraordinary blonde hairstyle entwined with black beads within her many curls, delicate paining of features and pierced ears. On a cloth body fitted with leather arms, she wears a handsome, beautifully tailored ensemble in forest green and burgundy wool. Circa 1870s, she is a classic example of a very fine parian.








23 1/2" German papier-mache, circa 1850, featuring a nicely modeled shoulderhead (repair to loss at right side of neck and some refreshing to paint) with blue-painted eyes, blushed cheeks, and a beautifully modeled brown-painted hairstyle that includes a detailed, braided bun in back.
On a stuffed cotton body that is fitted with carved and painted wood lower arms and legs,
this young lady wears an antique silk dress that features very nice decorative details.

Thank you, L.







8 3/4" German China with a perfect shoulderplate, lovely painting of facial features and a classic dark brown hairstyle (minor touch-ups to rubs). On her original cloth body that is fitted with nicely modeled china arms and legs that wear black heeled boots, she appears to us to be all original in her pink printed cotton dress and cotton wrap. A classic china in a wonderful small size.

Thank you,






17 1/2" German parian shoulderhead, a very pretty model, with exquisite details that include a lovely molded hairstyle featuring a mop of blonde curls that are intertwined with a double molded and blue painted-hair ribbon and bow! Further details include glass eyes in cobalt blue, very fine painting of lips, lashes and brows, and pierced ears that are fitted with blue glass earrings.
On a cloth body with leather arms (hands in delicate condition) she wears an antique original ensemble in white and blue polka-dot printed cotton that is a marvelous complement to not only her eyes, but also to her hair ornaments, as well.

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A fabulous French papier-mache in all original presentation should be on every early doll collectors list. This amazing example could be the one for you!
Features, besides her infinite charm, include an especially detailed hairstyle with crimping, braids and a bun, and inset glass pupil-less eyes. On a classic leather body showing normal wear and scattered patching, the regional costume of largely red wool includes a lovely border of blue floral silk at the hem, a vest of royal blue silk, a cotton wrap at the shoulders, a cream cotton apron, and a lace cap. She wears original under things and simple leather shoes upon her feet.
Simply put, a very pleasing example.

Measures: 19 1/2" tall









Just when you think you've seen it all, along comes a distinctive treasure like this Sleeping Beauty in a brilliant Dresden-paper trimmed glass case!
Dating circa 1870, the origins of this piece are shrouded in mystery, so we can only do our best to put its singular wonder into words.
The focal point of this creation is a tiny German parian head Princess lying upon a bed – her head resting on a lace-trimmed pillow. We can tell you that Sleeping Beauty is an entire doll, measuring about four inches long (on a cloth body with painted flat feet), and the shoulderhead itself features molded blonde hair with long floss tresses attached, plus painted blue eyes and rosy cheeks. Her clothing consists of a once-bright pink robe that has faded to soft pink, worn over a lace and Dresden paper edged gown of metallic gold threads. She wears a strand of pearl beads around her neck and a Dresden paper crown upon her head.
Four paper flower pots stand guard at each corner of her bed, while two floral bowers extend the length of her paper-covered platform.
The glass case itself is an engineering feat, composed of nine panels that were first edged in cotton, then joined together with various fancy papers.
Slumbering away in the safely and sanctity of her glass home, Sleeping Beauty will continue to do so, undisturbed, for centuries to come.


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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