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8" (10" tall overall) early, and quite seldom found survivor, in the form of a French, eighteenth-century carton doll, she was once a treasured part of the collection of John Darcy Noble.
Details include a molded carton torso, legs, and head with typical simple painting of features, plus carved wooden hands and lower legs (with one foot lacking).
Madame wears a lovely costume in deep blue cotton, and brown silk velvet, accented by an apron in tulle with metallic and bead trimmings.
Perhaps, she will be the perfect resident for your early large-scale dollhouse?

Thank you, A.








One of the most outstanding Chinas we have offered in quite a while, this German lady has it all. Fine details include a perfect shoulderhead with exquisite coloring, and lovely painting especially of the mouth, but the real treat can be seen a bit higher - her hair - which incorporates a molded and gilded snood that features a ruffled edge in front, with lavender luster. You will also find a molded bunch of grapes decorated in luster, along with green leaves!
On a stuffed cloth body that is fitted with lovely china arms with cupped hands, and legs with flat feet, she wears a gorgeous two-piece ensemble of burgundy faille with cream lace accents - perfection!
Do not let this one pass you by!

Measures: 18 1/4" tall

Thank you, J.







19 1/2" German Wax-over Papier-mâché who is reminiscent to us of the parian models that we refer to as "Empress Eugenie" due to the identical molded details upon this doll's head - amazing. Further details include black pupil-less eyes, a molded hairstyle that includes a tassel, colorful plumes and a snood in back. On a cloth body that is fitted with carved wooden limbs, this survivor wears an antique printed cotton dress and apron - both charming and entirely hand sewn.

Thank you, H.






The perfect backdrop for the Holy Family is this tableau designed and created by Jose Cabrera. Included in this artful scene is a Neapolitan creche Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus. Each of the figures is of sculpted terracotta, with Joseph and Mary featurng the classic hemp-wrapped bodies with classic arms and legs. Each is exquisitely costumed in rich silks and trimmings.
The background piece is constructed from wood and plaster, and painted to represent an aged structure.
There is room to add yor own personal touches to this lovely scene.

Scene measures: 24" wide x 16" deep x 30 1/2" tall
Joseph stands 15 1/2" tall
Mary is 13" tall in the seated position
Baby Jesus is 5" tall

$2900.00 as shown








12" German Wax-over Papier-mâché with sparkling black pupil-less eyes, nice coloring and most rare of all, a molded, black, pork pie hat that is fitted with a red plume, worn over her curly blonde hairstyle. On her original body with carved wooden limbs, she wears her original two-tiered dress of pink tulle (losses) over glazed cotton, with gilded paper accents upon the hemline, and silk ribbon decoration upon the bodice and at the waist.
A rarely found example in a darling size!

Thank you, C.








25 3/4" tall German Parian who is a fine product of the firm Alt. Beck & Gottschalk. A perfect shoulderhead model with exquisite coloring and painting, further details include pierced ears, a fabulous molded and painted blonde hairstyle that includes a black-painted ribbon intertwined, and personality plus.
On a cotton stuffed cloth body that is fitted with leather arms, this fine lady is beautifully costumed in midnight blue silk brocade that is accented by abundant use of coordinating passementerie.
A cabinet ready example who is sure to please.

Click here to view details "au naturel"

Thank you, L.







15 1/2"all original English poured Wax child with abundant charm - details include a perfect shoulderhead with lovely coloring, expressive inset blue glass eyes, inserted blonde hair worn down in a luxurious style - all on a cloth body with wax limbs.
She wears a gorgeous original ensemble in cream and blue crochet - it includes crochet underthings as well, even a matching hat!









18th century Continental Wax (attr. Augsburg) featuring a poured wax head with much character, on a hemp-covered wire armature that is fitted with carved wood arms and feet.
Beautifully costumed in period silks, this older lady of nobility is suitable for use in an early dollhouse, or vignette.

Measures: 9 1/2" tall

Thank you, C





Like his companion above, a nineteenth-century, Italian, carved wood marionette, this handsome young gentleman depicts a commedia del' arte figure. Standing an impressive thirty six inches tall, he is jointed in all the right places to enable very fluid movements. The carving details upon his expressive face are remarkable – the mask and other details are expertly done, and the glass eyes – very realistic in blown glass with brown irises.
This fellow, who has a body composed of stuffed cotton and carved wood components, with screw eyes remaining here and there that used to give strings an anchoring point, wears a four-piece cotton costume with green wool rope as decoration. Painted stockings and carved wood shoes complete the look.
So much artful expression – and great for display in the right shop or home.


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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