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This amazing set of extremely rare, German bisque, comical figures is, to our eyes, reminiscent of the Palmer Cox Brownies, largely due to the general era their marvelous molded clothing emulates. Their maker is unknown, but what is not unknown is how fantastic they are! Each figure boasts exquisite modeling and painting of their facial features and clothing. Each features articulated arms and legs, and each figure remains in perfect condition.
A truly remarkable set of characters that one graced the collection of the legendary Ralph Griffith.

Tallest measures: 5 1/4" tall

$2250.00 the set








3 1/4" stone bisque Clown from the Hertwig firm. Features include nicely painted features and molded clothing (blue ruffled collar) that is also skillfully decorated.
In excellent condition and perfect for display with your petite dolls, or upon the shelves of your toy shops.









It's fun to see the Happifat Family all together!
We are pleased to offer the Happifat clan - Mother, Father and Baby - all in excellent condition. Features of this German bisque trio include colorful molded details upon each doll, jointed arms, and note that the baby even retains his paper label.

Tallest measures: 4 1/4" tall

Thank you, K.







German All Bisque example with a head and torso molded as one, with sweet painted features including the eyes, she retains her original wig. The molded arms remain perfect, as do the marvelous legs with their painted striped stockings and shoes with blue bows. A darling silk dress, with black lace accents, takes its cues from the shoes. Adorable.

Measures: 4 3/8"









An "I'm Not Moving" Kewpie!
A darling imp who sits in a detailed wicker chair (possible repair to a flake on the back rim of chair) – this adorable German bisque action Kewpie, with crossed arms and feet, features nice coloring, eyes to the side and classic blue wings.

Measures: 3 1/2" tall seated in chair








Young Love Kewpies!

Action Kewpie “Huggers” with eyes to the side, blue wings, intact topknots and vulnerable hearts.
Measure: 3 1/2" tall








A Travelin' Kewpie!

Who could resist this rare German action Kewpie “Traveler”? Featuring nicely painted bisque, eyes to the side and classic blue wings, he is prepared (with a valise and umbrella) for wherever life takes him. There is a repair to his top-knot and possibly one to the umbrella handle, so his price is excellent.
Measures: 3 1/2" tall.








Hold Me Tight Kewpies!
Action Kewpie “Huggers” with eyes to the side, blue wings, intact topknots, but tiny flake to one.

Measures: 3 3/8" tall








Where did the Kewpie Go?-Kewpie!
Petite, two-inch, German bisque Kewpie with painted features, eyes to the side, arms outstretched and tiny blue wings.
Don't lose track of the Kewpie!


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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