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Darling crocheted Bonnet from soft cream wool that your Hurets in particular might appreciate. Coordinating cream silk ribbon was utilized as bows and ties.
In excellent condition and suitable for a fashion of 18-19" -- such as an example from Maison Huret.

Approximately 9" circumference at opening

Thank you, T.







Deep sapphire silk velvet forms the basis of this antique French bebe Hat, with its contrasting dove gray gathered silk underside (slightly distressed), silk band and overscale bow. In good condition overall, and suitable wear by a French bebe (or German child) who stands approximately 17-18" in height.

Measures: Approximately 7" circumference at opening
5 3/4" front to back

Thank you,








Lovely fancy straw Hat that is decorated with a silk velvet ribbon in the softest shade of green, plus delicate blossoms. In good condition, showing some losses and perfect for your bebes or German children who stand approximately 17-18" tall.

Overall diameter measures: 6-1/2"








This antique ladies Hat, circa 1914-15, would be perfect on the lady dolls from Cuno & Otto Dressel, or the Simon & Halbig 1469 models. Of lustrous black silk taffeta, the only decoration is in the form of a band that features blossoms in back and white. The cotton lining does show water stains, but otherwise the condition is good, with scattered pinholes and normal wear.
Suitable for a WWI-era lady doll who stands approximately 14" in height.

Measures: Approximately 6 1/4" circumference at opening
12 1/4" circumference overall









A sweet confection of a Bonnet, made solely of concentric rows of tulle and lace, featuring cream silk ribbon woven through. Two cream, looped ribbon pom-poms decorate each side, while long cream ribbons act as ties. In lovely condition and suitable for a very special German baby, or a French bebe of approximately 24-25" – should fit a head circumference of 14-15".








19th - early 20th century French Military Cap (Algerian / N. African Corps) constructed of leatherette and fine dove gray wool over a carton base and featuring gold metallic braid and stamped brass ornaments. In excellent condition and suitable for an approximately 17-18” fashion gentleman.

Measures: Approximately 6 1/4" circumference at opening










Beyond chic, is this red satin Hat with a dramatic black feather and border of ruched black silk velvet. This piece would be perfect for your petite bebes, such as a Bru or FG.
Suitable for a doll of 10-12”.
Interior circumference measures: 8”








A sweet little Hat that would work for several types of dolls, it is composed of black silk velvet, with a ruffled edge in midnight blue silk velvet. Trimmings include a gathering of black lace punctuated by red silk bows, and a band in fleshy pink silk faille ribbon.
In good condition showing normal wear (especially ruffled edge) and suitable for wear by a French or German (lady) doll who stands approximately 12" in height.

Measures: Approximately 6" circumference at opening
10 1/4" in circumference, overall









Here's a sweet little chapeau that will flatter your petite German children, as well as the French bebes in your cabinet. Of cream stiffened wool flannel, soft pink is the coordinating shade selected for this dramatic antique Hat with its silk ribbon and ostrich plume accents.
In good condition, showing normal wear, and suitable for wear by a French or German doll who stands approximately 12" in height.

Measures: Approximately 5" circumference at opening
4" in diameter side to side
4 3/8" in diameter front to back








Sweet white eyelet Priscilla Bonnet featuring a wide ruffled edge and a hot pink wide silk ribbon band. In good condition over-all, with a couple of tiny spots and some wear to the lining, it would be suitable for an approximately 32”+ bebe or special German child.
Interior circumference measures: 17”.









Absolutely deluxe, creamy wool, winter Bonnet incorporating many intricate stitches and a lovely white and pink crocheted border. The long scarf-like tie is an added feature and the bright pink silk bow decorating the top is secured with a fancy silver buckle. Note the exquisite detail and artistry in the knitting - the chain-stitch loops around the face and ends of scarf ties are especially wonderful! Lovely condition and a luscious accessory that will give even a Long-face Jumeau something to smile about!
Suitable for an approximately 28-30” bebe.









Amazingly beautiful Capeline Bonnet of cream challis wool, decorated with fine silk fringe, yards of fine braid and silk passementerie tape. Featured upon the back are applied panels utilizing fluted silk, and do not miss the two tassels that are also finished in fine silk fringe. In good condition, with some scattered tender areas, and light staining.
Suitable for a doll such as an early bebe, or taufling, with a head circumference of approximately 15".









An essential for every proper bebe’s trousseau, this classic “Night Cap” of white waffle-weave cotton features delicate eyelet lace edging. Suitable for bebe or 16-17” tall.
Measures: 3” from ear to ear (adjustable).










Light blue and black is always a favorite combination. The brim of this woven black straw Chapeau is wrapped in pale blue silk with accents of black silk velvet, to create a very dramatic look. The condition is good, due to normal wear at the edges. Suitable for a bebe or German child approximately 18-19".

Inner circumference: 8 1/2"








Chic pink and burgundy woolen Tam in a charming pinwheel pattern. Featuring a wide band of gray knotted-wool and double tassels, it would be suitable for an 11-12” early bebe such as a Jumeau.

Thank you, T.








19th-century French Tirailleurs Kepi, or Military Cap constructed of leatherette and fine red wool over a carton base and featuring gold metallic braid and deep blue velvet. Suitable for an approximately 17-18” fashion gentleman.
Measures: 1-1/2" tall, inner circumference: 6-1/2"


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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