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Perfect for your most petite bebes, in a darling Cap in charcoal silk velvet with delicate piping in deep red. The same deep red in echoed up top, and at the opening where silk ribbon acts as decoration and the closure ties.
In good condition showing normal wear – suitable for a petite French bebe.

Ideal head circumference is approximately 61/2 - 7".









A pretty Bonnet that might do nicely on one of your larger girls, the lavender ribbon edging and ties add a nice bit of color. In very good condition.

Approximately 16 1/2" circumference at opening.









This magnificent bebe Bonnet features incredible hand work – it truly is a work of art. Details include luscious pink satin which is over-laid with lace, upon which crystal beads are sewn in a variety of patterns – creating a shimmering confection. In very good condition due to scattered losses of beading, this elegant piece is suitable for an approximately 22-24” bebe.









Sweet handmade antique bebe Cap of cherry red velvet trimmed with red silk ribbons. Lined with gray and cream silk, this lovely piece is in very good condition and is suitable for an approximately 19-20" bebe.
Measures an adjustable 4” from ear to ear.









Here is a cutie of a Hat that will look just great worn by your special character babies. Of soft wool yarn, note the lovely hint of pink crochet at the edge, plus the the exquisite pink silk brocade ribbon that ends in a pretty bow up top.

Approximately 9-10" circumference at opening









Fine ecru lace forms the basis of this lovely bebe Bonnet. A double row of lace flounces frames the opening, while a bouquet of cream and pale blue ribbon loops decorates the top. Beautiful.
In very good condition overall.

Approximately 13" circumference at opening.









How sweet is this? A darling Bonnet that many types of dolls will love, it might work best for a smaller bebe. Of luscious pale lavender silk with lace and chiffon details, the condition is excellent....good for a head circumference of approximately 8-1/2 to 9".

Approximately 8-1/2" circumference at opening.









A classic silk plaid Tam intended for use by…?  Yes, a Bebe Jumeau!  Acceptable for wear by boy and girl dolls alike, this one features brilliant color, an intact lining, a cute green top knot and is suitable for a doll of approximately 18-19”.  This is a great item for your doll’s trousseau, too!  









Classic factory-made Chapeau of butter-cream colored embossed carton. Ice blue silk, a tiny pink braid and a cluster of pink and blue flowers decorate this charming piece. Suitable for an approximately16-18” early doll such as a wax or papier-mâché. Interior circumference measures: 8”.









In the Kate Greenaway style, this white eyelet Priscilla Bonnet features a lace edged under ruffle and a wide creamy silk picote ribbon around brim. Very well constructed and in good condition, this lovely piece is suitable for an approximately 22” bebe or character doll.
Measures: 10” int. circumference.


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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