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One of the most lovely examples of a Chapeau Niçoise that we have ever offered, this marvelous one of woven natural straw, features a French blue silk lining (tender, minor tears), edging and ribbon decoration, while sweet flowers punctuate the top in three places.
In good condition, and suitable for wear by a French fashion, or enfantine example such as a Huret, or Rohmer, who stands approximately 17-18" in height.

Measures: Approximately 16 3/4" circumference
5 3/8" in diameter

Thank you,







Bebe Jumeau Bonnet in ice blue cotton, the details here are exquisite, from the wired and ruched components to the antique ribbons present, this piece is a delight.
The condition is good overall, showing scattered staining.

Measures: Approximately 11" circumference at opening








Variegated straw in shades of black, tan and brown forms the basis of this handsome Hat, while both the underside and top feature decoration in the form of chocolate brown velvet.
In excellent condition overall, and suitable for wear by a French or German doll (even a lady) who stands approximately 18-20" in height.

Measures: Approximately 6" circumference at opening
14" circumference
5" front to back









Handsome, cream felt Chapeau featuring deep blue velvet edging (wear) and twisted band with bronze braid intertwined. A velvet bow rosette designates the front. Suitable for a doll of 14-15".
Measures: 9" interior circumference.








For your smallest fashion dolls, such as a teenager, we offer a marvelous Chapeau in gray wool felt, with cream satin edging and decoration. Showing normal wear and suitable for wear by a fashion or (extra tiny bebe) who stands approximately 10-12" in height.

Measures: Approximately 4" circumference at opening
2 1/4" front to back









It will take the right fun-loving fashion doll, or small bebe to wear this fanciful, yet quite wonderful natural straw Hat! The shape is quite marvelous, and the red ribbon and feather accent – brilliant!
Do you have the right doll?
In very good condition overall, just some scattered losses to straw.
Suitable for a fashion of 18" or a bebe of approximately 12".


Thank you, T.







Black wool forms the basis of this classic Sailor Tam that is complete with a black silk band. The band is stamped with the name "TOULON" in gilt letters while the decoration is finished with a brilliant red pom pom on top. A marvelous antique hat, and in very good condition overall.
Suitable for wear by a French or German doll who stands approximately 11-12" in height.

Measures: Approximately 6 1/2" circumference at opening
10" in circumference, overall









Early fine ecru woolen Capelet, which is edged in a lighter shade of gathered silk ribbon. The same ribbon is used as the ties and is formed in a bow with long streamers in back, with two fancy silk picote bows in addition. Very well made-with silk lining and in good condition, with the exception of a few tiny moth holes. Suitable for 16-18” fashion or china.









19th - early 20th century French Military Cap constructed of leatherette, fine red wool and emerald green velvet over a carton base, and featuring gold metallic braid ornamentation.
In excellent condition and suitable for an approximately 17-18” fashion gentleman.

Measures: Approximately 6 1/4" circumference at opening









Marvelous straw Skimmer that could qualify as a salesman sample due to its fine quality and detail, A ribbon and bow acts as a band, while the piece is complete with a label inside that reads: "ENSECO QUALITY Made in Japan."
In very good condition, and suitable for many types of dolls, boys included.

Approximately 9" circumference at opening, 5 1/4" wide diameter








We understand that the French refer to these classic Bonnets as "hello/goodbye" because both the front and back brims are upturned. Typically found as part of a French regional costume, this one, in natural straw decorated with silk velvet ribbon, remains in fair condition due to scattered losses to the straw and weak areas. But it remains suitable for wear by a French fashion doll who stands approximately 12-14" in height.

Measures: Approximately 4 1/2" circumference at opening
3 1/4" in length

Thank you, P.







One of your fashion dolls could easily become a French governess with this original Headdress of carton, ice blue satin, lace, ribbon and tulle.
In very good condition, and suitable for wear by a fashion doll who stands approximately 15" in height.

Measures: Approximately 5 1/2" circumference at opening
3" from top edge of hat to opening that sits at forehead









In rich black silk with black silk velvet components, this Chapeau could work on your largest lady doll examples, or on your larger bebes. Floral accents up top add feminine charm. In very good condition save for a tear in back.

Approximately 16" circumference at opening.









Darling knitted Cap of cream wool, featuring a wired-edge, an amazing yarn "plume" and a cream silk double bow! Luscious overall (there is a one repair visible on the inside), and a perfect addition to a bebe layette.

Interior circumference measures approximately: 8"









A cheerful printed cotton sun Hat that your googlies or composition dolls will enjoy wearing, it is in very good, bright condition.

Approximately 11" circumference at opening.









This jaunty embossed carton Skimmer with shiny black paper band was a giveaway and is inscribed “If this don’t fit go to McPherson’s Boston and get your size in Hats, Gloves or Furnishing Goods. Note some bends to the carton, but overall in good condition.
Measures: 6 ½” circumference of the head opening and is suitable for an approximately 16-17” gentleman fashion or a smaller character doll.









Emerald green straw is paired with white to create a memorable Chapeau that is suitable for a few types of dolls – bebes included. In very good condition and perfect for wear by a doll with an approximate 10" head circumference.

Measures: 6" from side to side.









19th-century French Infantry Kepi, or Military Cap constructed of leatherette and fine red and navy blue wool over a carton base and featuring gold braid and the numeral 1 in front. Suitable for an approximately 18-19” fashion gentleman.
Measures: 1-1/2" tall, inner circumference: 6-1/2"


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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