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Visions of a peaceful meadow, grazing sheep, and Marie Antoinette assembling posies come to mind when gazing upon this confection of a French fashion Dress. 18th century sensibilities reign supreme here in this four-piece presentation that happily includes a delightful straw Hat. The remaining three pieces include an underskirt in stiffened pink chintz (scattered holes and light staining), an overskirt in floral printed polished cotton edged in organdy with an embroidered edging, and finally a lovely coat in dusty peach-pink linen edged in delicate lace.
Condition here is good save for the issues mentioned above, and the ensemble is suitable for wear by a lucky fashion doll who stands approximately 15-16" in height.

Jacket measures:
5” Neck opening
4 1/4” Shoulder width
3 1/2” Sleeve opening at shoulder
4” Sleeve opening at cuff
3 1/4" Sleeve inseam length
8 1/2” From neckline to hem.
Skirt measures:
7” at waist
10” from waist to hem in front

Thank you, K.







Another fabulous Ensemble for your early dolls is this one that is comprised of a luxurious silk velvet skirt in deep charcoal/dark chocolate and a classic jacket in teal silk. Rich black passementerie trim dotted with steel cut beads edges the jacket in all the right places. The condition of the skirt is excellent, while the jacket does show normal wear with light staining.
Entirely elegant, and suitable for wear by, or in the trousseau of a fashion doll approximately 17".

Measures: 6" neck opening
5” Shoulder width
4 1/2” Sleeve opening at shoulder - 2 1/2” at cuff
4" Sleeve inseam length
7 1/2” From jacket shoulder seam to hem
8 3/4" Skirt waist
8” From skirt waist to hem.









A striking two-piece antique Ensemble, this lovely piece might be suitable for not only your fashion doll, but for a parian or china doll as well. Details include construction from rich royal blue silk faille, with both black and cream lace accents. A row of black buttons decorates the front, which actually is secured with the aid of hooks and eyes.
The condition here is excellent overall, and suitable for wear by the above-mentioned doll varieties who stand approximately 22" in height.

Jacket measures:
4 1/2” Neck opening
5 1/2” Shoulder width
3-1/2” Sleeve opening at shoulder
3” Sleeve opening at cuff
8” From neckline to hem.
Skirt measures:
7 1/2” at waist
12 1/2” from waist to hem








Brilliant red wool A-line Dress, featuring small vertical pleats down the front framed in delicate ecru lace, with same lace at collar and cuffs. Nine button closure down back. Beautifully constructed. Very minor scattered moth damage.
Suitable for approximately 20-21” “fashion or china.

Measures: 7” neck opening
5-1/2” shoulder width
4” sleeve opening at cuff
4-1/4” sleeve length to edge of lace
15” from neckline to hem.








The color of this two-piece fashion Ensemble is actually a bit deeper than it may appear here - we believe "royal blue" is the proper term for this rich shade. Exquisitely crafted from wool, it features amazing detail such as tiny piping at the neck opening, gorgeous ruching upon the tops of the sleeves, while delicate lace finishes the cuffs and neck.
Sewn entirely by hand, this ensemble remains in excellent condition, and is suitable for a fashion, or china, that stands approximately 15-16" in height.

Measures: 3 1/2" neck opening
Measures: 4" neck opening
4 1/2” Shoulder width
3” Sleeve opening at shoulder - 1 1/2” at cuff
3 1/2" Sleeve inseam length
4” From jacket shoulder seam to hem
5 1/2" Skirt waist
8 1/2” From skirt waist to hem.








Nicely constructed two-piece tailored Ensemble in a lovely claret-colored, sturdy velvet with matching embossed silk ruffle at flared hem of jacket, gathering around cuffs and in “V ”at bodice. Five silver button closure on jacket in back with delicate band of ecru lace at neckline. Wonderful "Winter" piece.
Suitable for 18” fashion or china.
Top piece measures: 5” Neck opening
6” Shoulder width
4-1/2” Sleeve opening at shoulder -3-1/4”at cuff
10” Waist
7” From neckline to hem.
Skirt measures: 8-1/2” waist 9-1/2” from waistline to hem








Here is a marvelous opportunity to add an antique, original, four-piece Bridal Ensemble to your fashion doll's trousseau. Of cream satin, the styling here is simple, but elegant, on both the trained skirt and the bodice with its lace-up back. Silken lace at the cuffs and neckline is the only decoration found on the top, while a touch of lace enhances the hem upon the skirt.
Included is the original tulle veil with its orange blossom decoration, and the original bridal bouquet as well.
In good condition overall, showing normal wear and scattered tenderness, the ensemble is suitable for wear by a 17-18" fashion, or china.

Bodice measures:
8” Neck opening
5” Shoulder width
4-1/2” Sleeve opening at shoulder
3” Sleeve opening at cuff
7 1/2” Waist
5” From neckline to hem.
Skirt measures:
7-3/4” at waist
9 1/2” from waist to hem in front - 18” from long train in back

Thank you, S.







Tailored, two-piece, light wool Ensemble in a lovely shade of persimmon. The A-line bodice features fringe trim in an exaggerated V, with a row of fringe around bottom. Additional decoration includes a band of black velvet ribbon and lace at cuff, with fine lace at neckline. Eleven button closure in back. The full skirt features a wide band of alternating wide to narrow pleats at the hemline that are capped with black velvet ribbon. Very nice condition with the exception of some light, scattered, moth damage.
Suitable for approximately 20” fashion or china.

Bodice measures: 5-1/2” neck opening
7-1/2” drop shoulder width,
5-1/2” sleeve length to lace trim,
3” cuff opening,
10-1/2” waist
Skirt Measures: 10-1/2” from waist to hem
9” waist


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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