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Fresh as a Spring day, this Huret Dress in waffle weave cotton will delight the most discriminating enfantines. The bodice features ruching and piping, the short sleeves are edged in delicate lace, as is the hem, plus more lace upon the most unusual component of the garment - the lace-edged sash that forms the lovely collar in front and back, then crisscrosses the bodice to be tied in back!
Condition here is very good, with the very occasional snag scattered upon the skirt, but they really are not terribly noticeable during casual observation. A rare opportunity, and a sublime cotton dress.
Suitable for a HURET of approximately 17-18".

Measures: 9" neck opening
5” Shoulder width
3 3/4” Sleeve opening at shoulder - 5” at cuff
1 1/2" Sleeve inseam length
11 1/2” From shoulder seam to hem
7 1/2" Waist

Thank you, I.







Perfect for a promenade along the boardwalk, or a picnic in the park, is a handsome two-piece Walking Ensemble in deep plum velvet and plum and seafoam green plaid components. Delicate lace accents at the cuffs and neck opening define the only decorative additions.
Commercially constructed, this ensemble possesses high quality tailoring, but its silk components (mostly on the top) do show repair, losses and tenderness.
Suitable for a fashion lady who stands approximately 13" in height.

Measures: 5" neck opening
4” Shoulder width
4” Sleeve opening at shoulder - 2” at cuff
3 3/4" Sleeve inseam length
5 3/4” From jacket shoulder seam to hem
5 1/2" Skirt waist
6 1/2” From skirt waist to hem.








Deep burgundy and ice blue is a color combination that we have seen time and time again, and it is always a welcome sight. This handsome two-piece fashion Ensemble bears classic lines and lovely styling. The skirt features vertical panels of burgundy silk velvet interchanged with ice blue silk faille, while the back of the skirt features an especially lovely draped panel. The jacket, created entirely from the velvet, is elegant for its simplicity.
The overall condition here is very good, showing normal wear, and it is suitable for use by a fashion who stands approximately 15-16" tall.

Jacket measures:
” Neck opening
4 3/4” Shoulder width
4” Sleeve opening at shoulder
2 1/2” Sleeve opening at cuff
3 3/4" Sleeve inseam length
8 1/2” From neckline to hem.
Skirt measures:
7 1/2” at waist
7” from waist to hem

Thank you, C.







Did you know denim was a French invention? It's true. This colorful denim Coat is quite charming, with its bright red wool trimmings and buttons. Circa 1870s and the perfect addition to your doll's trousseau, it is in very good condition and suitable for a fashion or china of approximately 18-19".

Measures: 4 1/2" neck opening
7” Shoulder width
5 1/2” Sleeve opening at shoulder - 3” at cuff
4 1/2" Sleeve inseam length
Ample Waist
12” from shoulder seam to hem.









Can't you just see a Bru Smiler wearing this classic Dress? The lines are elegant, and the styling – avant garde. Composed of off-white light wool, French blue silk ribbon with a pinked edge and silver metallic tape do all of the work in the trimming department. The back, with its insert of knife pleats is especially interesting. In good condition, due to scattered moth issues and normal wear.
Suitable for a fashion doll of approximately 18".

Measures: 6" neck opening
4” Shoulder width
5” Sleeve opening at shoulder - 2 1/2” at cuff
5 1/2" Sleeve inseam length
11" waist
14 1/2” From shoulder seam to hem.









Fashionable and very roomy plaid woolen Cloak trimmed in wide band of black velvet and featuring double “diamond” clasp.
Very nice condition with the exception of a tiny bit of scattered moth damage.
Suitable for approximately 18-20” fashion or china.

7” Neck opening
6” Shoulder width
10”From neckline to hem








A-line black and white woolen Coat Dress with detailed decoration including applied strips of black velvet ribbon, as well as black velvet collar and constructed pockets, red silk bows on pockets, down front and one in back. Fine lace is featured down the front and around cuffs. Suitable for approximately 22-23” fashion or china.

5-1/2” Neck opening
5-1/2” Shoulder width
6” Sleeve opening at shoulder
3-3/4” Sleeve opening at cuff
18-1/2” From neckline to hem.


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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