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Classic, clean and elegant, your Huret will look superb in this antique original Dress. Featuring professional construction from white pique, details include a variety of exquisite braid, tape and rosettes applied perfectly and tastefully. Do not miss the back view with its over scale bow and tails, which, with the waistband, is a separate piece that wraps around the waist and buttons in back. The dress bodice itself closes in back with the aid of milk glass buttons and loops.
Circa late 1860s, the garment remains in excellent condition and it is suitable for a Huret, or other early infantile fashion example, of approximately 17-18” in height.

Measures: Ample square neck opening
5” Shoulder width
4 1/2” Sleeve opening at shoulder - 2 1/4” at cuff
4 1/2" Sleeve inseam length
13 1/2” From shoulder seam to hem
8 1/2” Waist

Thank you,







Exhibiting what could be the ultimate in Huret styling due to the pouf sleeves, and overall fine workmanship, is a Dress that flatters the dolls from Maison Huret. Of lustrous silk plaid featuring olive green, red, blue and black, some self-trim ribbon bows, and fringe provide the only applied decoration.
The overall condition is good, showing normal wear, tenderness at folds - exactly what one might expect on a dress that has graced us for more than 150 years.
Suitable for a doll from Maison Huret.

Measures: 9 1/2" neck opening
5” Shoulder width
3 3/4” Sleeve opening at shoulder - 8” at cuff
1 1/2" Sleeve inseam length
12 1/2” From shoulder seam to hem
7 1/2 - 8" Waist

Thank you, S.







Café au lait colored fine linen Dress featuring dart-shaped fitted flat front that has clasp closures but are hidden with seven fancy rich brown bows. The fluted hemline features double row of matching brown trim, as well as around the collar and sleeves. The fitted back features an ornate silk tie. One pocket is featured in front and ecru lace enhances the collar and cuffs. Excellent condition.
Suitable for approximately 19” fashion.
Measures: 6” Shoulder width
5” Sleeve length
12-13” Waist,
7 ” Neck opening
4” Sleeve opening
15” from neck to hemline.








It's proving difficult to let go of this one - the color is exquisite, as is the styling! Details of this two-piece, commercially constructed fashion Ensemble include incredibly fine tailoring and design in rich burgundy satin. The trained skirt features a panel of coordinating silk velvet, beautiful draping - note the lovely box-pleated band at the hemline, while the jacket also boasts classic lines, including a row of brass buttons that act as the closure. A touch of lace accents the cuffs and neck opening.
The condition here is good overall, showing normal wear - suitable for a fashion that stands approximately 17" in height.

Jacket measures:
5” Neck opening
5” Shoulder width
4” Sleeve opening at shoulder
2 1/2” Sleeve opening at cuff
6” From neckline to hem.
Skirt measures:
7 1/2” at waist
9 1/4”from waist to hem in front / 16 1/2" in rear train

Thank you, D.







A khaki wool and linen blend forms the basis of this antique, two-piece, fashion Ensemble, but it is the wool plaid in red and green that makes it pop. Skillfully sewn, the two pieces feature classic tailoring, lovely draping which help to create a memorable silhouette.
In good to fair condition, and suitable in the trousseau of, or for wear by, a fashion who stands approximately 16" in height.

Measures: 4" neck opening
4” Shoulder width
4” Sleeve opening at shoulder - 2” at cuff
4" Sleeve inseam length
9” From skirt waist to hem
6 1/2" Waist








It is the separates, such as this roomy Dressing Robe, that help fill out a fashion doll trousseau. Suitable for use by an early fashion example such as a Rohmer, it is they who will appreciate the styling of this piece, created from light wool, and then decorated with blue silk ribbons and white glass beads.
In good condition overall showing normal wear, scattered light staining, and some loss to beads.
Suitable for a doll who stands approximately 16-17" in height.

6” Neck opening
5” Shoulder width
” Sleeve opening at shoulder
5” Sleeve opening at cuff
3" Sleeve inseam length
10” From shoulder seam to hem.

Thank you, S.







Very fashionable two-piece silk Ensemble, in lovely pink and taupe tiny stripes. Featuring a fitted jacket with long sleeves with flared cuffs and covered buttons down the front, and a full skirt with slight train, both pieces are extensively edged in delicate pink silk ribbon. Suitable for approximately 15” fashion or china.
Over-all nice condition but some staining to skirt.

Jacket Measures:
4” Neck opening
4-1/2” Shoulder width
3-3/4” Sleeve opening at shoulder
3” Sleeve opening at cuff
7-1/2” Waist
6” From neckline to hem.

Skirt Measures:
6-1/2” Waist
9” From waistline to hem.








Cotton print A-line Dress with hem edged in a flared ruffle of same material and long apron ties in back. It features a tapered collar, long sleeves, pockets and a band above the ruffle, all edged in red. Closure by five tiny buttons down front.
Excellent condition, some discoloration to buttons.
Fits approximately 15-16” early fashion, papier-mâché or china.

Measures: 4-1/4” Neck opening
4 1/2” Shoulder width
3” Sleeve opening
9” Waist
13” from neckline to hem.








Stylish, three-piece Ensemble of rich purple wool-a classic, nineteenth-century shade. This piece is sumptuously trimmed in delicate ecru lace, cream and black tiny braid on five panels of the skirt with full train, as well as on the front, sleeves and waist of jacket and on the five scalloped panels of the cape. Some fading and moth damage, but overall a wonderful ensemble.This attractive set is suitable for an approximately 20” fashion or china.

Jacket measures:
5-1/2” Neck opening
4-1/2” Shoulder width
4-1/2” Sleeve opening at shoulder
3-1/2” Sleeve opening at cuff
8” Waist
4-1/4” From neckline to hem.
Skirt measures:
7-3/4” at waist
13-1/2” from waist to hem in front- 20” from long train in back








Exquisitely created from fine gray wool flannel, and expertly trimmed in dark chocolate silk edging is a classic hooded Cloak. Note the row of tiny soutache that defines the edge -- lovely, and the tassels that punctuate the piece here and there. The condition is lovely too.
Suitable for a fashion or china of approximately 18" in height.

16” From shoulder seam to hem


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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