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Charming antique bebe Dress of colorful plaid featuring pink, cream and green cotton, with white crocheted trim around the cuffs of long pouf sleeves, hemline and square neck. A wide off-white silk bow is attached at the high waist. Suitable for an approximately 15” bebe or German doll.

Measures: 7” Neck opening
4” Shoulder width
7” Sleeve opening at shoulder- 4”at cuff
10” From neckline to hem.

Thank you, C







The exquisite color of this bebe Coat - rich, deep, midnight blue, is rivaled only by the soft feel of the silk velvet from which it was created. Lined in lavender polished cotton, the lines of this piece are classic, and the lace ornamentation at the collar, elegant.
In excellent condition, and suitable for use in the trousseau of, or for wear by a bebe who stands approximately 20-21" in height.

Measures: 6" neck opening
6” Shoulder width
6” Sleeve opening at shoulder
5 1/8" Sleeve inseam length
13” From shoulder seam to hem
Ample Waist








Bebe Dress in a Mariner-style of ecru, heavy-weave silk, with red-embroidered details and a red silk belt and armband. A red or blue silk neck scarf might be a nice touch...perhaps you have one?
Suitable for a 21-22" bebe.

Measures: 12” L./Shoulder 5-1/2”
15-1/2” waist








Cotton bebe Corset that would be suitable for wear or display. Details include twill edging, brass grommets (losses) and the original cotton ties.

Cinched waist measures: 11 1/2"
Measures: 7" tall from top of shoulder strap
to lower edge in front








Sweet bebe Smock that would help fill out a Bebe Jumeau trousseau very nicely. This blue heavy cotton one features patch pockets and a belt that ties in back. You cannot miss the wonderful embroidered and cutwork trim that decorates the pockets and forms the collar...too darling!
Suitable for a doll of approximately 16-17".

Measures: 6” Neck opening
5” Shoulder width
7” Sleeve opening at shoulder- 4” at cuff
12” Waist
11 1/2” From shoulder seam to hem.


Thank you, C.







Your blue-eyed girls will love this one! Multi-hued mini-plaid forms the basis of this cheerful Dress, while navy blue embroidered trim saves the day with accents at the hemline, cuffs and rounded neckline, plus forming the patch pockets. In addition, an attached belt ties in back, and that is where the three-button closure can be found.
In excellent condition, and suitable for a perky bebe of 15" or so.

Measures: 6 1/2"neck opening
4 1/2” Shoulder width
4 1/2” Sleeve opening at shoulder- 2 1/2” at cuff
4" Sleeve length
Ample Waist
8 1/2” From neckline to hem.








Cinnamon wool Coat featuring "fur" trim in the form of mohair down the front, at neckline and around gigot sleeves. Hook and eye closure in front.
Very good condition with the exception of some scattered moth damage.
Suitable for approximately 18-19” French or German doll.

Measures: 6” neck opening
4-1/2” shoulder width
5” sleeve opening
3-1/2” sleeve length
12” from neckline to hem.








Crispy white cotton bebe Dress with a delicate eyelet yoke that has tiny tucks in back.  Fine lace edges the neckline and inserts of crocheted cutwork lace are employed at the yoke, hemline and cuffs.  A colorful pink silk bow adorns the front. Lovingly repaired in several places, overall this charming piece, which rather resembles a first communion gown is in fair condition and suitable for an approximately 23” doll.

Measures: 7” Neck opening
5” Shoulder width
Ample sleeve opening
Ample waist
15” From shoulder seam to hem.








Bebe Dress in royal blue wool faille. The design is enhanced by striped velvet cuffs with lace and placket front. Coordinating velvet bows decorate the reverse and one shoulder.
Tres chic!
Suitable for a 20-22" bebe.
14" L./Shoulders 4-1/2"


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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