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Delicate pink and steel gray silk bebe Costume, with a very unusual pleated bustle, swagged front and fine lace trim. Decorated with pink rosettes.
Suitable for a 16 - 17" French bebe such as a Bebe Bru or a Bebe Gaultier.

Measures: 5” Neck opening
3-1/2” Shoulder width
5” Sleeve opening at shoulder-4” at cuffs
9” Waist
11-1/2” From neckline to hem.








How sweet is this little blue and white polka dot cotton Kate Greenaway-style bebe Dress? The eyelet collar that extends all the way around is adorable and the lavender band is charming. In very good condition and suitable for an approximately 22-23” bebe.

Measures: 8” Neck opening
5” Shoulder width
8” Sleeve opening at shoulders- 4” at cuffs
15” From neckline to hem.








Colorful pale lavender blouson-style bebe Dress in an embossed cotton print with white vertical stripes. An inserted band of white cotton edged in lace insert of the same forming the square collar. Contrasting purple velvet forms the tie belt with lavender and green silk bows at the collar. In good condition with the exception of age staining to one arm, this delightful piece is suitable for an approximately 21-22” bebe or German doll.

Measures: 8” Neck opening
7 ½” Shoulder width
6” Sleeve opening at shoulder -4” at cuff
13” Waist
14 ½” From shoulder to hem.








Classic, navy blue pin-striped, woolen drop-waist Dress with elegant burgundy velvet inserts. Features include fine ecru lace around the neckline, piping around the velvet yoke and at the hemline, and a burgundy velvet bow at the shoulder.
 In very good condition with the exception of scattered moth damage, this rare larger size is suitable for an approximately 39-40" bebe or German child.
Measures: 11-1/2” Neck opening
9-1/2” Shoulder width
5-3/4” Sleeve opening
Ample waist
23-1/2” From shoulder seam to hem.








Expertly constructed cream ribbed wool Dress, featuring pleats upon bodice and a lovely lace insert at neckline. White cording highlight the neckline, cuffs and waistline with silk buttons down the front, although button closure is in back. A cream-colored silk Charlotte cap with a wide white lace border completes the ensemble. Very light moth damage to reverse.
Suitable for approximately 19-20” bebe or German doll.

Measures: 7” neck opening
6” shoulder width
5” sleeve opening
14” waist
14” from neckline to hem.


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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