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Gorgeous burgundy satin and fine lace were beautifully joined to create a lovely French bebe dress. The elegant, very full silhouette will help make this piece an east fit for your early bebes. Featuring fine workmanship throughout, the ornamentation on the dress is limited to the afore-mentioned lace, plus a touch of silk velvet as a collar, a rich deep burgundy silk sash, and a row of mother of pearl button that act as the closure in front.
In very good condition, showing normal wear, and
suitable for a bebe of approximately 21-22" in height.

Measures: 6 1/2" neck opening
6 1/4” Shoulder width
6” Sleeve opening at shoulder
4 1/2" Sleeve inseam length
13” From shoulder seam to hem
14 1/2" Waist








We have seen early bebes such as Portrait Jumeaux wearing simple, yet classic, styles such as the antique bebe Dress offered here. Navy blue wool was combined with burgundy silk velvet for a timeless look, while a ribbon bow and a touch of fine lace are the sole decorations.
In good condition, showing scattered minor moth issues, and suitable in the trousseau of, or for wear by a French bebe who stands approximately 15-16" in height.

Measures: 4 1/2" neck opening
4” Shoulder width
4 1/2” Sleeve opening at shoulder
3" Sleeve inseam length
10” From shoulder seam to hem
Ample Waist

Thank you, S.







Delightful white cotton faille Kate Greenaway-style bebe Dress, featuring a rounded collar edged in fine tiny eyelet lace. Matching lace trims the cuffs of long pouf sleeves, and two striking embossed teal silk bows decorate the shoulders. Suitable for an approximately 21-22” bebe or German child.

Measures: 5 ½” Neck opening
5” Shoulder width
7” Sleeve opening at shoulder-5 at cuffs
14 ½”  From top of shoulder to hem.








Pinafore-style Bebe Dress of burgundy, ecru and blue check cotton with tatted- lace trimmings.
Suitable for a 22-23” bebe.

Measures: 13” L./6-1/2” Shoulder








Crisp, white woven fine cotton antique bebe Dress, with attached capelet constructed of lovely eyelet lace. A blue silk ribbon and a fancy pearl button secure the neck. Suitable for an approximately 21-22” bebe, it is in wonderful condition.

Measures: 8” Neck opening
6 1/2” Shoulder width
7” Sleeve opening at shoulder- 6” at cuff
16” Waist
14 1/2” From neckline to hem.

HOLD for M.







The perfect piece for play, or as part of a trousseau, is this adorable Pinafore of white cotton, with navy and white trim. Darling sleevelets and patch pockets add infinite charm. In good condition, showing normal wear, and scattered staining, it is suitable for a bebe or German child who stands approximately 19-20".

Measures: 8 1/2" neck opening
” Shoulder width
5” Sleeve opening at shoulder
1" Sleeve inseam length
Ample waist
11 1/2” From shoulder seam to hem.








The quality of this darling white cotton Pinafore Dress is amazing! Details include gorgeous embroidered cutwork upon the hem and waist line, as well as upon the openings of the neck and sleeves. It would be wonderful worn over a pink cotton blouse, or over any color for that matter and would also help fill out a Bebe Jumeau trousseau very nicely – very nicely, indeed.
Suitable for a bebe of approximately 21-22".

Measures: Ample neck opening
6” Shoulder width
6 1/2” Sleeve opening at shoulder
13” Waist
14” From top of shoulder to hem.


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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