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Wonderful Coat Dress of fine wool which is woven in such a way that there are vari-colored stripes among the tan and chocolate brown ground– featuring blue and red. Details include deep blue silk velvet accents at the skirt front, upon the cuffs and used at the shoulders to create an attached capelet. In good condition due to some moth issues mostly on the back, this charming piece is suitable for a bebe or German child (or part of the trousseau) of approximately 17-18" – such as a Bru Jeune or F. Gaultier with a kid leather body.

Measures: 5" neck opening
4 1/4” Shoulder width
4 1/2” Sleeve opening at shoulder - 3” at cuff
3 3/4" Sleeve inseam length
9 1/2” Waist
11” From shoulder seam to hem.








This classic faille Coat Dress features embroidery and cutwork, both in a lovely floral pattern, and has a delicate scalloped edging around the cuffs and collar. The fashionable triple pleated front panel hides the buttons down the side. Six vertical pleats in back add fullness and flexibility to this stylish piece.
Suitable for an approximately 30-36” bebe.

Coat Dress Measures: 14” Neck opening
10” Shoulder width
10” Sleeve opening at shoulder – 7 ½” at cuff
23” From top of shoulder to hem.








Crisp pale blue and bright white embroidered fine cotton Kate Greenaway-style Dress. An insert of delicate ecru lace is sewn into the yoke and edged in narrow silk ribbon with tiny silk bows on either side. Very fine white lace edges the cuffs of pouf sleeves. In perfect condition this wonderful piece is suitable for an approximately 23-24” bebe or German child.

Measures: Ample square neck opening
6-1/2” Shoulder width
7” Sleeve opening
Ample waist
15-1/2” From shoulder to hem.








To keep your little one warm and cozy, this fine cream wool bebe Coat, featuring plush mohair trim on the collar and cuffs, certainly fits the bill. Suitable for wear by an approximately 14-16” bebe...or use it to round out your little one's trousseau!

Measures: 7” Neck opening
5” Shoulder width
5” Sleeve opening at shoulder - 4” at cuff
7 ½” From neckline to hem.








Sweet French factory Chemise in muslin, with a classic square yoke featuring pretty lace and pink silk ribbon decoration. Lace is also utilized at the neck and cuffs. Good condition overall, due to a snag and spot on the yoke, and a spot on the right sleeve. Suitable for a doll of 17-18".

Measures: 6" neck opening
5” Shoulder width
6” Sleeve opening at shoulder- 3” at cuff
2 3/4" Sleeve length
Ample Waist
11 1/2” From neckline to hem.








French Coat Dress for a bebe in patterned, ecru wool with wide lace edging. An elegant design, but there is minor, scattered, moth damage.
Circa 1890.
Suitable for a 22"-24" bebe.

Measures: 14"L./6" shoulders/7-1/2" sleeve
5-1/4" sleeve opening at wrist/15" waist.








Pretty Kate Greenaway-style Pinafore in crisp cotton plaid, this fun piece would be darling worn over a solid cotton dress! Delicate off-white rick-rack edges the sleeves and scoop neck opening, while a rich black silk ribbon acts as a belt.
A colorful addition to any bebe wardrobe and in very good condition overall.
Suitable for an approximately 21-22” bebe, such as a Jumeau. 

Measures: 11" neck opening
5” Shoulder width
6” Sleeve opening at shoulder
1 1/2" Sleeve inseam length
13 1/2” From shoulder seam to hem
17" Waist


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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