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Entirely hand-stitched and showing lovely workmanship, is an early bebe Dress that is delightful for its color and styling. Of tiny soft pink and white pinstripe in cotton, the overall condition of this piece is very good.
Suitable for an early bebe, ideally on a kid body with bisque forearms, such as one from François Gaultier.

Measures: 5" neck opening
5” Shoulder width
4” Sleeve opening at shoulder - 3” at cuff
3 5/8" Sleeve length
Ample waist
8” From top of shoulder to hem.








What a great bonus – this lovely Dress includes a coordinating full Slip – which lends extra fullness to the skirt. Both fine pieces features alternating strips of fresh white cotton and lace, making them very light and delicate – perfect for a Spring and Summer look. Peach silk bows decorate each shoulder.
The two are in very good condition, and suitable for wear by a bebe or German child who stands approximately 20" tall.

Measures: 8 1/2" neck opening
5” Shoulder width
6” Sleeve opening at shoulder - 5 1/2” at cuff
2" Sleeve inseam length
11" waist
13” From shoulder seam to hem.

Thank you,







Fine pink cotton shirtwaist dress with full pleated skirt and featuring wide lapels on either side of front that extend to mid-skirt. They are edged in delicate ecru lace,   both vertically and horizontally, and a vertical pleat in middle of bodice is edged in lace with lace florets.
 Suitable for approximately 27”-28” German doll.
*Two tiny holes on collar. 

Measures: 8 1/2 ” Neck opening
 6” Shoulder width,
 6” Sleeve opening at cuff
14” Waist
19” from neckline to hem








Here's something a bit different, a two-piece, commercially-created, Mariner Ensemble, but with a top from toasty fleece!
Included here is a wonderful pleated skirt in rich deep red wool, paired with a blouson top of cream colored woolen fleece - both pieces are nicely decorated with gold metallic tape.
In good condition due to minor scattered moth issues and wear to nap of fleece. Suitable for a bebe or German child who stands approximately 22" in height.

Measures: 8" neck opening
6 1/2” Shoulder width
7” Sleeve opening at shoulder
4 1/2" Sleeve inseam length
7 1/2” From skirt waist seam to hem
13" Waist








Charming double-sided cotton Pinafore in a delightful blue and cream print. Featuring a constructed pocket, side loops and colorful peach embroidered trim, this  enchanting piece is suitable for an approximately 20” bebe or German child.

Measures: Ample neck opening
6” Shoulder width
13” From shoulder seam to hem.








A lovely cotton summer Pinafore Dress with elaborate embroidered cutwork lace in panels, and eyelet ruffles around the hemline and forming the capped sleeves. Overall, in very good condition, with the exception of a stain and repair on the shift. Suitable for an approximately 30-36” bebe.








Kate Greenaway-style antique bebe Dress of white fine cotton, featuring fine lace at the neckline and cuffs of pouf sleeves. An ice blue silk bow decorates the bodice.  Suitable for an approximately 17” bebe or character doll, this simple and lovely piece is in very good condition.

Measures: 9” Neck opening
4” Shoulder width
7” Sleeve opening at shoulder- 4”at cuff
13” From neckline to hem.








Bright and cheerful watermelon red Bebe Dress featuring constructed front pockets and belt with button at back. Also button at cuffs of long sleeves. Suitable for an approximately 14” Bebe or character doll. Very good condition.
Measures: 5 1/2” (small) Neck opening
5” Shoulder width
7” Sleeve opening at shoulder-4” at cuffs
14 1⁄2”Waist
10” From neckline to hem.

HOLD for L.

Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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