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Extremely rare, crisp and creamy embossed cotton “Princess” style Dress with unusual gathering at décolleté and featuring Juliette sleeves. A wonderful little costume! Suitable for a papier-mâché, or milliners model of 12-13" or so.

Measures: 7” (Ample) neck opening
3-1/2”  Shoulder width
2 3/4” Sleeve opening at shoulder and 1-1/2" at cuff
6” Waist
9-1/2” From shoulder to hem.









A very nice accessory piece, or addition to a trousseau, is this charming printed cotton Jacket of green and white plaid, with an edging of contrasting printed cotton. In good condition (two small holes on reverse) and suitable for wear by a lady doll, such as a china, who stands approximately 18-19" tall.

Measures: 3 1/2" neck opening
4” Shoulder width
3” Sleeve opening at shoulder- 4 1/2” at cuff
3" Sleeve length
Ample Waist
7” From neckline to hem.









Sweet printed cotton Dress, featuring a darling collar and ruffled cuffs. We love the two patch pockets with pink cotton accents, which is repeated at the hemline. In very good condition and suitable for a china, papier-mache or cloth doll approximately 20".

Measures: 6 1/2" neck opening
6 1/2” Shoulder width
5” Sleeve opening at shoulder- 2 1/2” at cuff
4" Sleeve length
Ample Waist
14 1/2” From neckline to hem.









As many of you know, good things do come in small packages – and sizes! We are pleased to offer here a confection of a petite Dress. Of soft lemon yellow silk brocade with lovely lace accents – silk velvet ribbon bows punctuate all the right places. Circa late 1860s.
In excellent condition, and suitable for an early doll such as a papier-mache, parian, or china of approximately 7" in height. Or, simply use it in a dollhouse or shop, displayed as the fine miniature that it is.

Jacket Measures: 3 1/4" neck opening
1 3/4” Shoulder width
2 1/2” Sleeve opening at shoulder - 1” at cuff
1" Sleeve length
2 1/2” Waist
1 3/4” From shoulder seam to hem.

Skirt Measures: 2 1/2” Waist
4” From waist to hem.









A Cape is a staple of any fine trousseau. This one, of black wool, is lovely, but it may not show to its full potential here, as very dark items are difficult to photograph.
Details of this hand-sewn piece include silk piping at the edges, silk-wrapped wooden bead drops at the hook and eye closure, and richness beyond compare. The piece is in good condition, showing scattered repairs and is suitable for any type of doll, even a gentleman, who stands approximately18" in height.

Measures: 5" neck opening
8 1/2” From shoulder seam to hem in front.









Early Corset of polished cotton featuring bound twill edges,and finished eyes for the lacings.
In very good, clean condition showing normal wear and light staining.

Great displayed in an early doll's trousseau.

Measures: 7 1/4" long from top of shoulder loop to hem
Cinched waist measures: 10 1/8"









Early two-piece Ensemble that would work beautifully on an early wax, papier-mâché or china. It is comprised of a plaid wool skirt with a wide waistband, into which a midnight blue velvet bodice is tucked. Finishing details include feather stitching and lace accents. Condition is good, due to a couple of weak places on the skirt, and a spot of glue on the back of the bodice.
Suitable for a doll of approximately 18-19".

Jacket Measures: 5 1/4" neck opening
5” Shoulder width
5” Sleeve opening at shoulder- 2 1/2” at cuff
3" Sleeve length
8 1/2” Waist
3 1/2” From neckline to hem.

Skirt: 8 1/2” Waist
10” From waist to hem.


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!
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